Opening Speech - United Nations Statistics Division

21 Nov 2007 ... OPENING SPEECH BY GUEST OF HONOUR, HONOURABLE BATILDA ... Likewise, allow me Chairperson, to welcome all of you, to this ...

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Opening Speech - United Nations Statistics Division

21 Nov 2007 ... OPENING SPEECH BY GUEST OF HONOUR, HONOURABLE BATILDA ... Likewise, allow me Chairperson, to welcome all of you, to this ...

Keynote Speech - United Nations Statistics Division

24 May 2006 ... Keynote Speech: Dealing with Environmental Challenges ... water pollution in rivers, and urban smog in many areas of the world. Regional and.

Handbook Vital Statistics Methods - United Nations Statistics Division

In the field of vital statistics, studies similar to those on census methods were undertaken by the Statistical. Office of the United Nations in 1950. These studies.

status of foreign trade statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

The NBS has been mandated to carry out statistical activities in Tanzania. ○ The Role. ❑ To provide statistics to different users. ❑ To provide statistical services.

population and vital statistics report - United Nations Statistics Division

If the country or area reports to the Demographic. Yearbook its own estimate of the completeness of its civil registration data, then this estimate is classified in the ...

ICT SECTOR STATISTICS IN INDIA - United Nations Statistics Division

A significant amount of data exists on the ICT service industry, collected by National ... the number of household using computers (HH5) is being introduced in the ... Annual Report 2009-10 of the Department of Information and Technology,.

Brief note on the history of statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

1. Brief note on the history of statistics. 1. The outset of the official statistics in Poland re- lates to 1789, when the first national population census was carried out.

handbook on poverty statistics - United Nations Statistics Division


Integrated Economic Statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

Balance of Payments Manual, Sixth Edition. CANCEIS. Canadian Census ... the sources of productivity and the industry breakout of GDP growth. Industry and.

Gender Statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

New York, 2016 ... Forum on Gender Statistics to help to chart the path for further work in this field. ... Simple food group diversity indicators predict micronu-.

environment statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

*(Meaning, Definition and Components of Environment By Puja Mondal, Environment) ... on standard practices was initiated at the British. Residency in ...

E-Waste statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

4 May 2017 ... 2016 E-waste in Latin America. 2. E-waste quantification studies. ▫ Global E-waste Monitor (2014). ▫ ProSUM (Prospecting the Urban Mine, ...

customs statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

Import duty is governed by the Export Import Act of Maldives (31/79). ○ Tariffs ... Tariff Rates Distribution ... Reports are normally generated in MS Excel format ...

statistics on biodiversity - United Nations Statistics Division

23 May 2008 ... achieve, by 2010, a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss at the global, regional and national levels…” (decision VI/26).

United Nations Statistics Division

28 Nov 1994 ... to ~eye, all the major.~ lJlCi·the clUSter of ... suCh areaS the entObiIents are pOOr and drop OUts higher. ... system '·it would' to find out the regioDal di1l'cft:mia1s at lcx:a11evels in -fet1Wtyaad:plaa the. lociticm of ...

(ISIC), Rev.4 - United Nations Statistics Division

In the years since the publication of the third revision of ISIC, the economic structure ... ies are made not more than once a year, either at fixed dates or as ... reproduction from master copies of gramophone records, compact discs and tapes. —.

Metadata - United Nations Statistics Division

2 Apr 2018 ... Definition: Small-scale industrial enterprises, in the SDG framework also called “small-scale industries”, defined here for the purpose of statistical ...

Untitled - United Nations Statistics Division

figurent des statistiques de la natalite conformem~nt au plan d'alternance des sujets speciaux selon ... consists of countries for which the lowest level of fertility.

biodiversity - United Nations Statistics Division

Target 15.1: By 2020, ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of ... complementary indicator of progress towards Aichi Biodiversity Target 11 ... are based on

SITC Rev 4 - United Nations Statistics Division

6 Nov 2006 ... form of the original SITC involved numerous subdivisions of BTN items. ... 846.25. Other women's full-length or knee-length hosiery, measuring.

