THE UNIVERSITY OF BURDWAN Burdwan-713104, West Bengal ...

ND stands for non-detailed study. Type. Credits ... Tagore's Short Stories New Delhi: Penguin) Books, 2009. (ND) ... d) Mahasweta Devi: 'The Non-Veg Cow'.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF BURDWAN Burdwan-713104, West Bengal ...

ND stands for non-detailed study. Type. Credits ... Tagore's Short Stories New Delhi: Penguin) Books, 2009. (ND) ... d) Mahasweta Devi: 'The Non-Veg Cow'.

West Bengal Board of Primary Education - DPSC Burdwan

31 Mar 2016 ... Government of West Bengal in the Department of School Education, No 129-SE ... or National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS) for upgradation . ... the registered teachers will be informed of their study centres through the ...

Brief Industrial Profile of BURDWAN DISTRICT WEST ... - Dcmsme

Existing Status of Industrial Area in the District Burdwan. 7 ... Burdwan is one of the most important districts of the State of West Bengal in ... Howrah Gases Ltd.

NET - The University of Burdwan

Name of NET (JRF) qualified students. 1. Wafikul Khan. Premananda Basak. 2. Soumyajyoti Sarkar. Sujon Malik. 3. Soirik Dan. Tapas Mondal. 4. Tanima Kundu.


10 Jan 2019 ... selling agents (certificate is to be attached) for the purchase of chemicals, glass wares, computers, computer peripherals, minor equipments of ...

mba - The University of Burdwan

The programme is also aimed to churn out future managers with specializations in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human. Resource Management and Systems, ...

B.C.A. - The University of Burdwan

priority slot, carrier sense systems(collision free). Token passing ... [50%]. Books: 1.Sumitabha Das., Unix Concepts and Applications., 4th Edition., Tata McGraw Hill. 2. ... BCA 307:Software Lab – V(UNIX and Shell Programming). Practical.


For. M.A./M.Sc. in. Mathematics. Rs.7,700 Inclusive all for BU students who will be admitted at DDE, Burdwan. Rs.7,900 ...

Semester - The University of Burdwan

be taken from Hindi/ MIL (L2),2 Core Courses are to be taken from AECC- Core. 2 Generic. Elective Courses (GE) and 4 Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (from ...

PHASE – II - The University of Burdwan

UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, THE UNIVERSITY OF ... of students and faculty: Students intake quality improving year by year (last rank ... f) Scope for opening new PG courses including courses in cutting edge ... closing (31st.

Syllabus for B. Sc. - The University of Burdwan

Aviation Meteorology, I.C. Joshi, 3rd edition 2014, Himalayan Books. 2. The weather Observers Handbook, Stephen Burt, 2012, Cambridge University Press. 3.

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30 Jun 2018 ... Submission of application form for admission to B.Ed. Programme will be made through on-line ... vi) Ehiapur B.Ed. College, Ehiapur, Ketugram, Burdwan, Tel. ... v) Mahula Sri Ramkrishnan Teachers' Training Inst., Kanachi, Birbhum, Tel. ... xxvi) Labpur Teachers Trng. Inst., (w.e.f-2016-17) Labpur, Birbhum.

notification - The University of Burdwan

16 Jan 2018 ... NOTIFICATION. In partial modification of this office notification No. C/Rev.Centre ... Instt. - 370. Gurukul Teacher's Training College - 375.

M.A. in English - The University of Burdwan

Syllabus for M.A. in English. (Effective ... The minor elective courses offered in this syllabus are meant for the ... PG/ENG/101 Medieval and Renaissance English Literature I. 5. 50 ... he lapses into his native Punjabi and becomes unintelligible.

Syllabus for B.Sc. - The University of Burdwan

... Culture: Bio-Cultural Interaction. Section D: Basic concepts of Social Cultural Anthropology (30 Lectures) ... Nadeem Hasnain. 2005. Tribal India. Delhi: Palaka ...

UGC_20191134_NOT_WEB.. - The University of Burdwan

17 Sep 2019 ... Banking and Allahabad Bank e-challan. 5. Date of provisional admission of Other University candidates through online : From. 21.09.2019 to ...

B.Com.(Honours) - The University of Burdwan

600 marks. The University of Burdwan. Syllabus for B. Com. Honours Course. (1 1 1 Pattern). With effect from 2014-2015 academic session and onwards ...

Prospectus of The University of Burdwan

Bengali. 203. Hons. Grad.†. Academic career/ admission test*. Economics. 95. Hons. ... Please ensure that you visit the 'Post Graduate Funding and Fees' page.

