Impact Of Various Boards Of Education in ... - IOSR Journal

1 May 1979 ... of education like the CBSE, STATE (Tamil Nadu), ICSE, emphasize ... There will be no significant difference in self concept between boys and ...

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Impact Of Various Boards Of Education in ... - IOSR Journal

1 May 1979 ... of education like the CBSE, STATE (Tamil Nadu), ICSE, emphasize ... There will be no significant difference in self concept between boys and ...

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In order to achieve the competitive advantages now companies are focusing on the HRM practices along with the HRM Strategy and styles. The things are not so ...

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Demonetization is done for the overall economic development for India. There are various advantages and disadvantages of the demonetization drive The ...

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The entertainment industry consists of different segments under its folds ... Goods and service tax is an indirect tax levied in India on the sale of goods and ...

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Those four characteristics are: biographical, abilities, personality and learning (Robbins, 1996: 78 [10]). In the biographical characteristics that appear and can be ...

impact of crr & slr and investment on loans and ... - IOSR Journal

IOSR Journal of Economics and Finance (IOSR-JEF) ... Abstracts: The paper examines the impact of SLR, CRR and Investment on Loans and Advances of SBI.

Demonetization and Its Impact on Business and ... - IOSR Journal

500 and Rs.1000 bank notes increased by 76-109% respectively during the short span of time. This results of involve in fund terrorist activities against India.

Mergers and acquisitions in India and its impact on ... - IOSR Journal

analyzed top 10 (Value wise) mergers and acquisition by Indian companies, in which I had Find the market return and script return of the companies and Index pre ...

Impact of Brexit on Global Economy - IOSR Journal

Share market performance information gathered from various stock markets across the ... the European Economic Community (EEC), the predecessor of today's ... been collected form money market, rediff stock and respective websites of ...

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which are currently exerting influence among Nigerian especially the youths. Key Words: Traditional society, Modernization, Globalization, Values, Culture, ... its positive effects on Africa's indigenous society in general and that of ... In most of African countries and even in some western countries like ... At a time, India.

Impact of Gender, Age and Work Experience on ... - IOSR Journal

2015), PP 48-53 ... Data has been collected from 70 employees of Bank of Baroda, Udaipur after ... Keywords: Age, Banking Sector, Gender, and Work Experience and Work life ... They are experienced enough to Question Company's policy.

A study on the Influence and Impact of Advertising to ... - IOSR Journal

good things in life and is criticized by its opponents as the cause of unpleasant things (Lee ... there are positive impacts of advertising on our society and culture.

The Impact of Information Technology Adoption on ... - IOSR Journal

of Bank of India, Bangalore Urban – An Evaluative Study. Dr. (Smt.) V. Vimala ... their services to the common man and tap the potential of the rural sector will stand to lose. Ultimately, ... sample size taken for the study is 75. Period of the Study.

Impact of Growth on Factor Endowment and ... - IOSR Journal

Heckscher-Ohlin theory of international trade envisages that a country specialises in the production and export of such goods as conform to its factor endowment ...

a study of employee satisfaction and its impact on ... - IOSR Journal

employee retention .The project's conclusion includes the final questionnaire which can be used for the annual employee satisfaction survey in the company and ...

Demonetisation and Its Impact on the Indian Economy - IOSR Journal

12 |Page. Finance and Insurance”. Demonetisation and Its Impact on the Indian Economy. Dr.K.Bhavana Raj. Assistant Professor – Finance & Banking, ...

Impact of FDI in Insurance Sector and Its Role ... - IOSR Journal

6 Jan 2019 ... Establishment of Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818,enactment of the Indian Life Insurance companies Act in 1912,consolidation of ...

A Study on the Impact of Gst in Indian Economy - IOSR Journal

In India also revenue from tax collection is the biggest source of income for its social ... registration, return filing, tax payments, IGST settlements etc. An effective ... [11].

