A Telugu Short Story: The Village - jstor

A Telugu Short Story ... a while like a short story writer who does not know how to begin his story ... balloons and toys, drinks hot and cold....all mingle and jingle.

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A Telugu Short Story: The Village - jstor

A Telugu Short Story ... a while like a short story writer who does not know how to begin his story ... balloons and toys, drinks hot and cold....all mingle and jingle.

The Short Story in Telugu Literature - jstor

in the ancient Telugu story-poems like 'Keyurabahu charitra',. 'Simhasanadvatrimsika' ... story collections and pamphlets, since 1973. They are trying to.

The Story of the Tamil Short Story - jstor

level for short stories as compared to novels. Even writers who ... Seyaprakasam,. Aadhavan, Maalan, Nagulan, Sindhuja, Subramaniaraju, Balakumaran, Rajendra ... many values of life, handed down through generations. Worthy of ... there should be no rigid prescriptive structure which stifles the free flow of the creative ...

Short Scripts and the Short Story - jstor

Short Scripts and the Short Story. Ellen W. Nold. Department of English. City College of San Francisco. San Francisco, California. ENJOYMENT of a story as art- ...

Telugu Story: Kites - jstor

Telugu Story. Kites. BULUSU VENKATESWARLU. <• <• CON. . . Appalakonda! ... Hot cakes. . .sweet meats. . . idlis. . .how many id I is would he be getting? As.

Padam-Padyam: The Story of Telugu Poetry - jstor

Fundamental form of Telugu poetry is Padam and this belongs to the whole society ... The translation of the Mahabharata is a great historic event in the story of ... was a devotee of Siva and Pothana a devotee of Srirama Chandra. Sreenadha ...

the short story in india - jstor

PRITISH NANDY, ed., The Vikas Book of Modern Indian Love Stories. New Delhi: Vikas, 1979. ... There is, for example, one story each from Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and. Malayalam as ... pre-marital sex-and-1 ove, the idyll is hardly convincing for its language ... conveys the sense of a futile cycle in human affairs. Particularly ...

The Bengali Short Story - jstor

The history of Bengali short story was directly influenced by the then ... short story in Bengali literature. It would be ... two generations, the adult and the young.

The Modern Short Story - jstor

speak that the story begins; up to this point we are engaged in the tedious reflections of Charles Dickens, mixed with a great amount of totally irrelevant detail.

Not me: —A Kannada Short Story - jstor

Not me. —A Kannada Short Story ... moral support for bringing up the subject of the corpse. ... D. (Translated from Kannada by Padma Ramachandra Sharma)

The Super Short Story - jstor

terms. With Anton Chekhov's "The Bet," for example, you might make this assign- ment: Take the same situation (a wager), the same people (a greedy banker, an.

Notes on the Short Story - jstor

a brief classification of short stories for use in the classroom. To simplify narrative ... Retrieved Reformation," "A Departmental Case," "A Municipal. Report, " "The ...

Kannada Short Story Comes of Age - jstor

THIS collection of 15 short stories by Kannada writers (selected and edited by Ramachandra Sharma, whose own short story,. "The Passage," sets the ball ...

A Theory of the Short Story - jstor

ing characteristics of all true short stories which set them apart in a class by themselves as a distinct literary type? brevity and the necessary coherence which ...

The Short Story in Malayalam - jstor

ning, the short story as a carefully contrived literary form is of modern origin. Though ... fully conclusive, that the first ever Malayalam short story was. Vasanavikriti, attributed to ... Nair,N.P. Muhamad,N. Mohanan, Madhavikutty, Rajalakshmi,.

The Structure of the Modern Short Story - jstor

... in fact, except a story. These charges, it seems to me, are not ... conflict here is between man and the forces of nature; it is ... For a moment "the expression in his eyes must have been the ... If the synopsis is momentarily puz- zling, so is the ...

Reality in the Modern Short Story - jstor

In short stories it is better to say not enough than to say too much, because, - ... are necessary. Short fictio perception of spiritual erup those objectifications of fe.

Hindi Short Story in Himachal - jstor

Ketki Ki Kahani' (1803) written by Insha Allah Khan, born in. Jammu. ... Prem Chand, Jai Shankar Prasad, Vishnu Prabhakar, Yash Pal,. Ashq, Rajendra Yadav ...

