"rare words" in classical tamil literature - jstor

ters, such as the peyarc col "nouns (lit. name-word)" and the vinaic col "verbs (lit. ... exhaustive list, in the Tamil alphabetic ... koüutal "taking" (TC345c); P34: kö.

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"rare words" in classical tamil literature - jstor

ters, such as the peyarc col "nouns (lit. name-word)" and the vinaic col "verbs (lit. ... exhaustive list, in the Tamil alphabetic ... koüutal "taking" (TC345c); P34: kö.

“Rare words” in classical Tamil literature: from the ... - Akadémiai Kiadó

of the Tolkāppiyam, the most ancient Tamil grammatical work preserved. That chapter, because it provides (approximate) synonyms for 120 “unfrequent words”, ...

"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?" Classical Literature in ... - jstor

Horace's dulce et decorum est pro patria mori ("it is sweet and honorable to die ... as the cause and starting point of the plot, makes this clear, in language both ...

"India" and "Indian Literature" - jstor

34/INDIAN LITERATURE : 160. World nation, such as in the works of Anderson and of Fredric. Jameson) is Aijaz Ahmad's In Theory: Classes, Nations, ...

"Classical Music," "Folk Music," and the Brahmanical Temple ... - jstor

Groesbeck: The Brahmanical Temple in Kerala, India 89 the "classical/folk" dichotomy on central Kerala's music, especially when performers (and by and large ...

"Soft Males," "Flying Boys," and "White Knights": New ... - jstor

hegemonic authority of the (white, heterosexual) male hero. ... downfall on the actions of an absent male, analogous to Bly's "absent father syndrome," the.

"All Words, Words, about Words": Linguistic Journey and ... - jstor

"All Words, Words, about Words". Linguistic Journey and Transformation in Anzia Yezierska's The Bread Givers. RUTH BIENSTOCK ANOLIK. Haverford College.


saga of Rajput heroism in Early Gujarati literature, worthy of a place with the celebrated Old ... some 1 cãrana ' ( ) poet; ' irepfrñ 5^' by Laghu Nãkar,4 è?' of Lãvanyasamaya ... or Rudra(the god of destruction), riding ex their position when ...

"Huayño," "Saya," and "Chuntunqui": Bolivian Identity in the ... - jstor

way in which the now famous (or infamous) Lambada was appropriated to ... Caribbean and Brazilian dance music, Kaoma sounds like the house band at.

" Cut-Eye" and" Suck-Teeth": African Words and Gestures in New ...

2. To "suck your teeth". In each case, the informant was asked to give a physical demonstration and to discuss the meaning freely. A corpus of seventy American ...

An Answerability of Memory: "Saving" Khmer Classical Dance - jstor

teau (1984:108). He might have ... who was given the names of all three children, in strict order, by a seer in the camp. This choice also ... power nor piety spared the material bodies of the Apsaras, the dancers who served as incarnations of ...

The Alterable Whey of Words: The Texts of "Waiting for Godot" - jstor

text was the one used in the London production and therefore partly bowdlerized, ... 1 Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot (London: Faber & Faber, 1956), p. 14. ... expiation of original sin, of the original and eternal sin of him and all of his 'socii.

"Classical" Sculpture? - jstor

SCULPTURE TODAY is a dead art, Max. Beerbohm once ... sculpture is not one of our major arts; the temper of ... sculptural portrait, three types of work may be ...

"Classical" and "Non-Classical" - jstor

point in an exhortative manner is musicologist Sandhyavandanam Srinivasa ... Ksetrayya for Telugu padams, and Vaidisvarankoil Subbarama Ayyar for.

"The Hunger Games": Literature, Literacy, and Online Affinity ... - jstor

417. The Hunger Games: Literature, Literacy, and Online Affinity Spaces. A decade ago, the National Endowment for the Arts released Reading at Risk: A Sur.

Sri Lanka's "Ethnic" Conflict in Its Literature in English - jstor

collection of poems Apocalypse y83 (1984), and under the pressure of this experience she ... a Student" Kamala Wijeratne dramatizes a moment of professional ...

"A'jami" Literature in Senegal: The Example of Sëriñ Muusaa ... - jstor

Li tax woy wiy wolof te waroon di yaaram. Damaa nar gaa yi jangul xam Boroomam. ... the Senegalese novel. He proceeds by a literal translation of the hypotext,.

