Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - Bank of International Settlements

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) issued its revised ... The Committee issued further revisions to the Pillar 3 disclosure requirements ... framework and which meet the de-recognition criteria of IAS 39 / IFRS 9 or the IFRS 10.

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Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - Bank of International Settlements

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) issued its revised ... The Committee issued further revisions to the Pillar 3 disclosure requirements ... framework and which meet the de-recognition criteria of IAS 39 / IFRS 9 or the IFRS 10.

Pillar 3 (Market Discipline) - Bank of International Settlements

The Committee notes, however, that there are differences in the legal authority of ... explicit principle with regard to the assessment of risk and capital, and such a ...

Minimum Capital Requirements - Bank of International Settlements

Tier 3 capital will be limited to 250% of a bank's Tier 1 capital that is required to support market risks. This means that a minimum of about 28½% of market risks.

Pillar-3 Disclosure under Basel-III Norms Pillar-3 Disclosure under ...

31 Dec 2018 ... Under Basel-III norms of RBI, Bank is required to maintain CET1 ratio at ... The Bank is reviewing various exposure norms fixed by RBI/Bank‟s ...

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30 Sep 2019 ... The Bank is reviewing various exposure norms fixed by RBI/Bank‟s Board on half- yearly basis. The Bank has developed a software based ...

Triennial Central Bank Survey 2007 - Bank of International Settlements

Hong Kong dollar and the Indian rupee, the expansion in turnover is likely to be ... turnover in currency options increased by 81% to $0.2 trillion, or 9% of the ...

The bank lending channel revisited - Bank of International Settlements

nism is that monetary policy imparts a direct impact on deposits and that ... practice. The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 highlights the key ...

Bank Regulation and Supervision - Bank of International Settlements

literature stressing that the salient issues in bank regulation and supervision are ... number of supervisors, average tenure of supervisors, legal power of the ...

Bank business models - Bank of International Settlements

identify a retail-funded and a wholesale-funded commercial banking model that are robust to the choice of inputs. ... For example, universal banks tend to be larger than banks in other models. In turn, ... HDFC Bank Ltd. IN. C2. U. U. U. U.

Central bank finances - Bank of International Settlements

or expand financial buffers for the future. In the last section, the step-by-step presentation is collapsed into brief case studies of the five central banks that have.

The ABCs of bank PBRs - Bank of International Settlements

10 Mar 2018 ... BIS. We are grateful to Claudio Borio, Stijn Claessens, Benjamin Cohen, ... assets held by banks are typically in the form of financial instruments (loans, bonds and ... weighted averages across countries/regions/full sample).

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12 Jun 2018 ... BoP/IIP statistics, in the case of Portugal, are compiled on a monthly basis. 1.1.1 The current and capital account. The structure of the current ...

International banking centres - Bank of International Settlements

International banking centres have attracted renewed interest recently, ... The activities of banks within international financial ... policy, Macmillan, New York.

Brazil - Bank of International Settlements

1. Regulatory Consistency Assessment Programme – Brazil. Glossary. BCB ... authorities concur that the RCAP process is an important tool to ensure a full, timely ... BCB within the scope of its regulatory powers are published in the form of ...

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115 WORLD STATESTICS CONGRESS. Assessing the use of Google Trends to predict credit developments. Edwige Burdeau*. Banque de France, Paris, ...

Supply - Bank of International Settlements

7 May 2016 ... Common shocks large pre-crisis → All banks claims on all countries ... Local positions in Emerging markets = Corp/Retail banking (eg loans, ...

Russia - Bank of International Settlements

12-12/pz-n, Approval of the Regulation Specifying the. Procedure for Opening and Closing Trading and Clearing. Securities Accounts as well as for Making ...

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Speech by Dr Y V Reddy, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, at Karamchedu Village, Ongole. District, Andhra Pradesh, 18 February 2007. The speech was ...

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instruments and the high degree of uncertainty about the transmission process ... Minimum holding period for Bank Indonesia Certificate (SBI). Hedging ratio.

Cryptocurrencies - Bank of International Settlements

91. BIS Annual Economic Report 2018. V. Cryptocurrencies: looking beyond the hype. Less than 10 years after their inception, cryptocurrencies1 have emerged ...

Singapore - Bank of International Settlements

as the last vestige of exchange controls in Singapore was repealed in 1978. ... arranging SGD equity listings and bond issues of foreign companies, were ...

Basel III - Bank of International Settlements

Standards on capital requirements for banks' equity investments in funds are available at www.bis.org/publ/bcbs266.pdf; and for capital requirements for bank ...

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Annex 1: IFC Questionnaire on central banks' use of and interest in “big data” .......... 19. Annex 2: Big data ... Reserve Bank of India [email protected] Reserve ...

Australia - Bank of International Settlements

Framework in Australia as of 10 January 2014, the cut-off date for the ... 2.5% of risk-weighted assets (subject to a floor of 7% for total CET noted in APS 110.

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government debt notes (GDN) and Central Bank Certificates (SBI). Strict application of ... Meanwhile, the deposit interest rate climbed from. 16.43% (1996) to ...

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BIS Working Papers, no 335, and a 2004 OECD monograph, The making of global finance ... B–. BB . A. AAA. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12. Greece. Portugal. Spain ... But the more pertinent question is whether sovereign bond contracts contain ... was way more “scientific” and less political than you would think.

Asset securitisation - Bank of International Settlements

Synthetic securitisation refers to structured transactions in which banks use credit derivatives to transfer the credit risk of a specified pool of assets to third parties.

The output gap and inflation - Bank of International Settlements

is committed to an inflation target and economic agents fully believe in the ... (ii) The existence of external trade means that capacity pressures may be offset by ... discriminate between different members of this class of estimates. ... Fisher, P.G. and J.D. Whitley (1996): "Macroeconomic Model Projects at the Bank of England".

An Internationalised Rupee? - Bank of International Settlements

6 Mar 2006 ... The Indian rupee was regarded as an official currency of other countries, ... rupee bond with a 3-year tenor for Rs. one billion in February 2007.

Usha Thorat - Bank of International Settlements

4 Nov 2006 ... Usha Thorat: Financial inclusion for sustainable development – role of ... 2006 the establishment of an FDIC Advisory Committee on Economic.

VI. Understanding globalisation - Bank of International Settlements

how increased economic globalisation – tighter trade and financial integration – ... income inequality: a global perspective”, IMF Staff Discussion Note 15/13.

Leverage on the buy side - Bank of International Settlements

Keywords: leverage, hedge funds/mutual funds, portfolio management, capital ... types of leverage: funding leverage, which involves outright borrowing, and ...

Fast payments - Bank of International Settlements

In addition, internet banking, mobile payments and other ... 1 Online includes traditional, often static home or office computer devices that ... bills, (ii) credit card repayments, and, increasingly, (iii) salary and supplier payments. ... proceed with fast payment projects with satisfactory risk management, but without reliance on ...

Anchoring expectations - Bank of International Settlements

15 Feb 2018 ... My speech today is the first in a series that my colleagues and I will be ... one knew with certainty what rate best represented price stability.

Trade finance - Bank of International Settlements

Historically, the global trade finance market was considered liquid and well- functioning. ... banks run down trade finance books in response to funding and liquidity strains. As ... Distribution to outside investors can also free up counterparty.

The FinTech Opportunity - Bank of International Settlements

I conclude by sketching out some guiding principles for this new approach. ... Banks generate large spreads on deposits (see Figure 1 in. Drechsler et al. (2014)) ...