AWS SDK for .NET - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

5 Feb 2015 ... NET. • Sample code that demonstrates how to use the AWS SDK for .NET with several AWS services. To simplify installation, AWS provides the ...

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TensorRT Developer's Guide - NVIDIA Developer Documentation

IPluginCreator is a creator class for custom layers using which, users can get plugin name, version, and plugin ... LSTM: ‣ I := sigmoid(WIx RIh Wbi Rbi).

AWS SDK for PHP - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

AWS SDK for PHP Developer Guide. Installing by Using the Packaged Phar. Install Composer. If Composer is not already in your project, download and install ...

AWS SDK for .NET - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

5 Feb 2015 ... NET. • Sample code that demonstrates how to use the AWS SDK for .NET with several AWS services. To simplify installation, AWS provides the ...

AWS X-Ray - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

1 Dec 2016 ... Upon generating a trace summary with the GetTraceSummaries API ... aws-xray-recorder-sdk-bom – Provides a bill of materials that you can ...

AWS DeepRacer - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

28 Nov 2018 ... Consecutive experiences between each policy iteration that performs updates of the policy network weights. Also referred to as an experience- ...

AWS Config - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

19 Oct 2015 ... Deploy a Conformance Pack Using Sample Templates . ... You will not be charged AWS Config usage fees until you resume recording.

Amazon Kendra - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

3 Dec 2019 ... For an example, see Adding Files from an Amazon S3 Bucket (p. 44). ... When you sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS), your account is ...

Amazon Comprehend - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

25 Nov 2017 ... cv. Chuvash ku. Kurdish su. Sundanese cy. Welsh la. Latin sw ... You can replace the sample text with your own text either in English or one of ...

Kony Visualizer API Developer's Guide - Documentation

be served with NSURLSession. Setting this to false restores the current behavior which uses. NSURLConnection. enableRedrawRegions. A Boolean value that ...

AWS Backup - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

15 Jan 2019 ... Restoring a Backup Using the AWS CLI or the AWS Backup API . ... Only Amazon EFS backups support transition to cold storage. ... You can also restore an Amazon EC2 instance without including any stored parameters. ... AWS partition and delivers the log files to the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify.

Amazon CloudFront - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

29 Sep 2016 ... Restricting Content with Signed URLs and Signed Cookies . ... Serving Video Using AWS Elemental MediaStore as the Origin . ... In addition, downloads are faster with CloudFront than with Amazon S3 alone because your ...

AWS Lambda - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

Are You a First-time User of AWS Lambda? ... Layers let you manage your in-development function code independently from the unchanging code ... Choose Use a customer master key. 6. ... pipeline for testing, staging, and manual approvals.

AWS Device Farm - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

23 Jun 2015 ... This walkthrough shows you how to use Device Farm to test a native Android or iOS app. You use the. Device Farm console to create a project, ...

Amazon Forecast - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

28 Nov 2018 ... Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service for time-series forecasting. By providing Amazon Forecast with historical time-series data, you can ...

Amazon Cognito - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

11 Feb 2020 ... Logging Amazon Cognito API Calls with AWS CloudTrail . ... These Availability Zones enable AWS to provide services, including Amazon ... Now that you've created a user pool, here are some places to go next. ... If the password is correct, remove the TOTP token. ... Include the following import statements:.

Amazon Rekognition - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

Some examples of problems are ... A face detection system is designed to answer the question: is there a face in ... decision to interview or detain the individual.

AWS Glue - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

For information about programming using the AWS Glue Jobs system API, see Jobs ... The question mark (?) character matches exactly one character of a name ...

Amazon SageMaker - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

homework and tests, you pose problems that were not included in the initial ... capabilities, which don't require coding, or you can write code for custom analysis.

Amazon Textract - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

28 Nov 2018 ... All other trademarks not owned by Amazon are the property of their respective owners, ... JobTag to identify the type of document being processed, such as a tax form or receipt. ... Because text detection can generate large.