SYLLABUS - The University of Burdwan

This syllabus shall come into force from the academic session 2014-2016. 2. ... Course Title. Course Summary. Semester. Exam. Internal. Assessment. Total.

Sylabus of B.Ed..pmd - DDE - The University of Burdwan

Assessments of Scripts. 22. ... Mukherjee. Sandhya, Teaching of Economics, Lucknow : Prakashan Kendra. 5. ... a) As compounded in 'Sangeet Ratnakar'.

B ED Syllabus - The University of Burdwan

of the B.Ed. degree within the jurisdiction of this State i.e. West Bengal. Admissions ... n 16'n December to 31" December Evaluation and Publication of Result ... The prescribed application form for showing Photocopy/ies of answer books shall have to be filled and signed ... O Antarbhuktimulak Shiksha,Aaheli Publishers. 9.

curriculum - The University of Burdwan

Child Centric Education: Meaning and Characteristics, ○ Aims of modern child centric education ... Bengali Books on Educational Guidance and Counselling.

Music - The University of Burdwan

Brief knowledge of expeirmentations with notations with special reference to ... In addition to the above the following two songs are to be taught. .1. xyüyس ü%!_´ ...

ce_2018652_not_webpa.. - The University of Burdwan


Syllabus for B.A. - The University of Burdwan

Education: Meaning, Nature and Scope. ... Child Centric Education: Meaning and Characteristics. ... Bengali Books on Educational Guidance and Counselling.

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CC_20191546_NOT_WEBP.. - The University of Burdwan

11 Dec 2019 ... (Comscope 884036314/10). 6 boxes d) CAT 6 I/O including Box i) Cat 6 UTP Jack with Strain relief and bend limiting boot (Comscope ...


V. *. Discipline Specific Elective. DSE-1A. 5-1-0. 6. 75. Disc. Specific Elective (Other ... DSE- 1A (Any One) Semester V ... Pasting Charts etc in Presentations; Exporting Presentations as. PDF ... Bharati Pathak: Indian Financial System, 4 th.

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16 Aug 2019 ... Admission to 4-year Integrated B.A.B.Ed. / B.Sc. B.Ed. Programme ... passed the Higher Secondary or 2 Examination in the year 2016, 2017,.

For Colleges - The University of Burdwan

Academic Calendar for the period from 01.01.2017 to 30.06.2017 (3rd Term - Academic Session 2016-17). Number Number of days available. Month Week-wise ... Apr. (14-20) 14.4.17, Bengali New Year's Day-. 15.4.17 & Sunday-16.4.17.

in Music - The University of Burdwan

Amir Khasru, Tansen, Rabindranath Tagore, Najrul Islam, Atul Prasad ... Nazrul Islam – Nazrul Geeti Swaralipi. 6. Other's books prescribe by class-teachers. 7.

UBUR_20190332_NOT_WE.. - The University of Burdwan

25 Mar 2019 ... Chancellor, Visva Bharati and Professor Gopal C. Bhar, Retired Professor,. Department of Physics, The University of Burdwan have consented ...

Revised IDP - The University of Burdwan

Annexure-8 (list of papers published in national & international journals) ... not be induced in the BOS to improve and modify the syllabus keeping in mind the specific ... 2015-. 16. 1ST APRIL 2016-31ST. OCT 2016. 1. INFRASTRUCTURE ... Debalina Ghosh has passed pH test conducted by eLitmus Evaluation Pvt. Ltd. in ...

SYLLABUS FOR BA/B.SC. - The University of Burdwan

SYLLABUS FOR B.A/B.SC. (HONOURS). IN. MATHEMATICS. Under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Effective from 2017-2018. The University of Burdwan.

Untitled - The University of Burdwan

গ) ইংরেজি থেকে বাংলায় অনুবাদ : ১০. সাহিত্য অংশ : ২০. কবিতার ভাবসৌন্দর্য বিশ্লেষণ :১০. রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের নৈবেদ্য গ্রন্থের ৪টি কবিতা পাঠ্য. (বৈরাগ্যসাধনে মুক্তি সে আমার নয়, শতাব্দীর সূর্য আজি, চিত্ত যেথা ভয়শূন্য, শক্তি দম্ভ স্বার্থ লােভ). ছােটোগল্পের সাহিত্যমূল্য বিচার : ১০. রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের গল্পগুচ্ছ গ্রন্থের ৩টি গল্প পাঠ্য.

M.A. in History - The University of Burdwan

The syllabus is divided into 17 courses of which 16 ... Ranajit Guha, An Indian Historiography Of India, Calcutta 1986. ... 15. Sumit Sarkar, Writing Social History, New Delhi, 1997. 16. Vincent Smith, The Early ... Calcutta: University of Calcutta.