Bengali Short Story Today - jstor

Bengali Short Story Today. D. K. Chakravarty. Before we refer to the recent trends in Bengali short stories it would perhaps be advisable to review the history of ...

Modern Hindi Short Story - jstor

Parinde, Bholaram ka jeev, Ek Nav ke Tatri, Tahi sach hai, £indagi aur Gulab ke Phool, Hiran kee Ankhen, Suhagine, Khovi hui Dishayen,. Deva kee Ma, Raja ...

Trends in Tamil Short Story - jstor

In Tamil Nadu though novel-writing could be traced prior to short story writing, only the form of the short story has had the credit of creating a ... out in book form, with a seal of the extraordinary. In the sixties, the ... message is free sex. Mostly ...

Contemporary Indian Short Story - jstor

stories written in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi during the period reflect mainly the struggle for freedom. Our short stories port rayed the unjustness of the raj and the ...

Tamil Short Story: The Philanthropist - jstor

I have come as a representative of those miserable ones for whom I had ... Tamil Nadu in search of the demon. But the ... the meaning of the term!" "All right!

A Long Short Story from Kannada: Stallion of the Sun - jstor

not nurtured. Though older than me by at least five or six years, this. Venkata had been my closest friend when we were growing up ...

Contemporary Short Story: Quest for Quality - jstor

"Chief Ki Dawat" (The Boss Came to Din- ner) is worth discussing for both its strength and its weakness. The author succeeds in creating a situation that is funny ...

Teaching Meaning through Structure in the Short Story - jstor

"The Open Window" by Saki and. "The Fly" by ... and teach "The Open Window" from a structural point of ... summary about these two sections, and make both ...

Text and Context for a Short Story by Pirandello - jstor

Luigi Pirandello was one of the great short-story writers of the early twentieth century. Between ... ments of plot are articulated around a dense (and previously ... had returned alive from the war in 1918, his wife had departed per- manently (and ...

Short Story in Gujarati Dalit Literature - jstor

Gujarati dalit writing did not evolve out of a larger ... munities through the stories mentioned above or ... to Manilal Patel (dalit critic), is a mean- ingful way of ...

Tipu Sultan —An Urdu short story - jstor

—An Urdu short story. As Tipu Sultan's horse passed through TT Nagar and reached ... mare's face with dirt and spewing a whirl of smoke behind!" "Who?

Major Trends in the Urdu Short Story - jstor

Krishan Chander and Qasmi; and the psychological story, dominated by themes of sex, as best seen in the writings of Manto,. Ismat Chughtai and Mumtaz Mufti.

the pre-occupations in tamil short story today - jstor

(Paramartha. Guru Kathaigal) ButV.V.S. Iyer's are the closest to the recognised definition of the genre. He and the succeeding five or six writers are in everyone's ...

From Tale to Short Story: The Emergence of a New Genre in ... - jstor

fostered the development of the short story as a new genre. If as a total body ... among writers of short fiction. ... tice in commonplace short fiction, and a quick summary of their obvious ... Plots are designed to "prove" the moral, regardless of violations of a ... Terry Cooke's "Ann Potter's Lesson" and "Eben Jackson," Howells's.

The Modern Arabic Very Short Story: A Generic Approach - jstor

As for the very short story in modern Arabic literature, from the ... Fiction International: Sixty Short-Short Stories, New York and London, W.W. Norton & Company,.

the tamil short story today: jeyakanthan, janakiraman ... - jstor

good essays, the Tamil story writing made quite a good start. With Pudumaipittan, between the thirties and the forties, the Tamil short story achieved a decided ...

Modern Hindi Short Story, ed. Mahendra Kulshreshtha ... - jstor

The book, thus, marks a milestone in Hindi biography and is worth reading. ... The two forms of the short story and the drama wherein Rakesh excelled equally.

Mohan Rakesh—A Visionary Short Story Writer - jstor

Rakesh's short stories like 'Malbe ka Malik', 'Aparichit', 'Suha gine' are remembered even to this day with the same interest and attachment as when they were ...