17 Jan 2017 ... This Delhi Analysis of Rates (E&M) 2016 is a comprehensive and useful ... For Electrical Panels, CPWD General Specifications for Electrical ...

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2 Nov 2017 ... during 2017-18 at Pragatimaidan,New Delhi ... Standard CPWD contract Form CPWD form 7/8 as modified & corrected upto_ ... DSR-2007.

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Analysis of Rates for Delhi, 2012 is based on basic rates of labour & materials given in. DSR 2012. 7.0. The nomenclatures of main items have been printed ...

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This DSR - 2018 shall be read along with CPWD specifications 2009 Vol.-I & II with up to date. Correction Slips. 6. Following are the Salient Features of DSR- ...


17 Jan 2017 ... This Delhi Analysis of Rates (E&M) 2016 is a comprehensive and useful ... For Electrical Panels, CPWD General Specifications for Electrical ...


various items of work normally involved in civil construction projects. ... Similarly, analysis of many items have been modified to correspond to items of DSR.


DSR i.e. Delhi Schedule of Rates-2018 includes the existing items of DSR 2016 with ... The cost index for DSR 2018 is 118 with reference to CPWD Plinth Area ...


Subjects - De centrul isation of enlistment of contractors. ... guidelines attach ed with specimen application form at ... Project Managers in CPWD, PWD(DA). ... Kerala. NOTE : 1. Contractor eniſste i under. 3. Karnataka class -1 (B&R) (Fun). 4.

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QksfuDl flyoSLVªl jksDc ¼txayh [ktwj [email protected][ktwj½] 150&165 ls0eh0 Å¡pk rFkk cM s vkdkj ds ,p-Mh-ih-bZ- cSx esa A. izR;sd. 650-00. 10319. Qk;ysUFkl bEoyhdk ...


This certificate is issued without any guarantee or responsibility on the Bank or any of the officers. (Signature). For the Bank. Note: 1) Bankers' certificates should ...

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5 Sep 2016 ... pertain to materials conforming to BIS Standards/ CPWD Specifications/Materials of good quality generally available in the market. Labour rates ...

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5 Sep 2016 ... Nickel plated bright finished mild steel piano hinges 1 mm thick ... Float glass sheet of nominal thickness 4 mm (weight not less than 10 kg/sqm).

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1 to 5 to DAR 2007 vol. I and vol. II were issued upto April 2010. Analysis of Rates for ... This DAR will be read along with CPWD specifications, 2009 Vol-I & II. 7.


(VOL. 2). GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. 2019 ... new items introduced in DSR 2018. 3. Analysis ... many items have been modified correspond to items of DSR 2018.


1 Jan 2015 ... New Delhi. This Delhi Schedule of Rates 2014 is prepared for the use of CPWD. However, this may be used by other Govt. departments, PSUs, ...


20 Mar 2019 ... The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for CPWD Manual 2019 is a compendium of standard procedures and work-flows for the CPWD ...

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Soft Landscaping : The natural elements in landscape design, such as plant ... The indoor plants most effective in removing Formaldehyde, Benzene and ... The forests stretch to Kerala, valleys of the Himalayas, eastern slopes of the Western.

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The Check list for Delhi given in Annexure-IV has already been uploaded in the ... Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate when lifts are installed in a building.

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ईमेल - [email protected] Email - [email protected] ... M/s KPC Projects Limited. Registered office : #3-308, YMR ... Email: [email protected] Mobile : 98495101.

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platform round a tree, tank, fountain, bench, chabutra with open top and enclosed sides by walls ... *The gross area shall mean plinth area or covered area.

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10 Oct 2018 ... CHSL Exam-2016 forth'e post of. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)'. 'Ihe undersigned is directed to upload the list of allotment of CPWD. Regions ... Allotn.rer-r, nf r"fi"ns will be done on receipt of dossiers in respect of SSC CHSL. Iixam- ... Allocated. Sl. No. RollNo. Name of Candidate. Cat. Sel. Rank. UR. 40. NR.

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amendments are made to Works Manual 2003 related to earnest money and security deposit; a) Earnest money. S.no. Item. Existing. Modified. 1. Para. 19.2.

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This CPWD Works Manual 2014 is prepared for the use of CPWD. However, this may be used ... 16.10 List of specialized items/jobs for Civil/Electrical/Hoticulture works . ... shall be based on DSR 2007 or market rates or combination of both.

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Dealers. Price : Rs. 250/- (excluding postage and forwarding charges etc.) ... List of Relevant Indian Standards/International Standards. 72 - 73. Appendix 'VI' ... These specifications cover the general specifications pertaining to diesel engine ... Genset should not be lifted from engine and alternator hooks.

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5 Sep 2019 ... (VOL. 1). GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. 2019 ... many items have been modified correspond to items of DSR 2018. Several new analysis and ...

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1 Jan 2014 ... This Delhi Schedule of Rates 2012 is prepared for the use of CPWD. However, this may be used by other Govt. departments, PSUs, private ...

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30 Apr 2008 ... Annexure IA : Model Format For Issue Of Rent Reasonableness ... SECTION 24 : SITE ORDER BOOKS AND INSPECTION REGISTERS .

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The Lecher Antenna detects and measures a wide range of radiations existing around us. Areas affected by Geopathic stress radiations can be avoided at the time.

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30 Oct 2017 ... Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, Chennai. Railways/RDSO. Jammu, Srinagar, Patiala, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Kota,. Lucknow, Kanpur ...


CPWD Specifications, 2009 is published in two volumes as under: ... (1 cement: 2 sand: 4 fine aggregate, by volume) shall be laid and 12 mm thick cement ...

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CENTRAL PWD. PLINTH AREA RATES. (1.10.2012). dsUnzh; yksd fuekZ.k foHkkx dqjlh {ks= njsa. Hkkjr ljdkj. fuekZ.k egkfuns”kd] ds-yks-fu-fo-] ubZ fnYyh ds ...

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This book of “General Conditions of Contract” is applicable to both ... of India or his successors, in office shall without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at ...


Drain traps in A.C. plant room, AHU room, Air washer room, hot water generator ... layout, chilled water piping scheme, duct layout, sizes of grilles etc. shown in ...

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8 Jan 2019 ... Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee “SADAIV ATAL” constructed by the Central ... Samadhi Memorial “SADAIV ATAL” Dedicated to the Nation. Contents. Important ... Manual for Procurement of ... amalgamation of a sensitive poet, skillful.

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3 Mar 2005 ... colleges, hospitals, workshops and factories, hostels and hotels, food grain storage structures ... officers in the department and carries out the important task of human resource ... was also visited by H.E. The President of India and he appreciated the effort made. ... General Pool Accommodation at Jaipur.

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The contractor shall not be permitted to tender for works in the CPWD Circle (Division in case of contractors of Horticulture/Nursery category) responsible for award ...

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30 Jul 2016 ... On assuming the office of Director General, CPWD, I convey my warm greetings and heartfelt thanks to all of you. To head a Principal ...