Reactions Rearrangements And Reagents – S.N. Sanyal. 9. Essential reagents for organic synthesis – Philip L. Fuchs, Andre B. Charette,. Tomislav Rovis and ...



Reactions Rearrangements And Reagents – S.N. Sanyal. 9. Essential reagents for organic synthesis – Philip L. Fuchs, Andre B. Charette,. Tomislav Rovis and ...


Savitribai Phule Pune University ... and online trading, digital ... Internal Evaluation – Role Plays, Case Studies, Situation analysis, MCQ's , Long question.

B.Sc. Chemistry FY CBCS Pattern June 2016 - srtmun

Subject: Chemistry. Total credits semester I and II: 12. Note: ➢ The syllabus is based on ... following classes of compounds: alkanes,alkenes, alkynes, haloalkanes, ... A New Pattern Text Book of Organic Chemistry for Competition: O.P.Tandon ...

Chemistry TY CBCS Pattern syllabus June 2018 - srtmun

Subject: Chemistry. Semester Course No. Name of the course. Instruction. Total. CA. ESC ... 17) Organic Chemistry by Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers. 18) Reactions ... 1.2 Temperature dependence of vapour pressure of solution.

[As per Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) scheme] SEMESTER

Definition and properties of CDF, PDF, PMF, conditional ... T.Veerarajan: “Probability, Statistics and Random Process“, 3rd Edition, Tata ... A Pucknell & Kamran Eshragian , “Basic VLSI Design” PHI 3rd Edition ... Bonding between atoms, Giant molecular solids, Free ... Download code to FPGA/CPLD board and verify the.

regulations for choice based credit semester system (cbcs)

Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS): CBCS is a flexible system of learning ... detailed guidelines for the award of co-curricular credits and grades. 10.81.

semester (1st /2nd /3rd /4th /5th /6th ) system exam. pattern for ba/b ...

CC 12 : Bengali/Hindi-II. Ability Enhancement. Compulsory Course. Bengali/English/Hindi. Communication. Environmental. Studies. Generic Elective (GE). GE-1.

CBCS-ECO-II CBCS-Syllabus Semester-III Indian Economy

(1996), India's Economic Policy- Preparing for the Twenty First. Century, Viking, New Delhi. Page 2. CBCS-ECO-III. CBCS-Syllabus. Semester- IV.

Question Paper Pattern for F.Y.B.Com. Semester Pattern ... - NMU

Faculty of Commerce and Management. Question Paper Pattern for F.Y.B.Com. (W.E.F. :- June 2010-11). Core competence / Applied Component : Paper No.

B.Sc. Chemistry Syllabus under CBCS Structure of Chemistry ...

YEAR SEMESTER PAPER. TITLE. MARKS ... A Text Book of Organic chemistry by I L Finar Vol I. 6. ... Practical Paper – Elective VII B (at the end of semester VI) 30 hrs (2 h / W). 1. ... anomalous behaviour of first member of each group. UNIT – ...

BCA Course Pattern CBCS Sy

3) Linux the complete refrence by Richard Mathews(TMH). 4) Red Hat Linux ... Write a shell script to display first five palindrome numbers. 16. Write a shell to ...

pattern of cbcs - MDU

Practice, Allahabad, Kitab Mahal, 2006 (English & Hindi Medium). 6. Marini, Frank ... Civil Services: Role of Civil Services in Indian Administration, Administrative Reforms in. India since ... Delhi: Indian. Institute of Public Administration, 1986.

CBCS Pattern

Dr.R.S Aggarwal. S. Chand and. Company ... Microsoft Word, PDF reader, Browsing Software's. 2 hours. 9). Study of ... Objective Arithmetic. S.L Gulati. Cosmos ...

II Semester Course Structure of M.Com under CBCS I Semester

M Com –Financial Accounting and M Com –Banking & Insurance - under CBCS) ... Selection Process: Preliminary Interview, View of Resumes – Selection Tests ...


N. Gregory Mankiw, Economics: Principles and Applications, India edition by ... Manmohan Singh, Oxford University Press, New Delhi. ... Gopalswamy Ramesh and Mahadevan Ramesh- The Ace of Soft Skills, Tenth Edition, Pearson (India),.


Amir D. Aczel, Complete Business Statistics, 5th edition, Irwin McGraw-Hill. ... Prasanna Chandra,“Financial Management–Theory&Practice”,Tata McGraw Hill, ... C Laudon and Jane P Laudon, “Management Information System”, 9th Edition,.

MSc.Mathematics Syllabus CBCS pattern - srtmun

semester syllabus there are two core courses and eight elective courses. In the ... 4. J. L. Gersting, Mathematical Structures for Computer Science, (3rdedition).

BA / B.Com(CS) / B.Music Subject Code under CBCS Pattern


m.com (business finance) degree programme (cbcs pattern) course ...

MCOM 428 FUND MANAGEMENT IN COMMERCIAL BANKS. 3. S. 3. 100 ... Averbach, robert D: Money Banking and financial Markets; MacMillan, London. 8.


COURSE STRUCTURE AND SYLLABUS REGULATIONS. DEPARTMENT ... Bachelor's Degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% mark. ... A candidate can be admitted to appear in the M.S.W. degree end semester examinations only.

