Classical Essence in Yakshagana - Krishi Sanskriti

Yakshagana has been known as Folk theatre which is blended with classical elements in it. Hence it popularly called as Folk. Art of Karnataka. So, my research ...

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Classical Essence in Yakshagana - Krishi Sanskriti

Yakshagana has been known as Folk theatre which is blended with classical elements in it. Hence it popularly called as Folk. Art of Karnataka. So, my research ...

Essence of Organic Agriculture in Khana's Sayings - Krishi Sanskriti

Bengal. In Oxford English Dictionary, Organic Farming or Organic. Gardening ... of farmers of Bengal used to cultivate his choice crops in their own land for their ...

MPPT - Krishi Sanskriti

[14] [15] [16]

Review of JFET - Krishi Sanskriti

WORKING PRINCIPLE OF JFET. The working principle of n-channel JFET with normal polarities is a. When a voltage VDS is applied between drain and source.

Conference Proceedings - Krishi Sanskriti

Krishi Sanskriti, New Delhi – 110068. Publishing by. Krishi Sanskriti Publications. E-47, Bhoop Singh Enclave, Rajpur Khurd Extension,. P.O.- I.G.N.O.U (Maidan ...

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billion (as per 2002 data) which is the largest in the world [4]. The core objective of this paper is to understand the interlinking river project and to highlight the ...

Charles Correa - Krishi Sanskriti

Regionalism”. Charles Correa has done so many work based on this philosophy of ... works. Keywords: Charles Correa, critical regionalism, Gandhi Smarak.

A Case of Amazon and Myntra - Krishi Sanskriti

Consumer: A Case of Amazon and Myntra. Ishpreet ... Digital consumers possess more information and ... Myntra, in its latest ad campaigns attempts to address.

Evaluation of Electricity Consumption and ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Abstract: Electricity demand is the most important aspect in India. The research here ... consumption in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). 51 ... The Mumbai area, Thane and Navi ... 2: Chart of reduction in power consumption by the use of.

Tiger-lore in Bengal - Krishi Sanskriti

Reserve and declaration of Sinchal Games Sanctuary in 1915 followed by Jaldapara and ... tiger beneath the name Dakshin Ray, Lord of South, still continues.

An Analysis of Depreciation in Engineering ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Assets depreciate its value for several reasons. 2.1. Physical Depreciation. Depreciation resulting in physical impairment of an asset is known as physical ...

Bamboo as a Building Material - Krishi Sanskriti

Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. This is a substitute building material, which is ...

0G to 5G Mobile Technology: A Survey - Krishi Sanskriti

generation technologies in the wireless communication. The paper deals with evolution of mobile generation which helped in developing the mobile and ...

Rural Development Before and After Independence - Krishi Sanskriti

merely a programme of rural development but a combined effort under which ... concerned with the socio-economic development of India and thus our rural ...

Effectiveness of Digital Advertising - Krishi Sanskriti

Internet advertising also gives advertisers the benefit to target the audience selectively and precisely. online advertising include contextual ads on search engine ...

Automation in Agriculture: Agribot the Next ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Joshi S.G., “Robotic Agriculture. Machine”, IJIRSET; vol. 3, issue 3, April 2014. [11] Seiichi Arima and Naoshi Kondo, “Cucumber Harvesting Robot and Plant ...

Review of flip -Flop - Krishi Sanskriti

also be connected together to form a master slave such that ... Bistable logic devices: latches and flip. Latches ... Few truth tables of S-R, J-K and D flip flop are:.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Green ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Ministry of energy has also implemented national level annually month to raise awareness about renewable energy & promote green technology. The goals of ...

Chaman Nahal's Azadi - Krishi Sanskriti

“Abstract”—Chaman Nahal's Azadi depicts the catastrophic episodes of sexual violence of women during the partition of subcontinent in 1947. Bifurcation of ...

Renewable Energy in India - Krishi Sanskriti

very less in the total installed capacity of the energy in India due to high cost of Green Energy technologies as compared to fossil fuel based power generation.

A Study on Changing Nature of HRM- In the Era of ... - Krishi Sanskriti

A Study on Changing Nature of HRM-. In the Era of Globalization. Rashi Saxena. STEP-HBTI, Kanpur. Abstract: As human resources have become viewed as ...

Evolution of Mobile Networks: From 1G TO 4G - Krishi Sanskriti

Keyword: Wireless network, Pervasive, mobile communication, evolution. 1. INTRODUCTION: Mobile phones proved that they are the greatest gifts to mankind.

Vernacular Mud Construction Techniques of ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Mud construction techniques has been extensively used in almost all the regions of Vidarbha, but this vernacular architecture is disappearing slowly, because of ...

Contemporary Issues in Management - Krishi Sanskriti

over past few decades the major contemporary issues in management lies in the need of ... The individuals had good accounting skills but lacked behavioral ...

Seven C's of Communication for Smooth Sailing of ... - Krishi Sanskriti

8 Aug 2018 ... Abstract—Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity as well as a major source of income. The hospitality and tourism industry is ...

Comparison of the use of Traditional and Modern ... - Krishi Sanskriti

it has become foremost to have speedy construction and timely completion of projects. Now days, low waste modern formwork systems for superstructure ...

Performance of Capsicum and Gerbera under ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Capsicum and Gerbera under Naturally ventilated Polyhouse at ... The project work was laid out ... have been grown under Naturally Ventilated Poly house.

A Sustainable Approach towards Development of ... - Krishi Sanskriti

an Island Community. Shanta Pragyan Dash ... island, preservation of exterior wall was kept in mind with minimal ... plan map of Karnataka”.2011. [3] Aishwariya ...

The Role of Value Engineering / Value Analysis in ... - Krishi Sanskriti

The Role of Value Engineering / Value. Analysis in Reducing the Cost and time of the. Construction Projects. Seyed Ali Azimi Rashti1, Pardis Zanjanchi2.

An Overview on Desilter Devices - Krishi Sanskriti

considerably. In river and canals different type of desilter devices are used like settling basin , silt extractor , tunnel type silt ejector , vortex tube ejector and vortex ...

Has Consumer's Attitude towards Mcdonald's ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Domino's Pizza, Haldiram's and Bikanervala are estimated to have combined sales of ... In 1996. McDonald's had restaurant in 116 Counties and had around.

IPL the Most Valuable Franchise Brand Building ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Kolkata Knight Riders, who invested significantly towards ... KKR's new and refreshed logo mirrors ... [2]

Comparison of Passenger Car Units on Plain and ... - Krishi Sanskriti

Indian Roads congress (IRC-. 106:1990) suggested PCU values and their usages. The PCU variation with terrain is adjusted as per the capacity of roads.

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on ... - Krishi Sanskriti

namely; Britannia, ITC, HUL, Godrej and Proctor & Gamble. The sample size of ... impact on the corporate image and CSR practices of the companies helps in ...

Contract Strategy in Construction Industry with ... - Krishi Sanskriti

enforceability By Law. = Contract. 'All Contracts are Agreements, but all Agreements are not Contracts'. Table1: Difference between Contract and Agreement.

Word Prediction Systems: A Survey - Krishi Sanskriti

into the text by means of a single prediction should be larger than the number of ... search keywords (in many Indian languages including Hindi). It is augmented ...