It's a Match - NTNU Open

På Tinder kan man opprette en profil på et par minutter, for så å få muligheten til å bla ... Det går frem at humor i bildene kan fungere som en icebreaker.

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It's a Match - NTNU Open

På Tinder kan man opprette en profil på et par minutter, for så å få muligheten til å bla ... Det går frem at humor i bildene kan fungere som en icebreaker.

Video-Based Learning and Open Online Courses - NTNU Open

4 Trans-European Research & Education Network Association (TERENA), Amsterdam, ... video lectures in a variety of ways, such as broadcasting ... Institute, PT.

570786_FULLTEXT01.pdf - NTNU Open

From being a mere curiosity in the 70's, computer gaming has become ... of hackers and exploiters, who quickly put game software security on the agenda. ... games employ various anti-cheat mechanisms, but different kind of cheats still exist and ... Games (Grand Theft Auto series), Electronic Arts (Battlefield series), Square ...

Lycaon pictus - NTNU Open

Kuban, the best local field assistants in the Loliondo Game Controlled Area (LGCA), for their dedication in ... 2012; Sandilyan & Kathiresan 2012; Geldmann et al. 2013 ... Stanish, A., Walker, H. & Riggio, J. (2015) A novel approach to mapping ...

Resilient Filesystem - Open archive - NTNU

26 Mar 2017 ... URL: (Visited. 04.03.2018). [2] Horalek, Sobeslav, & Cimler. 2015. Verifying properties of resilient file.

Cheating in Online Games - NTNU Open

1.6 Methodology . ... 3.5 The smoke effect from a Counter-Strike smoke grenade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 ... Another famous cheat code is the Konami code,.

New distribution channels for advertising through ... - NTNU Open

Figure 3-6: EA Sports Cricket 07. ... banner on a popular review site, put adverts on magazines with gamers as core audience, sponsor events hosted towards ...

Acknowledgements This thesis would not be written ... - NTNU Open

6.1 “How do Thelemites come to identify an event as astral projection?” . ... against projecting “too deep” or “too long”, and the apparent dangers of fatigue. 6.

GSM and GPRS Security Using OsmocomBB - Open archive - NTNU

The OsmocomBB project [osma] aims to create a free and open source GSM baseband ... open source alternative firmware for DCT3 phones created by g3gg0 and krisha [pro]. ... All the SIM cards worked fine on a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 phone ..., uk.telecom.!topic/sci.crypt/.

Investigation of Parametric Resonance in Roll for ... - NTNU Open

Parametric roll resonance is of concern for container and fishing vessels, especially ... some cases while it does not happen in the experiments. The results from ...

Isogeometric analysis using LR B-splines 1 Introduction - NTNU Open

Each indi- vidual basis function can be described using a local knot vector of 4 knots each (p 2). where the seven basis functions will be separately generated by ...

Using Prototypes to Leverage Knowledge in Product ... - NTNU Open

For our research, we have access to several industrial liaisons, including a ... further proposes certain knowledge assets as facilitators of knowledge creation. ... foundation for the tacit knowledge accumulated within the PD team. How this ... iteration rounds as the learning tool with the biggest potential. Schön also points out ...

Parametric study of condensation at heating ... - NTNU Open

The compression of insulation causes around a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct usually resulted in dew formation around the outer surfaces ...

A study of hardware compression of images - NTNU Open

ABSTRACT. In this paper, we will take a closer look at the possibility of compressing images to the JPEG 2000 standard using an FPGA's hardware architecture.

Margaret Magnus What's in a Word? - Open archive - NTNU

20 Apr 2001 ... endured my interminable sound-meaning talk and my other ... Therefore, the apparent effect of the sound-meaning is ... 9 Grouchy People. 2 ... M. (1966), Olikkurippakarati, [Dictionary of Expressives in Tamil], Pari Nilaiyam.

Operational experience and Control strategies for a ... - NTNU Open

IMT-report 2004:66 ... sis tan ce [m o h m. /c e ll]. Total resistance in stack is 260 mohm. Figure 3.10 Single cell ohmic resistances ... electrolyte, Rint is the charge transfer resistance between the electrolyte and the electrodes and Cdl is the.

