Sculptures from South India in The Art Institute of Chicago - jstor

guages that belong to a different family tree from those of the ... the Chola dynasty was the dominant power from the ... ple of Chola art in the Art Institute's collec-.

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Sculptures from South India in The Art Institute of Chicago - jstor

guages that belong to a different family tree from those of the ... the Chola dynasty was the dominant power from the ... ple of Chola art in the Art Institute's collec-.

The Erotic Sculptures of India - jstor

erotica, however, are entirely dissimilar from temple erotica. The erotic ... especially in Tamilnad and Kerala in the South does not invalidate our suggestion.

South India - Institute of South Asian Studies - NUS

19 Apr 2019 ... In the 234-member assembly AIADMK needs 118 MLAs but had 110 MLAs before ... Mr Nalin Mehta is Executive Editor, Times of India Online.

India-Nepal Row over the Updated Map of India - Institute of South ...

7 Dec 2019 ... all such differences lies in the treaty of Sugauli in 1816, which ended the Anglo-Nepalese. War (1814-16). It demarcated the border between ...

Sculptures from Mathurā - jstor

XXV, 50 MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS BULLETIN among the studies ... tion, and while the final result of a work of art ... Mathura school in the Museum collections,.

sculptures of india - mcrhrdi

Mauryan Period Sculptures. (322 B.C. to 187 B.C.). Lion Capital. Abascus (Horse & Elephant, Bull & Lion). Lotus Bell Base. Pillar ...

Regional Institute of English, South India

Bylaws for the Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGDELT) distance mode programme conducted by the RIESI. 1. About the Institute and ...

Sinhalese Sculptures in the Pallava Style - jstor

Perhaps the most celebrated Sinhalese sculpture in the Pallava style is the stone Buddha of the. Outer Circular Road in Anuradhapura (Fig. i). Coomaraswamy ...

India's Social Policies under the BJP Government - Institute of South ...

11 Dec 2018 ... Minister, Narendra Modi, focused on a central theme that is likely to form one ... Second, Modi's government either introduced new schemes or.

Mob Lynchings in India - Institute of South Asian Studies - NUS

26 Jul 2018 ... In the last one year, 28 people across nine Indian states have been lynched in separate incidents, which have been triggered by rumours spread ...

some newly discovered sculptures from anhilwad patan ... - jstor

A four-armed and bull-headed god ashtavasu seated in lalitasana. Both of his right hands and upper left hand have been chopped off. It measures. 56 cms. x 60 ...

interesting early medieval sculptures of magadh - jstor

SCULPTURES OF MAGADH: A CASE. STUDY OF SCULPTURES FROM KRIMILA. ADHISTIIANA. Anil Kumar. The study of early medieval eastern India hinges on the debate relating ... Samudragupta, Bihar inscription of Gupta period and Naulagarh ... museums of India and abroad out of which a few of them have been.

mahayana buddhist sculptures of karle caves - jstor

chaityas and viharas in many parts of Maharashtra during the. Satavahana period. ... and another is a Vihara cave with bed and corn is engraved in four or five ...

Farm Distress in India - Institute of South Asian Studies - NUS

20 Dec 2018 ... Farm Distress in India – Causes and Possible Remedies. S Narayan. Executive ... onions, highlight the plight of the farmers. This is true of ...

Megalithic astronomy in south India - Tata Institute of Fundamental ...

The origins of the megalithic culture in south India probably lie in the immediately preceding South Indian Neolithic (3000 – 1200 BC) (ibid.). Recent work by ...

On Re-Identification of Āndhra Buddhist Jātaka Relief Sculptures - jstor

14 A.K. Wardar, Indian Karya Literature, vol. ... this theme, because it was the last birth of the Buddha, before he was finally reborn as Siddhartha,40 ... to make people realize they should not kill animals, just as, when a ruhka devata, he had ...

nath-siddhas sculptures on the someshwara temple at pimpri ... - jstor

show their association with the Nath panth. While some images are of the great yogis of the Nath panth such as Adinath,. Matsyendranath, and Gorakshanath ...

