Project Profile On G.P. Bucket - Dcmsme

potential survey report, the project can be selected. On Micro analysis of the Market it was observed that despite plastic bucket available in the market there is ...

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Project Profile On G.P. Bucket - Dcmsme

potential survey report, the project can be selected. On Micro analysis of the Market it was observed that despite plastic bucket available in the market there is ...

project profile - Dcmsme

Preparation of Project Report. 01. 3. ... Different units manufacture the products by different methods. However, the ... Ladies vanity bag ... Paper boar. 10 kg.

Project Profile On Sanitaryware - Dcmsme

Ceramic Sanitarywares are used for sanitation purposes. Sanitary ware ... with different appealing colours, the use of sanitary ware for sanitation purpose has not yet been ... LIST OF THE UNITS SET UP BY USING THIS PROJECT PROFILE:.

Project Profile On Noodles - Dcmsme

Instant Noodles is prepared by means of an extrusion machine that is ... Interest rate for the fixed and working capital has been taken @ 12% on an average.

project profile on mustard oil - Dcmsme

It has enormous demand as one of the edible oils and used as cooking ... appears to be good scope for establishing mustard oil industry. ... c) Feasibility report.

Project Profile On Fly Ash Bricks - Dcmsme

some extent by using fly ash bricks in dwelling units. ... To achieve full plant capacity it requires! year after ... Interest rate at 12.5% considered in the project v.

Project Profile On Automobile Wires - Dcmsme

wires of standard gauge depends upon the end use of the auto control cables like brake wire, clutch wire, accelerator wire etc. Each type of cable is of different size ...

project profile on canned jackfruit - Dcmsme

There are about twenty to twenty five units engaged in un-organized sector manufacturing jack chips and jackfruits preserve. Page 3. 3. D. RAW MATERIALS. Raw ...

Project Profile On Distribution Transformer - Dcmsme

The Distribution Transformers are important links in the chain of power ... the average time for implementation of the project is estimated at 12 months: Period ... 2. . CRGO Lamination (Transformer grade). 15 MT. @. 70,000/-. 10,50,00. 0/-. 3.

Project Profile On Vermicompost(Bio-Manure). - Dcmsme

PROJECT PROFILE FOR GRAMODYOG ROZGAR YOJANA. PRODUCTION OF VERMICOMPOST. Organic solid waste management by employing earthworms ...

Project Profile On R.C.C. Spun Pipe - Dcmsme

This rate may vary depending upon the policy of the financial institutions/agencies from time to time. e) The cost of machinery and equipments refer to a particular ...

project profile on ladies' swimwears - Dcmsme

PRODUCT. : Ladies' Swimwears ... So far the cotton knitted sports garments manufacturing unit or coming up units ... Preparation of Project Report. a) Calling ...

project profile on portable jib crane - Dcmsme

As described earlier portable Jib Cranes are used in Industrial. Activity for material handling and lifting ... Project report preparation & approval. 0-2 months. 02.

project profile on computerized machine - Dcmsme

quality product computerised embroidery is in great demand. The embroidery ... sending their material for embroidery work on Job work basis also. Embroidery ...

Project Profile On Submersible Pumps - Dcmsme

QUALITY & STANDARDS : IS-8034-1989. PRODUCTION CAPACITY : 1500 ... submersible pump should be carried out as per IS: 8034. POLLUTION CONTROL.

Project Profile On Aluminium Utensils. - Dcmsme

PROJECT PROFILE FOR GRAMODYOG ROZGAR YOJANA ... windows, office equipments, furnitures, aluminium foils, capsules, colloosible tubes, holders, ...

Project Profile On Potato Wafers - Dcmsme

(vi) Total working capital for 3 months 6,71,000 X 3 = Rs. 20,13,000/-. = Rs. 20.13 ... Bajaj Process pack Maschinen Private Limited, 7/27, Jai Lakshmi. Industrial ...

project profile on disposable syringe - Dcmsme

The age-old glass syringes are very fast becoming obsolete. In the Eastern region of the country there is no unit manufacturing this product. Some of the units ...