The Fox in World Literature: Reflections on a "Fictional Animal" - jstor

The animal is taken to be the incarnation of cunning, slyness, perfidy, and even ... in the international type index ATU, under the title The Clever Fox (Other Animal) ... stork (ATU 6o), and the encounter of fox and raven (ATU 57) are represented.

Poe's "The Black Cat" as a Critique of Temperance Literature - jstor

23 The most famous of all temperance novelists was Timothy Shay. Arthur, a man Poe had known in Baltimore as early as 1833 when the two had been.

An Early Analysis of "The Victorian Age" in Literature - jstor

George Lillie Craik's analysis of "The Victorian Age " which was written fourteen ... into A Compendious History of English Literature and of the English. Language. ... Another characteristic of " Victorian " literature contrasting it with that of the ...

"An Excellent Thing in Woman": Virgo and Viragos in "King Lear" - jstor

tions of Woman in general, owe much to both Chr intellectual traditions. Many of the prevalent charac to the female sex and feminine gender in sixteenth.

"Sinhalese Girl" Meets "Aunty Annie": Competing Expressions ... - jstor

Volume XXVII, number 1 ASIAN MUSIC Fall/Winter 1995/1996. "SINHALESE ... asked to whom she will leave a particular item of clothing (shawl, black skirt, coat ...

"I Created Land and Sea": A Tamil Case of God ... - jstor

greatly prosperous and praised in the world. The key word here is "to please", in Tamil pucikka. Sanskrit root pip. To offer pujad can mean simply to h someone ...

"Homo Homini Lupus:" Milan Kundera's "The Joke" - jstor

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS: MILAN KUNDERA'S THE JOKE. Frances L. Restuccia. As opposed to Terry Eagleton who in Salmagundi politicizes the aesthetics of ...

"rasa" and "dhvani" in indian and western poetics and poetry - jstor

As the dhvani theorists themselves openly acknowledged, their theory is rooted in Indian theories of how language works. Existing linguistic theories were used.

"Ulysses" and "Tithonus": Tunnel-Vision and Idle Tears - jstor

"Tithonus," M. J. Donahue has briefly considered "Tithonus" as a pendent to. "Ulysses"; she believes that each poem expresses one of two impulses warring.

"Quoth the Raven": The Role of Grip in "Barnaby Rudge" - jstor

What's the matter here! Hal-loa!" The speaker - who made the locksmith start as if he had seen some supernatural agent - ...

"nágadípa" in the tamil classics - jstor

The story of Buddha's visit to Maņipallavam is thus described ... p Q&GST Jß ß<5B)!T UL'(S. LL6S&UGÒ 6» <oll ß ß <oS) Z__ LDÒffifìCoLn <55 <SÛ/TQ ILKSIJ.

Shifting Boundaries of "Nativity" and "Modernity" in South ... - jstor

"progressive" than sari and other regional Indian dresses. Besides this ... below the navel in such a manner that the pyjama hems could not be soiled by touching the ground ... "European" styles dress was indicated in a debate that arose in the.

Stevenson's "Markheim": A Fictional "Christmas Sermon" - jstor

of its countenance into a "tender triumph."1 Some, on the other hand, are uncertain as to the nature of the visitant,2 while others refrain from pinning a qualitative ...

CRITIQUE AND FORM: Adorno on "Godot" and "Endgame" - jstor

Early defenders of Godot and Endgame were themselves criti cised as formalists for ... black jokes carry the same sting, just as the subtitle glosses both plays.


generative powers as superior to women's physical capacities. Unlike women's bodies ... variety of ways throughout the history of the Man of Reason. Women.

"The Rape of the Lock" and the Economy of "Trivial Things" - jstor

In this analysis of Pope's The Rape of the Lock I shall effect a num- ... translated (that is, "carried across" from one place to another); it is reprocessed, just.

"List of Illustrations": and "Glossary of Names and Terms" - jstor

LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ... Bhima slaughters Kaurava warriors at will. ... Dhritarashtra, father of the slain Kauravas, to bless their ascension to the throne.

"Old Pictures in Florence" through "Casa Guidi Windows" - jstor

In the Introduction to my recent edition of Elizabeth Barrett. Browning's Casa ... summary of Mrs. Browning's major theme in her poem, that "Pure. Art's birth" is ...

"Orient oder Rom?" Qajar "Aryan" Architecture and ... - jstor

Orient oder Rom} Qajar "Aryan" Architecture and. Strzygowski's Art History. Talinn Grigor. Based on evidence gathered in his archaeological digs, the. German ...