Bioinstrumentation: A Project-Based Engineering ... - IEEE Xplore

Students in this course learn bioinstrumentation in the con- text of a model system: a cardiac pacemaker (PM) that includes sensing and stimulation, processor- ...

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Bioinstrumentation: A Project-Based Engineering ... - IEEE Xplore

Students in this course learn bioinstrumentation in the con- text of a model system: a cardiac pacemaker (PM) that includes sensing and stimulation, processor- ...

Project-based instruction in wireless communications ... - IEEE Xplore

Indeed, the mainstay of the course were these projects done using MATLAB. Index Terms—Mobile communications, telecommunications, wireless ...

Teaching introductory electrical engineering: Project ... - IEEE Xplore

Abstract—This paper presents an integration of a loosely defined design project in an introductory electrical engineering course. The proposed project aims to ...

Major Issues in Software Engineering Project ... - IEEE Xplore

development project. The first step taken to define the major issues of SEPM was to review the literature for software engineering problems since.

IEEE Standard for Software Project Management Plans - IEEE Xplore

22 Dec 1998 ... IEEE Standards documents are developed within the IEEE Societies and the ... 4.7.3 Documentation plan (Subclause 7.3 of the SPMP).

The 701 Project as Seen by Its Chief Architect - IEEE Xplore

Now that IBM is the leading computer company, it ... the money that pays your salary, don't you?” 701. ... Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC), and.

Virtual Labs Project - IEEE Xplore

25 Oct 2013 ... The Main Phase started in. April 2010. The participating institutes in this project are: IIT. Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur,.

IoT based smart healthcare kit - IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT -The paper presents the design and implementation of an IOT-based health monitoring system for emergency medical services which can ...

Research based on OSI model - IEEE Xplore

Interconnection Reference Model [2]. ISO International. Standards Organization[3] as defined by the OSI model defines seven layers of function and it is a ...

An improvement project for distribution transformer ... - IEEE Xplore

An Improvement Project for Distribution Transformer. Load Management in Taiwan. Yen-Ting Chao, Sheng-Ta Lee, Hong-Chan Chang, and Tsai-Hsiang Chen.

The consultant's role in project management - IEEE Xplore

Two major aspects of consultancy work lead consultants to a special place in project management. First, consul- tancy is itself a series of unique and varied ...

A University Website Design Project - IEEE Xplore

WebFeat was a Website design project undertaken on behalf offive departments and an administrative ofJice of the University of Washington's College of ...

An MIP-Based Novel Capacitive Sensor to Detect 2 ... - IEEE Xplore

12 Sep 2018 ... Khan.) M. M. Nezami, S. A. Wani, S. A. Khan, and S. Sohail are with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia,.

Microprocessor-Based Overcurrent Relays - IEEE Xplore

relay types, the operation time is inversely proportional (in certain degrees) with their overcurrent ratio. The general equation of the inverse overcurrent relays can ...

Chaos based PN sequence generator for ... - IEEE Xplore

Chaos Based PN Sequence Generator for. Cryptographic Applications. Musheer Ahmad1 and Omar Farooq2. 1Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of ...

A Wavetrap-Based Decoupling Technique for 45& ... - IEEE Xplore

A Wavetrap-Based Decoupling Technique for. 45°-Polarized MIMO Antenna Arrays. Yi-Ming Zhang, Member, IEEE, Shuai Zhang, Senior Member, IEEE, Jia-Lin ...

Iris Recognition Based on DLDA - IEEE Xplore

Iris Recognition Based on DLDA. Chengqiang Liu. Mei Xie. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, ChengDu 610054, China.

Designing of SPF based secure web application using ... - IEEE Xplore

Departments of CS&E, BPIBS, Govt. of. NCT Delhi, INDIA. Email Id: [email protected] B. M. Singh. Department of CS&E, College of. Engineering Roorkee ...

BER-based BLER prediction for LTE FDD DL channel ... - IEEE Xplore

Keywords—BER, BLER, OFDM, LTE. I. INTRODUCTION. Generally, digital transmission performance is expressed as probability of a bit error and in practice ...

An SVD Based Approach for Spoken Language ... - IEEE Xplore

Manish Jain, Saranya M. S., Hema A. Murthy ... Email: {manish, saranms, hema} ... matrix is solved using a novel proxy projection technique.

Low Switching Frequency Based Asymmetrical ... - IEEE Xplore

17 Jul 2019 ... simulation results have been performed in the PLECS software and a laboratory setup has been used to show ... B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees in electrical engi- neering from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), in 2014 and ...

An Online Examination System Based on UML ... - IEEE Xplore

In the design of this system, we applied Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling, such as use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, etc.

An efficient embedded Web server for Web-based ... - IEEE Xplore

When applied to embedded systems, Web technologies offer graphical user ... need a Web compiler which supports any format, such as Java, GIF, PEG, PDF,.

UV-A Sensor Based on 6H-SiC Schottky Photodiode - IEEE Xplore

continuous metal film Ni2Si/4H-SiC Schottky photodiode [4]. A. Sciuto, S. Di Franco, ... Catania-Italy (e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected];.

iot based health monitoring systems - IEEE Xplore

Long waiting hours at the hospitals or ambulatory patient monitoring are well known issues. The issues demands for a health monitoring system which can monitor ...

The 3D holographic projection technology based on ... - IEEE Xplore

Abstract. This paper made a more detailed description of 3D holographic projection, and explored the principle and technology about holographic projection ...

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Design - IEEE Xplore

13 Apr 1984 ... (called VEXED-an acronym for VLSI expert editor), and a prototype implementation of VEXED. The paper focuses on the principles under-.

The performance analysis of Docker and rkt based on ... - IEEE Xplore

The Performance Analysis of Docker and Rkt Based on Kubernetes. Xiao-Lan Xie1,2 Peng Wang *1, Qi Wang1. 1 College of Information Science and ...

Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend ... - IEEE Xplore

29 Jan 2015 ... Friendbook: A Semantic-Based Friend. Recommendation System for Social Networks. Zhibo Wang, Student Member, IEEE, Jilong Liao, Qing ...

What is engineering management? - IEEE Xplore

by addressing when engineering management skills are needed in an engineer's career. Index Terms—Competitiveness, engineering careers, interper-.

A New Growth Center Project Focuses on Young ... - IEEE Xplore

25 Jun 2019 ... JUNE 2019 □ IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE 75. In 2019, the IEEE and the IEEE In- dustrial Electronics Society (IES).

Connecting OOMD Course to Capstone Project Design - IEEE Xplore

Keywords: OOMD, UML, ACM standards, StarUML, Smart draw, and E-Draw. I. INTRODUCTION. In today's world object oriented system development is gaining ...

Tool condition monitoring Based on Mel-frequency ... - IEEE Xplore

Email: [email protected] Abstract—Manufacturing process performances become a key issue for reliability improvement. In order to decreasing loss.

Children story classification based on structure of the ... - IEEE Xplore

and Telugu stories based on their structure into three genres: Fable, Folk-tale and Legend. In this work, each story is divided into three parts: (i) introduction, ...

Recognition of Branch Series Resonance Based on ... - IEEE Xplore

system branches, the identification method of branch series resonance based on port equivalent method is proposed. First of all, a typical three-bus test system ...

SDN/NFV-Based Mobile Packet Core Network ... - IEEE Xplore

For example, Telenor, Vodafone,. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and ... JUJU [182]) into a single platform. It should be noted that, although most of the ...