Space-time, Event and Expression in Early Tamil ... - SAGE Journals

Tolkappiyam is primarily a text on Tamil language and grammar, but its significance in understanding the society of early Tamils has long been recognised.

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Space-time, Event and Expression in Early Tamil ... - SAGE Journals

Tolkappiyam is primarily a text on Tamil language and grammar, but its significance in understanding the society of early Tamils has long been recognised.

The Ecology of Friendship: Early Tamil ... - SAGE Journals

ing 'friendship, companionship', followed by the masculine noun tōlan, 'friend, companion, intimate acquaintance, comrade', with the contemporary Tamil word.

Space Syntax - SAGE Journals - SAGE Publications

Finally, issues relating space syntax studies to questions of spatial cognition are discussed. THE SOCIAL LOGIC OF SPACE. Space syntax is best described as a ...

Expression of Neuronal Markers in Differentiated ... - SAGE Journals

permanox chambers (Nunc), slides coated with poly-L-. Image acquisition was done with an Olympus B60 lysine (PLL; 0.1 mg/ml, Sigma), poly-ornithine (PORN;.

Claiming a Conceptual Space for Early Deccan ... - Chicago Journals

are broadly classified into Nagara (or North Indian), Dravida (or South Indian), and ... Sangameshvara Temple, Dravida tower, 8th century CE, Pattadakal, India; ...

Space Truss Structures - SAGE Journals

Space Truss Structures: Typological Characteristics and Principal Construction. Systems in Italy. Giuseppe Prete. Department of Structural Engineering, ...

Doing smallest space analysis - SAGE Journals

Smallest space analysis (SSA) is one among the new methods of nonmetric analysis de- veloped by Guttman (1968) in Jerusalem and computerized by Lingoes ...

Book review: The Space Between Us: Social ... - SAGE Journals

Merrifield A (2002) Metromarxism. New York and London: Routledge. Ryan D Enos, The Space Between Us: Social. Geography and Politics, Cambridge and ...

Understanding India's International Space ... - SAGE Journals

Accomplishments. B. R. Guruprasad. Abstract ... ISRO, space technology, space science, satellite, launch vehicle, international cooperation ... rocket research station at Thumba in South India through the cooperation of the. USA, the USSR ...

The Ideology of Space in Raja Rao's Kanthapura - SAGE Journals

Literary critics have, in recent years, begun to re-evaluate space as a cate- gory for analysis in fiction. While Bakhtin's famous &dquo ... the organization of fictional space in the novel Kanthapura, as a structuring principle which scaffolds its ...

An Introduction to the CUBIC Space Frame - SAGE Journals

CUBIC Space Frame. M.L. Kubik and L.A. Kubik. Dept. of Civil & Structural Engineering. Nottingham Polytechnic. Nottingham NG I 4BU. (Received 31.7.90).

Space Frames and Span-over Buildings - SAGE Journals

Space Frames and. Span-Over Buildings. Yona Friedman. 33 Boulevard Garibaldi, 75015 Paris, France. (Received 7.5.90). Abstract: Space frame structures can ...

Interpreting Smallest Space Analysis - SAGE Journals

Finally, an R-SSA is compared with an R-factor analysis of the same data. he technique of smallest space analysis (SSA) has received considerable attention ...

Early Assessment of Computer-Assisted ... - SAGE Journals

malar augmentation by zygomatic sandwich osteotomy using additive manufacturing technology to perform this operation with more predictable and efficient ...

The Early Engagement Model in Product ... - SAGE Journals

the authors outline key components of an Early Engagement Model that connects the proof of concept to proof of medical value through a systematic approach ...

Laryngofissure and Cordectomy for Early Cordal ... - SAGE Journals

the true vocal cord were treated by laryngofissure and cordectomy. Seven patients. (4%) had recurrences: four in the larynx and three in the neck (although the ...

Early Bible Translations in Tranquebar and ... - SAGE Journals Embodying Memories: Early Bible ... lations of the Bible into Tamil in Tranquebar and into Bengali and Chinese in. Serampore. Tamil is my ...

