The Jo naṅ pas: A School of Buddhist Ontologists According ... - jstor

Museum; L. Chandra, JA (1961), p. 513, number ... the application of the criteria by means of which ... bsTan pa'i sgron me (Legs bHad shin po'i yig cha, 19a).

The Jo naṅ pas: A School of Buddhist Ontologists According ... - jstor - Related Documents

The Jo naṅ pas: A School of Buddhist Ontologists According ... - jstor

Museum; L. Chandra, JA (1961), p. 513, number ... the application of the criteria by means of which ... bsTan pa'i sgron me (Legs bHad shin po'i yig cha, 19a).

WB Yeats's “Among School Children”: A Buddhist ... - ResearchGate

Abstract: William Butler Yeats's poem “Among School Children” is a meditation on love, essence, and change. This paper attempts to relate the Buddhist theories ...

the concept of pugdala in the buddhist school of pudgalavāda

Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences. Volkhonka, 14/1 ... Key words: Buddhism, Pudgalavāda, self, person, pudgala, soul, ātman, anātman.

A Buddhist Reality - jstor

There, Buddhabhadra and Faxian translated the Mohe sengqi l? J|If?[ft|$^ (T.1425), Mah?s?mghikavinaya* between 416 and 418. It is also in. Jiankang that a ...

buddhist sanskrit and the sāṅkhyakārikā - jstor

Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar and Dictionary (1953) and Buddhist H. Sanskrit ... Copyright © 1974 by D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht-Holland. This content ... one went), pointing out by examples that this kind of construction is com mon in the ... was not as successful in preserving the word of the Buddha, which ha.

Chinese Buddhist Meditation - jstor

Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism. Edited by PETER N. GREGORY. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1986. Pp. 265. The book is a ...

Nepalese Buddhist Rituals - jstor

7. anna-prasana: sasthastame mase subha-dine triratna-pujadikam krtva ksiranna-kimcit devatam arpayitva gotra-jyestha-karatah balaka-mukhe lehanam ...

Study of important Buddhist meditation texts - Centre of Buddhist ...

24 Jul 2019 ... Broughton, Jeffrey L.; The Bodhidharma Anthology, Berkelery, University of California Press,. 1999. ▫ Buddhaghosa Bhadantacariya, tran.

Buddhist Saints in India: A Study in Buddhist ... - A Handful of Leaves

the more important and representative individual saints. Further, it introduces the field of the Buddhist saints in India, providing a survey of some of the more.

Aims of Buddhist Education - Buddhist Publication Society

Practical efficiency certainly has its place in Buddhist education, for. Buddhism ... An Analysis of the Theravada Vinaya in the Light of Modern Legal Philosophy.

A Collection Of Buddhist Healing Prayers And ... - A Buddhist Library

22 Mar 2012 ... From the Preface to A Concise Set of Buddhist Healing Prayers and Practices ... May I fulfill all the wishes of sentient beings. Just like ... 'When you have discovered which klesha is the strongest, you dedicate your practice to ...

Rabindranath Tagore and Buddhist Culture - Buddhist Publication ...

India had accepted all men as kin. India ignored none and, therefore, remained unacknowledged by none. The barriers of race and country were swept away by.

On the Development of Early Buddhist Art in India - jstor

Ray, Maurya and Sunga Art, Calcutta, 1945, pp. 48ff., for a cogent discussion of these sculptures. 31. The similarly massive and stolid guardians on ...

A Review of Scholarship on the Buddhist Councils - jstor

T HE problem of Buddhist councils has haunted westerni Buddhological ... 1-4] M. Hofinger, Ettide sur le concile de Vaisdli [Louvain: Bureaux de Museon,. 1946] ...

Buddhist Elements in Urdu Literature - jstor

ceaseless mourning: "Zindagi aah-e musaisall ke siwa kuchch nahin(Liie is naught, but ... one sixth part of the whole novel - are rather dense with Buddhist echoes and ... names—Tattagatha, Buddha Deva and Amitabh, and alludes to Sujata's.

Buddhist Philosophy for Educational Reform - jstor

provides an exposition of Buddhist teachings and explores the applicability of its thought about community to educational reform. In order to appreciate and ...

buddhist centres in orissa: an overview - jstor

Pareswar Sahoo. Orissa is reckoned as a seat of glory and paramount centre of Buddhist ... The antiquity of Buddhism in Orissa is as old as that of ... 71, Manual.

the buddhist manu or the propagation of hindu law in ... - jstor

Manu is associated, as in India, with the origin of the law. This fact gives rise to a problem which has hitherto been left unnoticed by historians of Hindu law. The ...

