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series of judgements which Supreme Court granted so this 1960's law summarizes the previous ... Gratuity, this average of fifteen days finally came through ... Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya: So 240 days he has continued then there is an answer.

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LABOUR COURTS - National Judicial Academy

series of judgements which Supreme Court granted so this 1960's law summarizes the previous ... Gratuity, this average of fifteen days finally came through ... Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya: So 240 days he has continued then there is an answer.

Subordinate Courts - National Judicial Academy

Two decades back, NIC had initiated the computerization of Indian. Judicial activities in 1990 starting with the Supreme Court of India. During 1992-1995 NIC took ...

4. Sentencing Notes in e-Courts Project - National Judicial Academy

guidance in the form of principles and factors that courts must take into account ... Justice of a High Court experienced in criminal law with other ... Krishna Iyer J.

Jurisdiction of Family courts - Chandigarh Judicial Academy

Family Courts Act over other laws. •. Under Section 7(1) Explanation (b), a. Suit or a proceeding for a ... the Family Courts Act, 1984, has an overriding effect on ...

FAMILY COURTS - Tamil Nadu State Judicial Academy

When a case is filed for a relief, such as divorce, or nullity of marriage or for restitution of ... of the petition under section 13 of the Act, they shall have to file an affidavit narrating the ... The Lawyer has to very carefully draft his counter so that the ...

1. Judicial review n separation of power - National Judicial Academy

10 Mar 2018 ... In India, the blurring of the edges of 'separation of powers' is more ... Indian Constitution expressly vests executive powers in the President and ...

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Project Associate. Institute for Faculty Excellence in Judicial Education. Memphis, TN. Thomas Cox, M.A.L.S.. Graduate Assistant. Center for the Study of Higher.

P-827 - National Judicial Academy

The distinction between Article 226 and Article 227 was also been discussed during the discourse. It was emphatically stated that no writ can be issued under ...

C.«;~9 - National Judicial Academy

CBI (Crime) manual. He pointed out that as per the ratio of Lalitkumari. The provisions of CBI manual as far they are consistent with Cr. P.c. can ve validity.

P-954 - National Judicial Academy

13 Nov 2015 ... ... why are these security rule necessary. In Nagpur there was notorious gunda akku yadav. Akku Yadav has raped a dozen of girls killed two ...

SE-07 TOC - National Judicial Academy

Manasi Phadnis and N. Prabhala, “Debt Recovery Tribunals in India: A Short Note” ... Mardia Chemicals Ltd. & Others v. Union of India & Others. 2004 4 SCC ...

P-976 - National Judicial Academy

By Dr. Usha Ramanathan. She talks about the ... (1978), Charles Sobhraj (1978), Ramashraya Chakravarti (1976), Ediga Annamma. (1974) 1990s: From ...


Poorana Jeya Anand. District Judge for MCOP Cases,. Tanjore Madras, T.N.. 22. Ms. Ngaineikim Kipgen. P.O., MACT, Imphal West, Manipur. 23 ...

CPC - National Judicial Academy

25 Feb 2014 ... though Section 11 of the Code of Civil Procedure clearly contemplates the existence of two Suits and the findings in the first being res judicata in ...

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Union of India (UOI) Vs. Mohanlal and Anr. MANU/SC/0518/2012 2012 (6) SCALE. 147 ... 34. Ram Singh Vs. Central Bureau of Narcotics AIR2011 SC2490. 305 ...

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jaha kuch todh phor kar saken, they were excited to offer teddy bear, the ... things and scolding for one , he would appreciate it, chalega ….he will accept it, ... network, which is free provided by Government of India, but number of time it ... Dr. Mishra: Anyway when a particular case has been decided, somebody downloads a.

SE-06 Report - National Judicial Academy

... (2016) 5 SCC 1. 5 S.P. Gupta Vs. Union of India (AIR 1982 SC 149) ... under Art. 21 viz. Common cause Case16 (Passive Euthanasia), K. S. Puttaswamy Case.

P-1052 TOC-2 - National Judicial Academy

15 Oct 2017 ... State of Tamil Nadu v State of Kerala and another (2014) 12 SCC 696. 10 ... 15 Bijoe Emmanuel & Ors vs State of Kerala AIR 1987 SC 748 ...