The Photographic Residue in the Early Twentieth ... - SAGE Journals

The most coveted artworks of Baburao Painter, his mentor Abalal Rahiman and their extended coterie thus hang for most part in antiquated dental clinics and.

Impact of preoperative function on early ... - SAGE Journals

Montin L, Leino-Kilpi H, Suominen T, Lepisto J. A systematic review of empirical studies between 1966 and 2005 of patient outcomes of total hip arthroplasty and ...

The Early Uses of the Industrial Relations Concept - SAGE Journals

concept of 'industrial relations'. A certain obscurity attaches to the origins of this concept. Certainly its advent did not signify the birth of a new social science.

Colonialism and Early Nationalist Links between ... - SAGE Journals

opinion on developments in China at a stage when nationalism in both ... scholar who later got the Nobel Prize), and early nationalists like Dadabhai Naoroji i.

Ideology and the interpretation of early Indian history - SAGE Journals

Courants et tendances. Romila Thapar. Ideology and the interpretation of early Indian history. It is sometimes said that the interpretation of the ancient periods of.

Early warning- and track and trigger systems for ... - SAGE Journals

Only four neonatal early warning scores were published in full detail, and one system for ... 93 neonates. Not specified. 36.0–37.5. N/A. 90–160. 30–60. Retractions. Yes ... (2010) with the same color codes, escalation criteria, and responses.

Origin and Growth of Feudalism in Early India - SAGE Journals

Contrary to European feudalism, in the Indian context feudalism denotes a socio-political system based upon the rural economy characterized by dispersal of ...

Tidying Up Your Early Childhood Repertoire List - SAGE Journals

In The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, professional organizer Marie Kondo (2014) advises those wishing or needing to declutter their lives to follow a ...

Practical criticism: An early experiment in reader ... - SAGE Journals

to literary response by investigating the practical criticism experiment that IA Richards carried out in the 1920s and that he reported on in Practical Criticism: A ...

Space and Time in Chinese Religious Culture - Chicago Journals

The colorful and lively events of the Chinese festival cycle are central to the practice of Chinese religion. Despite this evident fact, calendri- cal ritual is an aspect ...

Akbar's religious policy in the early phase of his reign - SAGE Journals

Akbar's religious policy in the early phase of his reign: A complex story. Iqtidar Alam Khan. The author's earlier thesis that Akbar in his early years tended mainly ...

Book Review: K. Rajan, Early Writing System: A ... - SAGE Journals

Basically, the book is a report on the author's Kodumanal excavations with special reference to all its excavated data on graffiti and other inscribed material.

Book Reviews : RS Sharma, Early Medieval Indian ... - SAGE Journals

regard to Indian feudalism have been published: D.N. Jha (ed.), The. Feudal Order. State ... of the art overview of the 'Feudalism Debate'. The publication of a ...

Tamil Nadu - SAGE Journals

Tamil Nadu. ACCORDING TO the ... handicapped children studying from 1st standard to 8th standard. A sum of Rs. 2.5 ... which include book binding, carpentry, weaving, tailoring, metal work, blacksmithy ... About 2,000 children are taken on ...

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Even more so than in past iterations of this study, the lion's share of coverage is given to ... game. The commentator queried, ''Isn't baseball a great sport? ... On July 21, 2014, a day on which none of the Los Angeles network affiliate news ... erage of women's sports was clustered in the March (3.0%) and July periods (4.6%).

So Much to Read, So Little Time - SAGE Journals

How Do We Read, and Can Speed Reading Help? research-article2015. Corresponding Author: Elizabeth R. Schotter, Department of Psychology, University of.

Robin Hood's rules: Gang-culture in early-modern ... - SAGE Journals

Neil Cartlidge, Department of English Studies, Durham University, Hallgarth House, 77 Hallgarth Street, ... In Robin Hood's case, it is fundamental that he is an.

About Time for Educational Reform - SAGE Journals

more effective use of teachers' time for instructional tasks ... cuses on the total time devoted to school- ing, much of it ... crease their average gain in reading com-.

A colonial city and its time(s) - SAGE Journals

Kaliprasanna Sinha's Hutom Pyanchar Naksha (1861) is justly famous for its racy and vibrant depiction of life in nineteenth-century Calcutta. Ostensibly ...