Advantages of IC-Based Hot-Swap Circuit ... - Maxim Integrated

20 Sep 2010 ... Abstract: There are many approaches for protecting a system against ... The temperature-dependent polyfuse has a limited-voltage operating ...

Advantages of IC-Based Hot-Swap Circuit ... - Maxim Integrated - Related Documents

Advantages of IC-Based Hot-Swap Circuit ... - Maxim Integrated

20 Sep 2010 ... Abstract: There are many approaches for protecting a system against ... The temperature-dependent polyfuse has a limited-voltage operating ...

U-151 UCC3912 Integrated Electronic Circuit Breaker IC for Hot-Swap

This results in output currents several times their steady state rating. Figure 2 illustrates typical "time to trip" data for polymeric PTC resis- tors. UCC3912 ...

Temperature-Based Fan Control Using the ... - Maxim Integrated

16 Sep 2005 ... Temperature-Based Fan Control Using the ... In addition, a DC fan and applicable drive circuitry, a thermistor, and a power supply will also be ...

Interfacing 8051-based Microcontrollers to an ... - Maxim Integrated

17 Dec 2004 ... example of how to configure an 8051-based Dallas Semiconductor microcontroller UART to communicate with an SCI module. Introduction.

Design Considerations for Maxim Real-Time ... - Maxim Integrated

15 Feb 2002 ... Abstract: A real-time clock (RTC) allows a system to synchronize or ... Others, such as 8051 processors and their derivatives, support ... temperatures above 85°C. Packages that include the battery and ... throughout the program. ... On other devices, such as the DS12887 and other multiplexed-bus parts,.

Multiplexer Based Digital Integrated Circuit Tester - IJIREEICE

Abstract: The basic function of the digital IC tester is to test digital IC for correct logical ... 1: Block diagram of digital IC tester ... 7: Pin configuration of IC 74151.

Memory-Based Structured Application Specific Integrated Circuit ...

SPECIFIC INTEGRATED CIRCUIT (ASIC) STUDY. Jay Brockman ... Carnegie Mellon University and PDF Solutions to re-implement the PIM Lite processor-.

MAX31840 - MR16 LED Driver with Integrated ... - Maxim Integrated

LED3. LED2. LED1. LED8. C3. 35V. 150µF. C1. 25V. 0.22µF. L1. 100µH/1.2A. 12. V AC FROM AN. ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER. MAX31840. IN. IRLML2502.

MAX3658 DS - Maxim Integrated

The MAX3658 is a transimpedance preamplifier for receivers operating up to 622Mbps. Low noise, high gain, and low power dissipation make it ideal for fiber.

Max7219 - Maxim Integrated

plays of up to 8 digits, bar-graph displays, or 64 indi- ... drivers, and an 8x8 static RAM that stores each digit. ... Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit LED Display Drivers.

DS3231 - Maxim Integrated

clock operates in either the 24-hour or 12-hour format with an AM/PM ... 64 seconds. On the first application of power (VCC) or when a valid I2C ... AM/PM. 10 Hour. Hour. Alarm 2 Hours. 1–12 AM/PM. 00–23. 20 Hour. 0Dh. A2M4. DY/DT.

MAX2014 DS - Maxim Integrated

The MAX2014 complete multistage logarithmic amplifier is designed to accurately convert radio-frequency (RF) sig- nal power in the 50MHz to 1000MHz ...

MAX2830 DS - Maxim Integrated

The MAX2830 direct conversion, zero-IF, RF transceiver is designed specifically for 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz 802.11g/b. WLAN applications. The MAX2830 completely ...

MAX9938 - Maxim Integrated

(max) and gain error less than 0.5% (max). Quiescent supply current is an ultra-low 1μA. The MAX9938 fits in a tiny, 1mm x 1mm UCSP™ package size or a 5- ...

MAX038 DS - Maxim Integrated

FSK Generator—Sine and Square Waves. Features. ♢ 0.1Hz to 20MHz Operating Frequency Range. ♢ Triangle, Sawtooth, Sine, Square, and Pulse. Waveforms.

MAX9634 - Maxim Integrated

The four gain selections offer flexibility in the choice of the external current-sense resistor. The very low 250μV. (max) input offset voltage allows small 25mV to ...

MAX8896 DS - Maxim Integrated

Other features include separate output enables, low- supply current shutdown, output overcurrent, and ... VIN1 = 4.2V. VIN1 = 3.6V. VIN1 = 3.2V. RPA = 7.5Ω. 70.