Perceptually Validated Cross-Renderer Analytical ... - NTNU Open

[9] X. An, X. Tong, J. D. Denning, and F. Pellacini, “Appwarp: Retargeting measured materials by appearance-space warping,” ACM Trans. Graph., vol. 30, no.

Using Hidden Markov Models for Musical Chord ... - NTNU Open

suitable chords, can be hard and time consuming. This thesis ... 6 presents and discusses the results, before some closing remarks are given in. Chapter 7.

Organizing Data from Industrial Internet of Things for ... - NTNU Open

Norway is one of the largest nations in maritime operations. Due to the oil price crisis and increasingly fierce competi- tion, the marine operation sector faces major ...

Android Apps and Permissions: Security and Privacy ... - NTNU Open

During the course of this project, a large data set consisting of applications published on Google Play and three different third-party Android application markets ...

Spatiotemporal patterns of plant growth in a warming ... - NTNU Open

tree-ring growth, an annual plant growth proxy, and are there differential responses to these among sites? Q2: To what extent is shrub growth synchronized ...

Creating a framework for an ARPG-style game in the ... - NTNU Open

20 May 2019 ... sjangerne Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) og Twin Stick. Shooter ved bruk ... For the player to be able to select a talent, one of it's parents ...

A Case Study: action based Entrepreneurship Education - NTNU Open

exploitation in an entrepreneurial education context, and how the institution can provide ... An instrumental case study seeks to answer questions that arise from a ... career immediately after graduation, and because of the short age of the ...

New Method of Sinking Caisson Tunnel in Soft Soil - NTNU Open

10 Jun 2013 ... Open caissons are used for many geotechnical engineering applications such as for deep foundation elements bypassing weak soils to tip in firm ...

Fuzzy Match Score and Translation Memory Match - LTRC, IIIT ...

the desired translation with modifications. The back bone ... sentence) and t is its translation in target language. ... ilar constructions in Hindi and Bengali. South.

Predicting a T20 cricket match result while the match is in ... - Core

23 Aug 2015 ... mat of cricket, we have decided to take the challenge as T20 cricket ... Tulabandhula and Rudin [6] were designed a real time prediction.

How Matches Work The Match The Match Box - Compound Chem

How Matches Work. The Match. The Match Box. The striking surface of safety match boxes contains red phosphorus and an abrasive substance. When struck, a ...

InTech Open Access Publisher - Open Science Open Minds ... - IMAB

2. Cumulative downloads by countries. 3. Cumulative downloads by time frame. Edited by: Krassimir Metodiev. ISBN 978-953-51-3105-2. Publisher: InTech.

InTech Open Access Publisher - Open Science Open Minds ...

Edited by: Florian Kongoli. ISBN 978-953-51-0685-2. Publisher: InTech. Publication date: July 2012. CITED BY: 15ARTICLES. View the complete list of citations ...

Open Innovation Open Science Open to the World - Publications Office

2 May 2016 ... a vision for Europe ... research, science and innovation, it was important to me to listen to and ... and through promoting our competitive edge in.

How “Open” is Open School in India? - OAsis : COL Open Access ...

and Distance Learning through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and State ... the ODL learners covered in the study pointed out that the prospectus was easily ... subject as these were assigned 20% weightage (2015-16 onwards).

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The story of Auroville began in 1914 when a woman named Mirra Alfassa came to ... home spun philosophies and sermons, poems, advertisements and quotes ...

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CV WRITING. Terms: Curriculum vitae (90 % call it CV "see vee"). Resumé (AE only). Vita (Norwegian only). PURPOSE. • Match your skills to the job advertised.

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5 Dec 2019 ... Lunatic Express - the British Empire's iron snake in Africa ...................... 51 ... Eiffel was an ambitious man capable of succeeding. Maurice Koechlin's ... Its generators supplied power to 1100 arc lamps and made the ... chain reaction in a nuclear reactor built in a rackets court under the stands of a stadium at ...

Team 10 - NTNU

In a way it is a history of how the ideas of the people involved. S. Wewerka have grown or changed as a result of contact with the others, and it is hoped that the ...

Bacheloroppgave - NTNU

20. mai 2019 ... Figur 2: HTML Document Structure (CodesCracker, u.d.). Prosjektet bruker Flask ... Definition of Int in C, C and C#. [Internett]. Available at: ...