Project Profile On Shuttle Cock - Dcmsme

in popularity of the badminton, the demand for good quality ... This project profile is prepared on the basis of the following ... Project Report. Trade licence etc.

Project Profile On D C Power Supplies - Dcmsme

DC Power Supplies ((9V/12V-500mA) are modular power supplies used as power source to electronics equipments and ... Preparation of project report. 1. 2.

project profile on idli/dosa mix. - Dcmsme

Idli Mix: Rice Flour, Black gram flour are dried and then salt, citric acid,sodium bicarbonate, rasins(optional) are mixed in a blender and packed. 2. Motive Power ...

Project Profile On Automobile Silencer - Dcmsme

Automobile Silencer is a device used in automobile vehicles to reduce the noise produced by the exhaust gases of the engine. Silencers are also used in many ...

Project Profile On Plaster of Paris - Dcmsme

Plaster of Paris is extensively used in ceramic industry for preparation models and ... As there is growing building construction activity thus requiring large ...

project profile on link chain - Dcmsme

Preparation of Project Report ... respective Indian Standards, after this welded chains are generally packed in ... The following Indian Standards may also be.

Project Profile On Cylinder Liner - Dcmsme

iv) The rate quoted in respect of machines, equipments & raw material ... 3 M/s Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 277/272 ... M/s/ Auto pack Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Project Profile On Barber Shop. - Dcmsme


Project Profile On Toughened Glass - Dcmsme

Toughened glass acquires a degree of strength for excess of the strength of normal ... Recruitment of Technical Personnel etc. 2. 7 ... is need for regular monitoring of the national and international ... Hindustan Pilkington Glass Works.

Project Profile Machine Vices - Dcmsme

Introduction: Vices are used as holding device on machines like lathes, milling machine, ... and tool makers vice which is commonly known as bench vice. A. Plain Vices ... Swivel Vice: Following parts are required for assembly of swivel vice.

project profile on piston ring - Dcmsme

Stainless Steels for use in high temperature. MANUFACTURING PROCESS. Piston rings are generally made up of cast iron. The blanks of cast rings of required ...

Project Profile On Solar Item - Dcmsme

2. 1. Introduction. There are different energy sources available in India such as Hydro, Nuclear, Small ... v) The cost of machinery and equipments refer to a particular make/model and prices ... Battery 12Volt 7 Ah(Solar), Solar Panel and other accessories. ... 3) TATA-BP Solar India Ltd., Plot No.78, Electronic City, Hosur Rd.,.

Project Profile On Aluminium Fabrication - Dcmsme

Aluminum fabricated items like doors, windows, staircase, hand rails and supports, ... Balco, Jindal, Hindalco etc. as extruded sections in various shapes and sizes for ... Manual on Doors & Widows details for Residential Buildings, Vol.

Project Profile On Steel Furniture - Dcmsme

not only cut the slack period but also will give quick results and be cost effective. It is advised to ... Manufacture of steel furniture involve the operations like steel shearing, sheet folding/ pipe ... Steel almirah of size 76”x38”x19”. -do-. 48”x36”x18 ...

Project Profile On Ceramic Capacitors - Dcmsme

Prepared by:- Glass & Ceramics Division. MSME-Development Institute. Govt . of India, Ministry of MSME. Patliputra Industrial Estate,. Patna – 800 013. Telephone: ...

project profile on sugar candy - Dcmsme

Sugar candy, A unique mouth freshener with a specific flavour is a part of the Rs. 100-crore Parle brand umbrella, which is ranked among Parle top performing ...

Project Profile On Establishment Of Dhaba. - Dcmsme

Project Cost. : (a) Capital Expenditure. Land. : Own. Building Shed 1500 sq.ft. : Rs ...

Project Profile On Zuggrain Leather - Dcmsme

NIC 2004: 19112. ASIIC: 43389. PRODUCTION CAPACITY. : 30,000 pcs. of buffalo hides per Annum. QUALITY AND STANDARD. : BIS: 578 specification. NO.