5.3.4. Weeds species and effects of weed control ... - Agritrop - Cirad

91. Figure 23. Cultural manual weed management methods. ... soil fertility and the use of manual labour mainly. There is few to ... practices, production constraints, and testing technologies. ... Tosh, G. C., Reddy, B. S., and Nanda, K. C. (1981).

5.3.4. Weeds species and effects of weed control ... - Agritrop - Cirad - Related Documents

5.3.4. Weeds species and effects of weed control ... - Agritrop - Cirad

91. Figure 23. Cultural manual weed management methods. ... soil fertility and the use of manual labour mainly. There is few to ... practices, production constraints, and testing technologies. ... Tosh, G. C., Reddy, B. S., and Nanda, K. C. (1981).

Bioeconomy - Agritrop - Cirad

29 May 2019 ... tainable fossil oil economy to the biomass economy and move from the use of non-renewable ... gbs2018/Downloads/GBS_2018_Communique.pdf ... Venkata Mohan, S., Nikhil, G. N., Chiranjeevi, P., Nagendranatha Reddy, ...

Eucalyptus - Agritrop - Cirad

21 Sep 2018 ... Eucalyptus tree improvement depends on effective sourcing, management ... environment characterization based on the scientific guidelines ...

Foxtail millet - Agritrop - Cirad

9 Dec 2016 ... Foxtail millet (Setaria italica), grain | Feedipedia ... [Telugu]; ข ้าวฟ่างหางหมา [Thai]. Species. Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. [Poaceae]. Synonyms.

Í5 LE DEVELOPPEMENT Z AGRICOLE co tí Q AU ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Aíots-cíe's ; TYPE DE SOL ; CLASSIFICATION DES SOLS ; ZONE SEMI ... Mots-dés : EROSION HYDRIQUE ; SCIENCES DU SOL ; HYDROLOGIE ; Ti'PE DE SOL ; ... GATE. Deutsches Zeiitnmi fur Eiitwickluiigstechnologieii. Eschborn (DEU).

analyse du cycle de vie - Agritrop - Cirad

La clémentine Nadorcott (ou Afourer) est la 2ème variété du Souss la plus exportée vers la. France. Elle a été historiquement ... TETRAFOL. Dicofol et tétradifon.

Rapport de stage - Agritrop - Cirad

choisi Phalcon, framework PHP 5 open source. Il est écrit en C, et est disponible en tant qu'extension PHP. C'est en fait un framework optimisé et très performant ...

Vegetative Propagation - Agritrop - Cirad

Tissue culture; Vegetative propagation. 1. Introduction. Plant micropropagation has been reviewed in the literature with special mention of its applications to ...

Weeds and Weed Management in India - A ... - [email protected]

Abstract: India has a wide range of agroclimates and soil types. ... Traditionally, weed control in India has been . largely dependent on manual weeding.

A manual of weeds - Weed Science Society

WITH 385 ILLUSTRATIONS. BY ... making all the forces of the universe her tools and helpers. The sun's rays ... lowed Gray's New Manual of Botany, seventh edition, 1908. For ... name and statement of qualities, and every farmer has the right.

Biodiversity: an international perspective - Agritrop - Cirad

genetic resources, biodiversity hotspots and ecosystem services. The author identifies the ... functions and interactions among organisms and their environment. ... Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species www.cites.org.

Extension Education Worldwide - Agritrop - Cirad

21st ESEE. European Seminar on. Extension Education. Extension. Education. Worldwide trends, challenges and cases. Proceedings. Orhan Ozçatalba§. Editor.

Bud rot and other major diseases of coconut, a ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Existing and Emerging Pests and Diseases of Oil Palm - Advances in Research ... A coconut disease with bud rot symptoms was first reported on Grand Cayman ...

ISSN: 2277–4998 - Agritrop - Cirad


Research Article_IRC & IRRDB ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Concentrated latex can be categorized into three types based on ammonia content in latex. Low-ammonia (LA) latex contains ammonia not more than 0.29%. (by ...

The TH milk company (Vietnam) - Agritrop - Cirad

“The TH dairy company (Vietnam): Is such a large-scale investment sustainable?”, Report of a ... 17 See https://vi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nghĩa_Đàn (in Vietnamese) : In 1963, those 5 state farms nông trường ... families. • Support to “mother heroes”.

évaluation de la durabilité et des trajectoires des ... - Agritrop - Cirad

bank which provided credit to farmers to purchase dairy cows and set up milk collection groups. In 2011 ... Farmers and their family members spent on average 7.3 working hours per farm per day on feeding and ... Pandian A.S.S., Shree J.S., Raja M.B., and Vetrivel D., 2013. Efficiency of ... LIPI Press, Puslitbangnak, Bogor.

Characterization of Crystalline Structure and ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Characterization of Crystalline Structure and. Thermostability of Debranched Chickpea. Starch-lauric Acid Complexes Prepared Under. Different Complexation ...

