Tell it Again! - TeachingEnglish

The pages marked photocopiable in this book Tell it. Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English. Language ... magic may also be lost if the language is too advanced ... Available online at:

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Tell it Again! - TeachingEnglish

The pages marked photocopiable in this book Tell it. Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English. Language ... magic may also be lost if the language is too advanced ... Available online at:

Halloween - TeachingEnglish

Story, activity sheet, answers and transcript: 'Dark, dark wood' 5. Story, activity sheet ...

Environment - TeachingEnglish

Story, activity sheet, answers and transcript: 'Planet Earth' 2. Flashcards ... You might need to save up materials for a while at home, or ask the learners or your colleagues ...

Reality TV - TeachingEnglish

To learn and practise vocabulary related to television and TV programmes ... discussion depends on the level of your class. ... favourite programme. This can be a written or an oral task. Put students in pairs to tell each other about their ... This topic could form the basis of a presentation next lesson or a written essay. If.

The Landlady - TeachingEnglish

him, forcing him to stay where he was and not to walk away from that house, and the next thing he knew, he was actually moving across from the window to the.

Clothes - TeachingEnglish

on the website and describe their favourite clothes, favourite T-shirt or favourite shoes. If your learners aren't registered they could answer the questions in their.

from Anne Hathaway - TeachingEnglish

Your father and I met in the spring 1582 and a few months later I discovered that I was pregnant with you. William was ... Yours lovingly. Mother. Anne Hathaway ...

Shakespeare and prejudice - TeachingEnglish

Lesson plan. Topic: Shakespeare and prejudice: The Merchant of Venice; Othello; The Taming of the ... adjective. Answers: 1 sexist. 2 racism. 3 Discrimination. 4 prejudiced ... (a) Ask students to work in small groups to discuss the first question. ... Task 5 – Shylock's speech from The Merchant of Venice Act 3 Scene 1 (15–20.

Shakespeare – The Tempest - TeachingEnglish

Shakespeare's The Tempest. Aims. • Learners ... The Tempest student worksheet. Introduction ... Check the answers when students have matched themselves.

Sample story - TeachingEnglish

For a long time Sarah wanted to go out with a very handsome man called. James, and then one day he turned up at her door. Just like that! She asked him in.

April Fool's Day - TeachingEnglish

April Fool's Day student worksheet and April Fool's Day tricks handout. 2. Internet links: - Top 100 April Fool's hoaxes.

Crazy Animals - TeachingEnglish

possible opportunities to speak English in the ... Of course, children can be encouraged to use English in whole class activities ... to the internet to download song words, you can make up simple songs yourself. ... Sabrina De Vita – Argentina.

Homes and furniture - TeachingEnglish

vocabulary: homes, rooms, furniture, animals, animal homes ... For a complete list of all 'Homes and furniture' content on LearnEnglish Kids, click here:.

02 What is grammar handout_1 - TeachingEnglish

Michael Swan is a well-known writer in ELT, famous for the grammar books he has written. His works includes Practical English Usage, Basic English Usage, ...

Spirit of Adventure - TeachingEnglish

Attitudes to adventure and exploration; taking a gap year. Aims ... Spirit of adventure student worksheet. 2. ... group to decide on a summary of their conclusions.

Teacher's Notes - TeachingEnglish

The Poem. Gillian Clarke's poem, 'Lament', is an elegy, an expression of grief. It can be a sad, military tune played on a bugle. The poem uses the title as the ...

Lesson plans Much Ado About Nothing - TeachingEnglish

Copies of Much Ado About Nothing (also available on-line). • Copies of ... on-line No Fear Shakespeare from the SparkNotes webpage (see link below).

Fun facts worksheets - TeachingEnglish

Fun facts worksheet 1 – student A. There is one word missing from each sentence. ... In the 1600s, boys and girls in England wore dresses until they were about ...

stress and intonation - TeachingEnglish

Pronunciation: stress and intonation. Teaching English rhythm. 4. TeachingEnglish training videos. W192 TeachSpeaking_Layout 1 06/12/2013 11:42 Page 29 ...

Carnivores vs herbivores - TeachingEnglish

Answers: Carnivore - an animal that eats meat; herbivore - an animal that east only plants; predator - an animal that kills and eats other animals; prey.

The Future of English? - TeachingEnglish

The first international series of ... For example, an Indian from the state of ... (1996 Revision) and Sex and Age Quinquennial 1950–2050 (1996 Revision) in.

teaching diary - TeachingEnglish

BBC | British Council Think. Writing a teaching diary – Page 1. Writing a teaching diary. Here are some general questions to get you started: Lesson objectives.

lesson plan - TeachingEnglish

most will never do in a teacher dependent classroom. Suggestions for Follow on Activities. • Students review a range of 'slogans' (see Appendix) and write ...

multilingualisms and development - TeachingEnglish

16 May 2005 ... Language and Education 16(2), 128-149. 2015. GO.23 All AP KGBVs converted into AP KGBV English Medium Schools.

Mobile phones - TeachingEnglish

To practice pronunciation in a controlled dialogue ... conversation between two friends, role play some different phone ... of any more abbreviations in English.

Action Plan for Teachers - TeachingEnglish

Action Plan for Teachers is one of three new booklets from BBC World Service. ... English. Material from the radio programmes plus information on many topics associated with English ... is a freelance ELT teacher, teacher trainer and textbook writer. ... book for anyone who might have to teach an English language lesson.

Chocolate student worksheet - TeachingEnglish

Task 2 – Chocolate trivia quiz. How much do you know about chocolate? Do this quiz to find out. 1) How heavy was the biggest chocolate bar in the world?

Emergency Landing Context - TeachingEnglish

Here is the first part of the story. Read it quite quickly. ... 'I'm afraid we have engine trouble, so we'll have to make an emergency landing. There's no cause for ...

Worksheet | Shopping is GREAT - TeachingEnglish

How people's shopping habits have changed over the years. Task 3. Vocabulary. 1. Match the idioms using the word 'shop' to the definitions. Idiom. Definition.

Writing a news report - TeachingEnglish

Materials. • Writing a news report worksheet ... information before writing the news report. ... corrections or changes and produces a final draft, using the template.

Own-language use in ELT: exploring global ... - TeachingEnglish

linguistics, English language teaching and discourse ... ELT, and suggest that teachers' attitudes towards ... Teachers in my institution feel that classes should.

Projects in Materials Design - TeachingEnglish

ELT documents. SPECIAL. Projects in. Materials Design. The British Council. ENGLISH LANGUAGE DIVISION CENTRAL INFORMATION SERVICE ...

A day in the trenches Student worksheets - TeachingEnglish

Your teacher will give you some pictures of soldiers in the First World War to discuss. Task 1 – discussion: daily life in the trenches. Look at the activities in the box.

Title: The Home-coming - TeachingEnglish

Phatik very slowly turned his head and, without seeing anybody, said: "Mother, the holidays have come." -THE END-. Rabindranath Tagore's short story: The Home ...

Money in The Merchant of Venice by ... - TeachingEnglish

To familiarise students with the themes, plot and characters in Shakespeare's play. The Merchant of Venice. Introduction. This lesson is an introduction to ...

Environmental problems - worksheets - TeachingEnglish

Student worksheets. Worksheet A Environmental Problems. Vocabulary ... BBC | British Council 2010. Pollution. Ozone Layer. Deforestation. Recycling. Hybrid.