P-1145 PL - National Judicial Academy

16 Dec 2018 ... 4. Bombay. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Girish S. Kulkarni. Judge, Bombay High Court, Maharashtra. 5. Calcutta. Hon'ble Ms. Justice Amrita Sinha.

1.NDPS - National Judicial Academy

left the train carrying a katta (gunny bag) on his ... national, was searched when he was in the 1st class ... ▷SC held that the enquiry whether Chet Ram was.

P-1048 TOC - National Judicial Academy

22 Sep 2017 ... Sardar Swaran Singh Committee and the Forty-second amendment. •. Basic structure doctrine ... Shayara Bano Vs. Union of India & others, 2017(9) SCALE178. 12. Supreme Court ... Ram Swaroop v. State (Govt. Of NCT ...

P-1203 PL - National Judicial Academy

2 Feb 2020 ... Registrar (Finance), Kerala High Court, Kerala. 58. Kerala. Mr. K. K. Mohandas. Registrar (Recruitment & Computerisation), Kerala. High Court ...


30 Jul 2015 ... The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. Introduction: Overview ... provisions of the NDPS Act. The. High Court declined to ...

P-1168 TOC - National Judicial Academy

Amardeep Singh v. Harveen Kaur. (2017) 8 SCC 746. 169. 3. ... Maharani Kusumkumari And Anr. Vs. Smt. Kusumkumari Jadeja. And Anr. 1991 SCR (1) 193.

P-1185 PL - National Judicial Academy

20 Oct 2019 ... Principal District & Sessions Judge, Nashik,. Maharashtra. 15 ... Bombay. Ms. Patil C.V.. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. 20.

12. SEBI - National Judicial Academy

5 Feb 2016 ... MoF. Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC). RBI. SEBI. IRDA ... SEBI Act, 1992 & Regulations ... Important SEBI Regulations.

P-1143 PL - National Judicial Academy

9 Dec 2018 ... National Judicial Academy. P-1143: Refresher Course for Labour Courts ... Ms. P. Jyothis Ben. District Judge, Labour Court, Kannur, Kerala. 16.

Download - National Judicial Academy

Regional Conference at Mumbai, in collaboration with the High Court, Bombay and the Maharashtra. Judicial Academy; an annual calendar meeting between ...

P-1045 TOC - National Judicial Academy

Indira Nehru Gandhi vs. Raj Narain & Another. AIR 1975 SC 1590. 3. L. Chandra Kumar v. Union of India. AIR 1997 SC 1125. 4. I. R. Coelho (Dead) by LRs vs.

P-1190 PL - National Judicial Academy

24 Nov 2019 ... Senior Civil Judge cum ACJM, Solan,. Himachal Pradesh. 14. Himachal Pradesh Ms. Manisha Goyal. Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Una,.

P-1065 ER - National Judicial Academy

17 Dec 2017 ... “Maiya Mori Main nahi Makhan Khayo”. 43. Each and every programme is useful. 44. Session of Hon'ble Justice B.S. Chauhan was most useful ...

SE-07 Report - National Judicial Academy

10 Dec 2017 ... Role and Responsibilities of DRT post SARFESI Act. Panel. Dr. Justice Vineet Kothari. Justice G.S. Kulkarni. Justice Debangsu Basak ...

ACM_2019 PL - National Judicial Academy

13 Apr 2019 ... Additional Director, Maharashtra Judicial. Academy, Maharashtra. 3. Calcutta. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Biswanath Somadder Judge, Calcutta High ...

24 -27 July 2015 P-935 - National Judicial Academy

29-31 July 2015[Yoga classes: Daily 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM in the Auditorium] ... Speaker: Mr. Sandeep. Parekh ... Computers, Video ... Mr.Deepak Maheshwari. T.

Legal provisions - National Judicial Academy

mandate that a Hindu married couple or unmarried adults can only adopt a Hindu ... 4 Adoption of Payal @ Sharinee Vinay Pathak and his wife Sonika Sahay ...

P-1147 Report - National Judicial Academy

India Judges' Association case, the speakers emphasized that judges are not ... were referred for discussion during the session such as Nandini Satpathy v.