This Max485 - Maxim Integrated

The MAX483, MAX487, MAX488, and MAX489 feature reduced slew-rate drivers that minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables ...

MAX1177 DS - Maxim Integrated

sampling rate of 135ksps when using an external refer- ence, and 31mW when using the internal 4.096V refer- ence. AutoShutdown™ reduces supply current ...

MAX3535E DS - Maxim Integrated

Isolation is achieved through integrat- ed high-voltage capacitors. The MAX3535E/MXL1535E also feature a 420kHz transformer driver that allows power transfer ...

MAX19710-13 EV KIT - Maxim Integrated

These AFEs integrate a dual-receive analog-to-digital converter (Rx ADC) ... Note: The MAX19710–MAX19713 EV kit software is available online; however, the ...

MAX1455 EV Kit - Maxim Integrated

PART. TYPE. MAX1455EVKIT-CS. EV Kit. MAX1455EVKIT-NS. EV Kit. MAX1452KEY*. Serial Key Adapter. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

MAX3232 - Maxim Integrated

and MAX232, respectively. The MAX3241 has 5 receivers and 3 ... Typical Operating Circuits appear at end of data sheet. Pin Configurations continued at end of ...

MAX232 - Maxim Integrated

data sheet. TOP VIEW. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. VCC. GND. T1OUT. R1IN. C2 . C1-. V . C1 . . MAX220. MAX232. MAX232A. R1OUT.

DS1045 - Maxim Integrated

26 Apr 2004 ... A0-A3. - Parallel Program Inputs for OUT1. B0-B3. - Parallel Program Inputs ... delay increments of 3ns, 4ns, and 5ns, depending on the device.

MAX1418 DS - Maxim Integrated

ential wideband track-and-hold (T/H) and a 15-bit con- ... 88dBc/92dBc at fIN = 70MHz and a sampling rate of ... 73.6dB SNR at fIN = 70MHz and AIN = -2dBFS ... 8. GND 9. INP 10. INN 11. GND 12. CM 13. GND 14. DRVCC. 42. DRVCC. 41.

MAX6620 DS - Maxim Integrated

Fan_ Target Drive Voltage Registers (29h, 2Bh, 2Dh, 2Fh)—POR = X000 0000. Fan_ Target Drive Voltage Registers (28h, 2Ah, 2Ch, 2Eh)—POR = XXXX XXXX ...

MAX2750 DS - Maxim Integrated

The MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 are self-contained volt- age-controlled oscillators (VCOs) intended for use in the. 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz ISM band. Each IC ...

MAX66000 DS - Maxim Integrated

slave through Param 4 of the ATTRIB command (see the Network Function Commands section). While in the. ACTIVE state, a compliant slave only processes ...

AN-114 ITC117P Integrated Telecom Circuit - IXYS Integrated Circuits

Telephone Sets. • Computer Telephony. Description. The ITC series integrates the major components found in a typical Data Access Arrangement (DAA), in a 16.

Understanding SAR ADCs - Maxim Integrated

2 Oct 2001 ... Keywords: sar,successive approximation,adc,analog to digital,converter,precision. TUTORIAL 1080. Understanding SAR ADCs: Their ...

DC Error Characteristics of an Op Amp and the ... - Maxim Integrated

Operational amplifiers, or op amps, are two-port integrated circuits (ICs) that apply precise gain on the external input signal and provide an amplified output as: ...

Interfacing an SPI-Interface RTC with a PIC ... - Maxim Integrated

25 авг 2003 ... The DS1305 is connected to the PIC using the SPI interface. A serial RS-232 port is used for data input and output. Pin Configuration.

DS2502 1Kb Add-Only Memory - Maxim Integrated

After a ROM Function. Command is successfully executed, the memory functions that operate on the EPROM portions of the. DS2502 become accessible and the ...

MAXQ7670A Microcontroller with 12-Bit ADC ... - Maxim Integrated

Two groups of registers provide the μC interface to the. CAN controller. To simplify the software associated with the operation of the CAN controllers, most of the ...

Dual-Slope - Maxim Integrated

2 May 2002 ... A dual-slope ADC (DS-ADC) integrates an unknown input voltage (VIN) for a fixed amount of time. (TINT), then "de-integrates" (TDEINT) using a ...