Detailed Project Report (DPR) - National Horticulture Board

How quality of inputs/ raw materials is assured. 3.2.4.About Bank/ FI: Name of the Bank/FI, branch and its code identified for Term loan and. Rationale.

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Detailed Project Report (DPR) - National Horticulture Board

How quality of inputs/ raw materials is assured. 3.2.4.About Bank/ FI: Name of the Bank/FI, branch and its code identified for Term loan and. Rationale.

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Detailed Project Report (DPR) duly to be signed by the applicant (s) / authorised ... copra and coconut oil and other value added products. Coconut is a staple ...

a model bankable project on kiwi - National Horticulture Board

A MODEL BANKABLE PROJECT. ON KIWI. Sponsored by: The National Horticulture Board. Ministry of Agriculture,. Government of India,. Gurgaon, Haryana. By:.

detailed project report - Coir Board

DETAILED PROJECT REPORT. Cluster Location: POLLACHI, COIMBATORE DISTIRCT. Submitted to. Coir Board, Kochi. Prepared by: ...

Indian Horticulture Database 2013 - National Horticulture Board

Hand Book on Agriculture, ICAR. ❖ Check list of Commercial Verities of Fruits/Vegetables/Plantation Crops,. Ministy of Agriculture. Govt. of India.

Horticulture Statistics at a glance 2017. - National Horticulture Board

absence of availability of Indian satellite data during the crop growth, foreign satellite data ... 2015-16: Initial preparatory works by IASRI and States for the survey.

Indian Horticulture Database-2014 - National Horticulture Board

pleasure for me to bring out “Indian Horticulture Database 2014”. ... 2015. 605. 1880. 810. 1735. 880. 1546. 1450. 1327. 1730. 1321. 1440. 1408. 1865. 1398.

Detailed Project Report for National Mission Mode Project under ...

Detailed Project Report Template and Guidelines for APTS. 3. Abbreviations and Acronyms. Term. Definition. Snapshot of the DPR. Title of DPR. Project Initiator.

DETAILED PROJECT REPORT: Preparation ... - NCR Planning Board

This document provides a reference format for preparing DPRs/Project Reports across sectors. The major sections covered are as follows: 1. Sector background ...

Detailed Project Report (DPR) :Model template - National ...

Total Eligible Project cost as assessed by the Applicant as per NHB guidelines. 16. Bank/ Financial Institution identified for Term loan. 17. Proposed Means of.

Detailed Project Report (DPR) : Model template - National ...

Detailed Project Report (DPR). : Model template for NHB Scheme No.1 for Plum. Scheme.1. Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production and.

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Post-Harvest Management of Horticulture Crops: 1. Open field ... contained more vitamin C, protein and mineral in comparison to apple and mango. Ber fruits.

PAC - National Horticulture Board

15 Nov 2019 ... IFSC Code. Sl3TNOO05852 ... Bank, project has been completed in 25 months which is beyond 24 months from date of 1st installment ... Union Bank of Branch-Pachegaon, Tal-Newasa, Dist-. India ... YESBOCMSNOC. 15.45.

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YashwantraoChavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nashik ... Quiz and assignment g. Report ... Successful and timely completion of assignments. 4.

DPR - National Horticulture Board

Bank/ Financial Institution identified for Term loan. 7. Proposed Means of ... From NHB : Whether any assistance in the form of soft loan and subsidy has been.

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22 Jul 2019 ... IBank. IHRoad, Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Shivamogga,. Karnataka b. ... OBC. Minorities. 3. 2. 1. Muslims. 3. 3. Christians. Sikhs. Buddhists.

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2484 Wale Jivan Rewansiddha. Grape ... 3559 Laxmibai Kacharu Bhandare. Grape. 2.867. 0.573 ... Central Potato Research Institute (ICAR), Shimla. 1,500,000.

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do not prescribe specification for construction of poly house/ shade house of specific category ... List of Experts Contributed/Consulted). ... higher inside air temperature and the greater height will result in material wastage and risk of damage.

Gerbera - National Horticulture Board

Gerbera. Tick mark. 1. Protected Cover of NHB specified crops. Within overall cost ... Cleanliness of the greenhouse and regular attention to the plants are very.

Banana - National Horticulture Board

Lay out plan of the project/ Map of Farm / production/ Operations unit / project land showing ... are the two soil factors important for successful banana cultivation.

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for value addition of pomegranate are available with ICAR-NRC on Pomegranate, Solapur. 5.2.13. Central and State Government policies to promote the ...

Stevia - National Horticulture Board

Whether project site is part of production belt / cluster / hub. 10. Rationale for the ... In India, CSIR-IHBT has successfully introduced stevia as commercial crop.

Cardamom - National Horticulture Board

arborea), Corangati (Acrocarpus fraxinifolius), Chandana Viambu (Toona ... (Katte) selection, recommended for moderate to high. Suitable for. Kodagu, Hassan,.

Mushroom - National Horticulture Board

Cultivation Technology and Technical Standards of Components of Integrated Button Mushroom Unit. Protected Production under NHB Scheme. (Technical ...

contents - National Horticulture Board

Kannada (Karnataka). (CASHEW. PROCESSING ... Balagar, Yellapur Taluk, Uttara Kannada. Pepper. 0.31914 ... Vijay Dashrath Gadhe. Grape. 5.76. 0.911. 60.

Protected Cultivation - National Horticulture Board

built up in-house capability to design and fabricate infrastructure for protected cultivation in ... do not prescribe specification for construction of poly house/ shade house of specific ... Opening and closing arrangement either manual or auto.

Black Pepper - National Horticulture Board

Development of Commercial cultivation of black pepper ... Norm: means Over all ceiling in project mode with add on component as per NHB Scheme guidelines.

Lime & Lemons - National Horticulture Board

Note: NHB Norm: means over all ceiling in project mode with add on ... *The water requirement of acid lime is 20% less than mandarin and sweet orange;.

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2015-16. Hkqxrku. 2016-17. 2015-16. orZeku o"kZ. fiNyk o"kZ. orZeku o"kZ. fiNyk o"kZ ... Indian Horticulture Database - (2002) (Released in November 2002).

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Mrs.8ebibai Dadaji Shewale A/p-Kamkheda Tal- GRAPES. 30.84. 9.42. Deola Dist- ... Mis Baba Barfani Cold Storage, Village-. 434.39. 15.00. Full and final.

IIVR, Varanasi - National Horticulture Board

IIVR, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). Model. Entrepreneurship ... Be creative. Lead Profits. ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Shanshahpur, Varanasi, UP ...

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Project Site Address with Postal Code and Police Station Name. 8. Technical ... Caste Certificate issued by Competent Authority is to be ... Source: TNAU.

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poly houses etc under various categories. In this context it is noteworthy that a number of poly house units and shade nets have not been successful due to use ...

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This help in selection of site for LSCD, Nallah bunding and Masonry check dams. Table No. 27 Details of Scientific planning and Inputs in the project. S. No.

Year 2009-2010 - National Horticulture Board

Horticulture through Production & Post Harvest Management' Year 2009-10. Name of the State ... M. C. Luthra Ice & Cold Storage, Kundli, Sonipat. 508,000. 6.

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D.J. Logistics (Prop: Jaspreet Kaur Aneja), 37- ... 27 P.K.. Vijayan,. Pazhayidam. House,. Chathurangapara.P.O, Namari Jn.Idukki. (OTHER ... 74 Rajendra Mahaling Jangam, A/p-Soni, Tal-Miraj, ... Ranipur, Taluka - Mauranipur, Distt. Jhansi ...