Big Data - United Nations Statistics Division

Big Data: Big today, normal tomorrow. ITU-T Technology Watch Report. November 2013. This Technology Watch report looks at different examples and ...

Economic Census - United Nations Statistics Division

Economic census is a means of identification and listing of collected basic economic ... Agricultural Statistics; Industry, trade and Service Statistics; and Household ... Establishment schedules were canvassed in 1971 population census. The.

PowerPoint Template - United Nations Statistics Division

change of family relations such as the birth, marriage, death, etc. of people and ... It aims at providing basic data required for establishment of policies on national ... Date of Marriage,. (Mother) Number of Living Children Born to the Mother,.

migration in albania - United Nations Statistics Division

Map 7: Returned migrants by prefecture and country of origin . ... Internal migrants are defined as persons who have changed the usual residence between 2001 ...

No. 53 NOVEMBER 2017 - United Nations Statistics Division

that this was presented to ECOSOC on 11 November 2017 and adopted. We can now move on to the ... that they can pursue the online. BSc level, web course at: ... Issuesa semi-annual magazine specialized in geographical names which is ...

1947 Report - United Nations Statistics Division

Statistics, to include in its programme the statistical measurement of national income 1 The. Committee observed on that occasion that a need for guidance in ...

TRADE IN VALUE-ADDED - United Nations Statistics Division

For example a recent WTO report calculated that the US-China trade balance in 2008 ... The impact of macro-economic shocks: The 2008-2009 financial crises was ... India. 1993/94 1998/99 2006/07. Denmark. 1995. 2000. 2005. Indonesia.

Cover page - United Nations Statistics Division

Caribbean (ECLAC), Informe Final del Seminario Sobre. Statistical Papers, No. 67, (United Nations publication, Sales No. 1. E.80.XVII.8). Geneva, World Health ...

Energy Accounts - United Nations Statistics Division

Introduction to Energy Accounts. Lauren Binns ... Accounting for Energy (SEEA-Energy) is a subsystem of ... (iii) asset accounts in physical and monetary terms.

General Assembly - United Nations Statistics Division

16 Jan 2013 ... However, the importance of measuring well-being and happiness to ... were considered most important, whereas economic well-being, life-.

obsolescence and depreciation - United Nations Statistics Division

a) Wear and tear or deterioration: the asset has aged and its productive efficiency has declined ... In particular, what is the economic meaning of the net.

CPC Version 1.1 - complete - United Nations Statistics Division

(b) Subject to the provisions of Rule 5(a) above, packing materials and packing ... Live plants; bulbs, tubers and roots; cuttings and slips ... 763.84. 47322. Magnetic tape recorders and other sound recording apparatus (whether or not.

SEEA-Water - United Nations Statistics Division

II. The framework of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water . ... V.1. From final consumption expenditure to actual final consumption. ... Economists have many techniques for estimating shadow prices and have accumu- ... 9.13. This section discusses how the water accounts contribute to each of these ...

Household Accounting - United Nations Statistics Division

Chapter III: Experiences in Compiling Household Sector Accounts. •. Compilation ... Satellite Accounting held in New York from 6 to 10 October 1997. 56. UNSD is ... 3198. 100. 1244. 38.9. 1954. 61.1. Monetary valuation: Mantchevska and ... 1 BGL = 1.170 U.S. $, 1977: 1 BGL = 1.075 U.S. $, 1988: 1 BGL = 0.410 U.S. $. 1).

Environmental Accounting - United Nations Statistics Division

and the United Nations handbook and its System of integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting. (SEEA) were therefore issued as an interim version of ...

ICATUS 2016 - United Nations Statistics Division

13 Feb 2017 ... International Classification of Activities for Time Use Statistics 2016 ... b) Activities should be grouped into a simplified 3-digit code structure (rather than 5 ... Refers to unpaid, non-compulsory activities to shop/purchase goods ...