stabilize the distal extension RPD, indirectly (compared to direct retention ... d-The components of the supporting and connection parts of the RPD must be rigid.

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stabilize the distal extension RPD, indirectly (compared to direct retention ... d-The components of the supporting and connection parts of the RPD must be rigid.

An investigation of the effectiveness of indirect retainers

4 Greater direct retention may therefore promote the function of the indirect retainer. However, the effectiveness of an indirect retainer in preventing a denture base.

E-payment of Indirect Taxes - National Academy of Customs, Indirect ...

12 Mar 2015 ... 4.1 For E-payment of Service Tax and Central Excise Duty . ... (c) In the ICEGATE home page, a person can select the e-payment icon from the.


Back action and reverse back action clasp. 1- SIMPLE CIRCLET CLASP(circumferential):-. -Is the most common clasp used for removable partial denture.

Partial veneer retainers

teeth. The retention attained with the partial veneer is comparable to that of a full cast crown provided that there is sufficient natural tooth structure remaining,.

retainers - Orthodontic Products

$100 initial set; $30 each additional set. $125 for single arch ... How long is it designed to last? Life of appliance ... aesthetic labial bow that exceeds the dura-.


Most retention of RPDs is provided by DIRECT RETAINERS which are clasp assemblies or attachments applied to an abutment tooth to retain an RPD in position.

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Labial bow with U-loops (0.7 mm SS);. □ Heat- or cold-cured acrylic baseplate;. □ Variations include a labial bow with reverse U loops/acrylated labial bow/.

The effectiveness of Hawley and vacuum- formed retainers - Ortoface

After fixed appliance orthodontic treatment, re- ... Essix retainers with Hawley retainers during the first 6 ... Hawley retainer allows more vertical movement (set-.

DIRECT RETAINERS Mechanical retention of a removable partial ...

The direct retainers provide the partial denture with the ability to resist movement away from the basal seating tissues. The denture base can provide some ...

locating pins and retainers components index - NAAMS Standards

30 Apr 2015 ... Respot Pin for 6 x 12 mm Thru 19 x 25 mm Slotted. Holes (Full Metric). I-21. 04/22/14. Discontinued. Locating Pin Retainers. I-22. 04/22/14.

Direct retainers: Esthetic solutions in the smile ... - Semantic Scholar

Direct retainers are the essential components of cast removable partial dentures. However, their presence and acute visibility, when the patient smiles, can be a ...

Direct retainers for distal-extension removable partial dentures

T he selection of direct retainers has stimulated general discussion, numerous articles, and considerable interest among dentists for many years. Definite ...

Failure of extracoronal direct retainers - Indian Prosthodontic Society

24 Mar 2017 ... Failure of removable partial denture may be attributed to several factors, one of which is failure of extra coronal direct retainer. Direct retainers ...

Extracoronal direct retainers for distal extension ... - Semantic Scholar

Key words: clasps in distal-extension RPDs; direct retainers; distal-extension removable partial ... back-action type Equipoise clasp assemblies have been.

Use of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures as permanent retainers: A ...

materials have been reported, only limited information is available about the ... Lingual view of the resin-bonded FPDs seated with the Super-Bond adhesive. 5. 6 ... Moulin P, Degrange M, Picard B. Influence of surface treatment on adherence ...

Hawley retainers full- or part-time? A ... - Oxford Academic Journals

1 Oct 2009 ... plays a very minor role in long-term changes to the dental arch ... upper first permanent molars and a long labial bow was taped and soldered ...

indirect and direct indirect and direct-tax management - ICmai

16 Aug 2002 ... Central Excise Act, 1944(CEA): The basic Act which provides the ... 'Entry Inward' is granted to vessel and not the date of presentation of Bill of ...

indirect and direct indirect and direct-tax management - icwai

16 Aug 2002 ... Central Excise Act, 1944(CEA): The basic Act which provides the ... to any goods in the Section or Chapter Notes of the Schedule to the Central.

indirect and direct indirect and direct-tax management

16 Aug 2002 ... Central Excise Act, 1944(CEA): The basic Act which provides the ... or Chapter notes of the Schedule to the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 ...

Indirect FDI

Indirect FDI means the utilization of afffijiliates abroad as intermediaries for investment in third countries. As FDI stands for foreign direct investment, the.

Indirect Speech

is generally possible to convert various types of direct questions and some types of exclamations into their indirect speech counterparts, and reconstruct the ...


Indirect Taxes are the charges levied by the State on consumption, ... staff and officers including 1500 officers in Group A level and 5,000 officers in Group B level ... at various rates on documents, such as bills of exchange, promissory notes,.

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The SFA then charges the custodial expenses for cleaning the school food service area as a direct expense. Alternatively, the custodial expenses may be charged ...

Indirect exporters - HAL-SHS

21 Mar 2014 ... Indirect Exporters are defined as firms exporting through a trade inter- mediary. Despite numerous recent appearances in theoretical work, ...

Indirect Exporting

3 Oct 2015 ... October 2015. How smaller companies bump up sales. Indirect Exporting. In this issue: A look at 3 Indirect Exporters. Review: 2014 Exports by ...

Indirect Calorimetry

Measurements From Indirect Gas Analysis. Calorimetry. Mixing bag. Flow turbine. Expired gas analyzers. Flow pump. Understanding ATPS and STPD.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax SAP Integration

Tax calculations details are captured in SAP pricing and tax procedures, the solution seamlessly integrates with business transactions in Sd, MM, and FI for indirect ...

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The principle of indirect ophthalmoscopy is to make the eye myopic by placing a strong convex lens in front of it. This forms a real inverted image of the fundus in.

Indirect Tax Alert - Manupatra

Delhi • Mumbai • Gurgaon • Bengaluru ... entitled to levy and/or collect Octroi or Local Body Tax (LBT) on Sodexo Meal Vouchers in accordance with the ... contracts with various affiliates such as restaurants, departmental stores, shops, etc.

I-TCP: Indirect TCP for Mobile Hosts

is an indirect transport layer protocol for mobile hosts. I-TCP utilizes the resources of Mobility. Support Routers (MSRs) to provide transport layer communication ...

Paper-11 Indirect Taxation

Critically examine. (j) What is Independent Professional Audit in the context of VAT? Answer: ... Less: Input Tax Credit. • On Materials Purchased Inclusive of VAT.

The Future of Indirect Taxation

According to Article 148 of the RF Tax Code the place of supply of services, depending on the type/nature of service, may be determined by the following: (1) the ...


21 Aug 2011 ... Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (BIO). Direct Ophthalmoscopy. • Virtual erect image. • Emmetropic eye is conjugate to infinity; emmetropic ...

GST- Indirect Tax Reform - IJRASET

A tax buoyancy of greater than 1 means that the tax revenues increase at a ... Source: Besides the ... In New Zealand, there is no GST on financial services and rental income.

PwC Indirect Tax Newsletter - May 2015

2 May 2015 ... In Satnam Overseas Ltd v CCE (2015. (318) ELT 538), the Supreme Court held that processing of original products with mere value addition ...