On the Miniature Chaityas and Inscriptions of the Buddhist ... - jstor

On the Miniature Chaityas and Inscriptions of the. Buddhist religioits dogma, found in the ruins of the Temple of. S?rn?th, near Benares. By Lieut.-Col. Sykes, F.ll.

The Buddhist Conversion of Maharashtrian Untouchables - jstor

On October 14, 1956, thousands of Maharashtrian Untouchables, led by Dr. B. R.. Ambedkar ... for the most part in clean white clothes. They were aware that an ...

Aspects of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra - jstor

Rather, the tantric position seems to involve a thorough-going rejec- tion of the values of the ordinary man. Such an attitude again cannot be assigned to a ...

Buddhist Historiography in Sung China - jstor

For Tao-hsüan, cf. Ch'en ... carnation of Hsüan-tsang the celebrated Chinese pilgrim and Master o ... 2037), and Huan-lun's chronicle which is contained in HTC.

buddhist sources of the novel feng-shen yen-i - jstor

in the Japanese Cabinet Library a Ming edition of this novel labelled ... Mountain though he was unable to reach the final attainment. ... into meditation in such a way that his spirit disappeared from ... blade. The fighting had not lasted many minutes when Li. Ching was in a profuse perspiration and had to flee for his life.

buddhist counterparts of kali (an iconological study) - jstor

borrowed by the Hindus into their religion under the names of Tara, Manasa, ... are comparable to the Hindu goddess Kali from their iconographie point of view.

The Kataragama Pilgrimage: Hindu-Buddhist Interaction and ... - jstor

Field research on the topic of Tamil Hindu participation in the. Kataragama pilgrimage was undertaken in Chava- kachcheri and Kataragama, Sri Lanka, from Au ...

The Oldest Record of the Ramayana in a Chinese Buddhist ... - jstor

books, the size and contents of the Ramayana. The following is a literal English translation from the. Chinese version by Yuan Chwang: "As a book called the.

Miraculous Stories From The Japanese Buddhist Tradition - jstor

The Nihon ryoiki contains 116 stories in three volumes (maki), all of which ... Some of the stories show a decidedly non-ethical working of karma. Story 41 in ...

buddhist and jain influence on manu and his interpretation of ... - jstor

Shruti or Veda, Smriti, sadachara and atmanstushti. The term Veda referred to by Manu denoted the Vedic texts. Jaimini1 emphatically declares that the Vedic.

mahayana buddhist sculptures of karle caves - jstor

chaityas and viharas in many parts of Maharashtra during the. Satavahana period. ... and another is a Vihara cave with bed and corn is engraved in four or five ...

The evolution of the Buddhist rakṣā genre in the light of new ... - jstor

literature, Mantras, Bajaur Collection of KharosthI Manuscripts. The discovery of a ... fire, water, etc. The naga king instructs the Buddha to teach the mantra.

buddhist deities and mantras in the hindu tantras - jstor

left hand. The left hand may also display the gesture of text-exposition. The mantra om täre tuttäre ture svähä is the first mantra inscribed below the image.

Dynamic Structures in Buddhist Maṇḍalas: Apradakṣina and ... - jstor

In the Buddhist triple structure of body, speech and mind emanations, Kailash is the abode of the "body" of. Cakrasamvara and ... 31 See Madhu Khanna, Yantra.

The Buddhist Philosophy of Education - Chinese Buddhist ...

If social philosophy means social ethics, that is, the principles governing how people in a society deal with each other, Buddhism has many teachings on this ...

Buddhist Parables - Ancient Buddhist Texts

allegories, parables, fables, and other illustrative stories and anecdotes, found in ... known prototypes of Panchatantra, Book 2, Frame-story. Chapter IV contains ...

The Dasaratha Jātaka, being the Buddhist Story of King Rāma - jstor

The Dasaratha Jātaka depicts a former life of Rāma. Dasaratha 's queen gave birth to two sons and one daughter, Rāma, Lakkhaņa and Sftā. Sometime after the ...

On Re-Identification of Āndhra Buddhist Jātaka Relief Sculptures - jstor

14 A.K. Wardar, Indian Karya Literature, vol. ... this theme, because it was the last birth of the Buddha, before he was finally reborn as Siddhartha,40 ... to make people realize they should not kill animals, just as, when a ruhka devata, he had ...