A Study on Impact of GST in Indian Logistics - IOSR Journal

end consumer through a strong supply chain. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact of GST on logistics. Keywords: Tax, Goods, Service tax, Logistics.

Impact of GST on Karnataka State Economy: will be a ... - IOSR Journal

2 Apr 2018 ... Karnataka Value Added Tax Act 2003 in January 2005 and followed the same up with amendment in February ... Depending on the final GST base and rate, there will be significant redistribution of tax across ... 69 | Page.

The Impact of International Businesses in a Global ... - IOSR Journal

the effect of globalization in the economic growth of international businesses and the ... politics and law play important role in international business, which does.

Tourism and its Impact on Indian Economy - IOSR Journal

the growth of the tourism industry has a multiplier effect in the economic development of the country. Tourism not only adds ... For instance, the Taj Mahal, the Quota Minar, Ajanta and Ellora temples, etc, ... systems, water pollution, vehicular emissions, untreated sewage, etc. also have direct effects on bio-diversity, ambient ...

An impact of knowledge management in B-School ... - IOSR Journal

IRC Associate Accenture Solutions Pvt . Ltd. Kolkata Delivery Center, India. Student Library ... [28].

Media Innovations and its Impact on Brand ... - IOSR Journal

product designing, advertising or use of the product, companies which understands ... Although Fevicol always come up with interesting advertising messages.

Impact of Employee Turnover on Organisational ... - IOSR Journal

Zeeshan Ahmed. 1,. Sarwat Sabir. 2,. Mishal Khosa. 3,. Imam Ahmad ... A career in food service cons: high turnover. Nations Restaurant News , 35 (21), 147-148.

Technology Impact on Admission Systems with ... - IOSR Journal

Oct. 2015), PP 07-18 ... 9) If Entrance Examination Result /Merit List displayed on website? 10) How Score card ... All Krishi Universities under MCAER (Maharashtra Council Of Agricultural Education. And Research ...

Impact of Library Automation in the Development Era - IOSR Journal

The term „library automation package‟ is generally used to refer software ... libraries in College, University, R & D organizations regardless of collection or size.

The Impact of Training Methods on Employee ... - IOSR Journal

4 Oct 2019 ... Keywords: Training Methods, On-The-Job, Off-The-Job, Employee Performance ... [4].

A Study on “The impact of online shopping upon ... - IOSR Journal

stores currently in India are Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Homeshop18, Myntra etc. Retail is a ... Direct Personal Interview method where interview took place with the owners of different retail stores. Investigation ... List of questions: Yes. No.

Impact of Deforestation on Climate Change - IOSR Journal

On the other hand, adverse effects have also been generated, the consequences of which one today has to pay for dearly. Environmental problems, affected ...

The Impact of Technologies on Society: A Review - IOSR Journal

Abstract : This research deals with the impacts of misusing modern technologies on members of the society and their negative influences on economic, religious ...

Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy: A ... - IOSR Journal

According to Investopedia, demonetization is the act of ... from April 1 are with reference to the MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds-based Lending Rate), instead of ...

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1.2 Report Objectives. a. Characterize and analyze the policies and practices of Total Quality Management in Wahda Bank and determine their suitability for the ...

Impact Analysis of Dos & DDos Attacks - IOSR Journal

In case of a Teardrop attack the injured IP fragments are sent to the target ... May 2001 - Worm Code Red was supposed to attack White House website. ... On May 16, 2014 A massive DNS distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was ...

Impact Of Good And Service Tax On Various Sectors ... - IOSR Journal

To study about the impact of GST on Various sectors in Indian economy. II. ... agricultural sector GST have the positive effect in the agricultural sector as all taxes ...

Impact of Global Crisis in Present Scenario: A ... - IOSR Journal

11 Jun 2013 ... Corporate Recruitment and Selection Process in India. ... Having identified and getting experienced with current recruitment and selecting process, this paper ... and constant changes in mind H.R professionals have to have strategic plans and ... is mentioned that TCS has a diverse workforce of 2, 76,196 ...