National Gallery of Australia returns two sculptures to India

19 Sep 2016 ... The Goddess Pratyangira (Tamil Nadu, India, 12th Century) and Worshippers of the Buddha (Andhra. Pradesh, India, 3rd Century) antiquities ...

The Cauvery River Water Disputes in India - Institute of South Asian ...

16 Apr 2018 ... The Cauvery River water disputes are among the longest-running inter-state ... multimedia/archive/03225/Vol-V-1580536265_3225709a.pdf ...

the ashmounds of south india - jstor

ashmounds as ancient cremation grounds. While some associated the ash with the remains of demons like Bakasura and. Hidimba referred to in Indian mythology,.

Tea Plantations in South India - jstor

large plantation holdings of tea in south India, which unlike the ... plantation sector in south India sustainable. ... companies that own their lands to carry out.

Caste Differentials in South India - jstor

hold is in South India, especially in the over- whelmingly ... fifteenth address on the Housing List was recorded, after ... In theory the Indian caste system operates.

India, Fiji and South Pacific - jstor

replication of the Anand model;. (c) Use of the ... against Fiji, Rajiv. Gandhi's government has taken the country ... Bavadra's Fiji Labour Party (FLP). The elec-.

Becoming a Possession-Medium in South India - jstor

titioners ofpossession-mediumship in the vicinity of a Jalari (Telugu fish- ... since this pati descended on me [mubhai samvatsaralu ayindi Tpatilo digindi].

Kingdom in Colonial South India - jstor

houses of Panjalamkurinchi and Sivagiri, were up in arms trying to secure the ... 1996 Palegars of South India: Forms and Contents of their Resistance in Ceded ...

Weavers in Pre-Modern South India - jstor

early phases of the Pallava period. Their position was ... during the rule of Pallavas. The initial period of ... period was accomplished througb caste groups and ...

Pre-School Education in South India - jstor

India has potentially one of the best developed systems of pre-school education in t ... syllabus and examination that is, in Tamil Nadu, set and administe.

The Beginnings of Civilization in South India - jstor

EARLY civilization in the Tamil region of South India may be distinguished ... of early classical Indian civilization, we do have evidence of the existence of literacy.

The Paleoecology of Coastal Tamilnadu, South India - jstor

COASTS AND ISLAND FORMATIONS: RELIEF ASPECTS. There is other evidence for climatic change in the. Chola regions. For example, Manipallavam near.

The Calendrical System in Tamilnadu (South India) - jstor

Sanskrit names are in parentheses; most of the planets and days have alternative names not included in the Table. *A suffix meaning 'day' - kijamai (Tarn.), vara ... Tamil calendar is not based on lunar months, many festivals are nonetheless.

Dimensions of Subsistence Foraging in South India - jstor

The main tubers consumed are (1) vetale vaLLi or malai tiinu (a Paliyan taxon wlric includes both Dioscorea oppositifolia and a closely related species with ...

Herostone Worship in Ancient South India - jstor

Erection; (5) Perumbatai (Qu(ILLimU6L-): Food offering and (1) Valthu. (c,nrAiJP): Invocation and ... 3 Kadavul eluthia kal (i_L6Y6ir rqpi,tli <&s4i). 4 Puram 231.

The Temple Music of Kerala in South India by - jstor

initial recording of Ayyappan Pattu (group non-specialist songs, with drum ... missed lyrics, in either Malayalam or English, for the four vocal tracks ("Ayyap-.

the marakkayar muslims of karikal, south india - jstor

rejection.5 However, while advancing such views, he stresses that he is more concerned with the ... the Karikal Marakkayar Muslims and indeed of the Tamil Muslims, generally. HISTORICAL ... The kalima is then recited, after which the imam ...

towards understanding the political culture of south india - jstor

Songs are in all the languages, though ... illustrious editor, Kasturi Ranga Iyengar was the founder-mem- ... Kasturi Ranga Iyengar belonged to the Egmore.

The Dravidians of South India: Their Distribution, History and ... - jstor

The term Dravidian now primarily denotes the South Indian peoples as a group which ... origin. epeacock- tuki (Hebrew) ; tokei (Tamil). Fragrant wood- ahalim or ahaloth (Hebrew) ; ... They sailed to East Africa for gold, to Arabia for gums and.