B. Sc. Third Year (Mathematics) Syllabus CBCS Pattern ... - srtmun

Scheme of B. Sc. Mathematics Programme (Science Faculty) Under CBCS pattern. Semester Courses ... Text Book: S.C. Malik and Savita Arora, “Mathematical Analysis”, New Edge ... Kellison Stephen G., The Theory of Interest, 3rd Edition.

M.A.-I Year_Urdu CBCS Pattern Syllabus with Circular_w ... - srtmun

17 Jun 2019 ... 1 Zameen badly falak badla mazaq-e-zindagi badla. 2. Hamnawa koi nahi ... Novel ki Tareef aur ajzaye tarkeebi, Novel ka fun, Urdu Novel ka aaghaz –o- irtequa, Abdul ... Gulzar-e-Naseem: - Pandit Daya Shankar Naseem. 3.

Suggested Reading List, 1st Year Chemistry Semester A & Semester B

Atkins, P.W. (2010) Shriver & Atkins' inorganic chemistry, 5th edition. Oxford: Oxford. University Press [QD151 SHR]. • Winter, M.J. (1994) Chemical bonding.

Electronics TY CBCS Pattern syllabus June 2018 - srtmun

where they are exposed to the basic electronic principles, components, ... 3. Communication Engineering, J.S. Katre, Technova Educational Publications, Pune.

I Year-Computer Science-Sub-Centre, Latur-CBCS Pattern ... - srtmun

M.Sc. Computer Science (2years) degree builds the student on higher studies in ... Free-Space Management, Recovery, Network File System. ... C L Liu, D P Mohapatra, “ Elements of Discrete Mathematics” 3rd edition, McGraw ... K.L.P.Mishra & N. Chandrasekaran, “ Theory of Computer Science (Automata Languages And.

SEMESTER 3 CBCS- B Com Model 1- (All streams)

Preparation of Company Final Accounts including Balance Sheet – Calculation of Managerial ... Shukla, S.M., & Gupta, S.P., Advanced Accounting, Sahitya Bhavan Publications, Agra. 5. Raman B S Corporate Accounting United Publishers. 6.

B. Com. : Three-Year (6-Semester) CBCS Programme - UGC

Common Syllabus to be provided by the respective Department ... Basic concepts: Income, agricultural income, person, assessee, assessment year, previous year, gross total income ... Note: 1. The General Purpose Software referred in this course will be notified by the University ... Shuklendra Acharya and M.G. Gurha.

5 SEMESTER (CBCS) Management and Entrepreneurship ...

5 th. SEMESTER (CBCS). B.E. Biomedical Engineering (BM). Choice Based Credit ... Hospital Administration & Management - by S. L. Goel& R. Kumar Deep & Deep ... Apply the basic principles of biology, computer science & mathematics to extract the ... as per the University norms by the examiners appointed VTU.

B.Com (CBCS) VI – Semester - Osmania University

... OSMANIA UNIVERSITY. B.Com (CBCS) VI – Semester (For All Streams). Practical Question Bank ... Write any five limitations of Pre-GST Indirect taxes. 4. What was the ... In second invoice two purchases of Rs 5000 worth goods GST rate ...

Course:-M.Sc (Chemistry) Semester:-2 Semester Session:-2018 Sr ...

Organic Chemistry II. Credit-3 0 ... 172410. HIMANSHU. SINGH ... PANDEY. SHASHIKANT. PANDEY. KUSUM DEVI. NGBV-. 17/6522. A A 0 0 0. A A 0 0 0.

M.Sc. Chemistry : Syllabus (CBCS)

40 Record ... Miller,Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution. Page 6. M.Sc. Chemistry : Syllabus (CBCS). 6. Longman, A Guide book to mechanism in organic chemistry.

Semester Courses of M.A/M.Sc. Mathematics Based on CBCS

and Geometry empowering the students to proceed with the area at higher level. 3. To develop ... Solution of Differential Equations in ascending and descending power series, Hypergeometric ... equations in spherical and cylindrical coordinates. ... B.S. Goel, S.K. Mittal: Operations Research, Pragati Prakashan, Meerut. 7.

Syllabus of English under Semester with CBCS - The University of ...

DSE1: Modern Indian Writing in English Translation OR Travel Writing. ✓ DSE2: Partition Literature ... SEC2: ELT OR Film Studies ... Courses. Course type. Credit. Full. Marks. Sem.- I. CC-I. CC-II. GE- 1. ENVS. Core Course ... Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (ND). 2. Agatha ... Herge: Tintin in Tibet. Topics.

Structure of BA/B.Com. under CBCS English Semester 1 AECC - UGC

English. Semester 1. AECC: English Communication Skills/MIL/EVS. DSC 1A: The Individual and Society ... AEEC -1: Creative Writing, Book and Media Reviews.


Written Composition – precis writing – outline story – expansion of proverb – short essay. COURSE MATERIAL. Modules 1 - 4. Core Reading: Concise English ...

Modalities of Semester-III Examination as per the CBCS syllabus of ...

(2 marks * 5 ques. = 10 marks). SEC-A-1. Paragraph Writing. 10. 1 Paragraph Writing in Sanskrit & Devanāgarī. (within 350-500 words). Tutorial. (15marks.