AWS Step Functions - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

Create a Step Functions State Machine That Uses Lambda . ... (Optional) By default, AWS requires the new user to create a new password when first signing in. You ... executionCount for how many times it should start a new execution. 1. On the ... InputPath can limit the input that is passed by filtering the JSON notation by.

Developer Mapping Guide - Informatica documentation portal

8 May 2019 ... Example of Generated Mapping from an SQL Query. ... Pushdown Optimization to PowerExchange Nonrelational Sources. ... If the version of the PowerCenter repository is earlier than 9.5.0, an IBM DB2 source database ...

Quick Start Guide - NVIDIA Developer Documentation

DALI can be installed either directly using a pre-built binary or by compiling the sources ... Version 1.3 beta from the Python package with the following command: ... 1 Items marked unofficial are community contributions that are believed to ...

Node.js Application Developer's Guide - Documentation - MarkLogic

9 Jun 2019 ... For details, see “Promise Result Handling. Pattern” on page 20. MarkLogic module. The module that encapsulates the Node.js Client API.

User's Guide and Developer's Manual ... - Documentation - QMCPACK

19.6.5 GUGA: Unitary group CI package . ... BOOST, peer-reviewed portable C source libraries ( Minimum version is 1.61.0. • FFTW, FFT ...

Node.js Application Developer's Guide - MarkLogic Documentation

9 Jun 2019 ... For details, see “Promise Result Handling. Pattern” on page 20. MarkLogic module. The module that encapsulates the Node.js Client API.

Amazon Redshift - Database Developer Guide - AWS Documentation

Amazon Redshift: Database Developer Guide ... Are You a Database Developer? ... operation terminates before it completes, the next VACUUM resumes the.

Sitecore MVC Developer's Reference Guide - Sitecore Documentation

This installs the MVC project templates for Visual Studio. 1.1.3 Installation. In Sitecore CMS 7.1, Sitecore ASP.NET MVC 4 integration is enabled by default.

Amazon Polly - Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

30 Nov 2016 ... This procedure checks to see if this is necessary and provides ... Indian English voice supported by Amazon Polly. ... queues the requests, and then asynchronously processes them in the background as soon as the system.

(Amazon SES) Developer Guide - AWS Documentation -

Step 3: Set up a Receipt Rule . ... A sender can generate the email content in different ways. A sender can create the email by ... You send actual production content – Sending test messages to fake email addresses can have a negative effect ...

NCCL - NVIDIA Developer Documentation

The NVIDIA® Collective Communications Library ™ (NCCL) (pronounced “Nickel”) is a library of multi-GPU collective communication primitives that are ...

WILL Data Format Specification - Developer Documentation - Wacom

This document describes WILL Data Format. WILL Data Format serves as data model for a digital ink representing ink entered with an electronic pen or stylus.

ownCloud Developer Manual - ownCloud Documentation

23 Jun 2017 ... Then identify the user and group the web server is running as and the Apache ... app.php?username=<script src="attacker.tld"></script> ... on ... XDebug Helper (Chrome): ... all files, which are needed for theming are save from coming updates.

NVIDIA Holodeck - NVIDIA Developer Documentation

10.1.3. Solidworks Visualize export to Holodeck. ... Click the Beacon icon to create teleport targets within the model to view from the perspective of that position.

developer's guide - ELO Touch

Step A – ensure lightning connector is pulled out before placing the iPad. Page 7. © 2017 Elo Touch Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPoint Plus for iOS ...

Reference Guide - AMD Developer

The Evergreen family of Stream processors can share data between different work-items. ... GDS - Shared by all Processors in Shader Complex (64 KB) ...

ESI Developer's Guide - Akamai

29 Aug 2004 ... lated into any language in any form by any means without the written permission ... Including Alternative HTML and Hiding the ESI Statements. ... 2f%3a%3b%3c%3d%3e%3f%40%5b%5c%5d%5e_%60%7b%7c%7d%7e !.