Peanut meal | Feedipedia - Agritrop - Cirad

8 Dec 2016 ... ... peanut oil cake, groundnut meal, groundnut cake, groundnut oil meal, ... Crushing peanuts for oil and meal remains a major use for peanut ...

People Elephants and Forests - Agritrop - Cirad

1 Jun 2019 ... K.M. Nanaya and his wife Roshni, Payal Bal, T.S. Kavana and Cheryl ... The district is surrounded by three other districts of Karnataka: Dakshina Kannada ... profession, sometimes per community, per sex, per land ownership ...

Influence of micropropagation through somatic ... - Agritrop - Cirad

somaclonal variation in coffee (Coffea arabica): assessment of variations at ... Qualitative and quantitative trait affectation by somaclonal variation . ... along this bibliographical review work was the lack of uniformity in the presentation of data ...

an integrated approach to irrigation system ... - Agritrop - Cirad

administration transferred from RID to TAO which supports budget for canal cleaning and weed control. ... (2001) regarding the presentation of sustainability.

Babul (Acacia nilotica) | Feedipedia - Agritrop - Cirad

9 Dec 2016 ... Babul, babool, prickly acacia, black piquant, egyptian acacia, indian gum arabic ... [Telugu]. Species. Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Delile [Fabaceae] ... Acacia nilotica is a multipurpose tree: it provides timber, fuel, shade, food, ...

these Dounia Saleh fevrier 2012 - Agritrop - Cirad

l'Homme. Les isolats de T. spiralis provenant d'Asie présentent une diversité génétique significativement plus ... Sax DF, Gaines. SD, Stachowicz JJ), pp. 95-122 ...

The Chilgoza of Kinnaur. Influence of the Pinus ... - Agritrop - Cirad

This pine is known for its edible seeds (Chilgoza). ... tional harvesting rules made it possible to respect trees and to allow a small portion of seeds to reach.

etude de la viabilite d'une pisciculture rurale a ... - Agritrop - Cirad

comme les étangs de pisciculture. 3. Impact du poisson sur l'écosystème. 3.1. Effets alimentaires directs. Les poissons benthophages comme la carpe commune ...

Lentil (Lens culinaris) | Feedipedia - Agritrop - Cirad

9 Dec 2016 ... [Hindi]; תיתוברת השדע [en hébreu]; ... Lentils rang 5 e parmi les grains de légumineuses les plus importantes du monde et sont extrêmement ...

The Camel today: assets and potentials - Agritrop - Cirad

Number of camel in the countries having more than. 0.1 million camels. ... The quality of camel wool is ... Change in dairy yield /animal from 1961 to 2009. FIG. 7.

Rodent pest management and predator ... - Agritrop - Cirad

respectively (USDA-FAS, 2015b). Global demand for oil palm is predicted to double by 2050 (Corley, 2009), due to demographic growth and increase in the ...

Karanja (Millettia pinnata) | Feedipedia - Agritrop - Cirad

9 Dec 2016 ... ... Pongamia tree, Indian pongamia; Pongamia [Inglés] arbre de pongolote [French]; Igiti cy'Ubuhinde [Kinyarwanda]; pongami, honge [Swahili];.

URP SCRiD Amélioration génétique du riz pluvial - Agritrop - Cirad

URP SCRID Amélioration génétique du riz pluvial Campagne 2011-2012. 7. Variétés pour les Hautes Terres. La variété FOFIFA 173. La variété FOFIFA 173 est ...

The Role of Small Farmer Cooperatives in the ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Cooperatives may need to join a consortium to access services such as ... cooperative studied with low social capital does not have any certifications. ... In most cases this was the general manager of the cooperative, but in some cases the ... buy coffee cherries directly from farmers at below-market prices (Icafe, 1961).

Replanting/underplanting strategy for old coconut ... - Agritrop - Cirad

Abstract: In most producing countries, the population of coconut palms is ... determine from an economic point of view the best strategy to be applied for ... replanting, with a fertilization or no fertilization subdivision for each treatment and the control. ... There was a clear improvement in organic matter contents and in total.

37 Vegetatively propagating forest trees - Agritrop - Cirad

Vegetative propagation: main features and current importance for forest tree ... efficient mass clonal propagation by rooted cuttings have progressively been ...

(Cocos nucifera L.) germplasm using embryo ... - Agritrop - Cirad

1 Philippines Coconut Authority, Albay Research Centre, Philippines. 2 Bioversity International, Montpellier, France. 3 COGENT, Montpellier, France; CIRAD ...

sugarcane root system depth in three different ... - Agritrop - Cirad

1—Relationships between plant sugarcane crop age and root front depth. A: Côte d'Ivoire;. B: Réunion in two rhizotrons; C: Réunion in unaltered soil (small dots) ...