NPTEL Phase – II

The commonly used depreciation methods are straight-line depreciation method, declining balance method, sum-of-years-digits method and sinking fund ...

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Phase Angle Control in Triac-based Single-phase AC ... - Nptel

Keywords: Phase angle controller circuit, Triac-based single-phase ac regulator, or ac to ac voltage converter, harmonic analysis of the output voltage waveform.

Three-phase to Single-phase Cyclo-converters - Nptel

Study of the following: • The three-phase to single-phase cyclo-converter circuit, using two three-phase full-wave thyristorised bridge converters. • The operation ...

Three-phase to Three-phase Cyclo-converters - Nptel

Lastly, the analysis of the cyclo-converter output waveform is presented. The procedure for obtaining the expression for the output voltage (rms) per phase for cyclo ...

NPTEL Phase – II

The commonly used depreciation methods are straight-line depreciation method, declining balance method, sum-of-years-digits method and sinking fund ...

Three Phase Transformer - Nptel

single phase transformers can be connected for 3-phase system requiring change of voltage level. ... Key Words: bank of three phase transformer, vector group.

Three phase circuits - Nptel

difference should be 120 degree, this all we have seen right. ... already seen know, v we have already seen for single-phase circuit v is equal to v m let ... instantaneous power in a balanced three-phase system is constant that means, it is time.

Phase Diagrams - Nptel

3) The iron-carbon system, phase transformations. 4) Transformation rate effects and TTT diagrams, ... system under equilibrium is termed as phase diagram.

RC Phase Shift Oscillator using Op-amp - Nptel

Hardik J Pandya. Department of Electronic Systems Engineering. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Lecture – 28. RC Phase Shift Oscillator using Op-amp.

Three-phase Balanced Supply - Nptel

Keywords: Three-phase balanced voltage, star- and delta-connections, ... to answer the following questions: 1. How to generate three-phase balanced voltages?

Single Phase Converters - Nptel

lecture on single phase converters. We shall continue with the single phase fully controlled converter ... let us come to the single phase dual converter. So it a 4 ...

Single Phase Transformer - Nptel

these 2 equations E 1 by E 2 you will get N 1 by N 2 therefore, E 1 upon N 1 is equal to. E 2 by N 2 that is induced emf per turns is constant that is E 1 by N 1 is ...

phase equilibrium thermodynamics - Nptel

Lewis – Randall rule MAY NOT BE ACCURATE a. when the physical properties of the components are similar b. at low pressures for gases c. for binary liquid ...

Single Phase Converter - Nptel

we will define the term form factor as f defined by f of F FRMS/Fav. (Refer Slide Time: 05:58). Similarly, we will define the ripple factor that is basically; form factor is ...

Single phase AC circuits - Nptel

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. Prof. Debapriya Das. Department of Electrical Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Lecture - 37.

Three phase Induction Motors - Nptel

Lecture - 59. Three phase Induction Motors (Contd.) (Refer Slide Time: 00:17). So, now principle of Induction Motor right so, the operation of three phase induction.

Single Component Phase Diagram - Nptel

phase diagram between solid water, like ice, and liquid, with the boundary ... So, this is what the Sulphur phase diagrams has done You can search on Google.

Mechatronics and Manufacturing Automation NPTEL Phase 2 Dr ...

Control engineering helps in the development of various electronics- based control systems to enhance or replace the mechanics of the mechanical systems.

Single phase uncontrolled rectifier - Nptel

9.3 Single phase uncontrolled half wave rectifier. This is the simplest and ... available the bridge configuration of the full wave rectifier is used. This is the more ...

Measurement of Power in a Three-phase Circuit - Nptel

How to connect the two-wattmeter to measure the total power in a three-phase circuit. – both balanced and unbalanced? 2. Also how to find the power factor for the ...

NPTEL Phase – II (Syllabus Template) - UGC MOOCs

Course Outline. Week. Lessons/Topics. 1. Introduction – Glass Processing. 2. Warehouse Management. 3. Unloading, Storage and Handling of Glass. 4.

nptel phase ii - technical english - SASTRA

Produce. Project. Delight. UNIT 1 LESSON 2. Articles. Articles function as adjectives and modify nouns. They are used before nouns or adjectives and also.

PSM Setting and Phase Relay Coordination - Nptel

minimum fault current. This decides the range available for setting relay pick-up. Table 2 details the calculations associated with setting of overcurrent relays.

Op-amps as Phase Shift Oscillator - Nptel

So, in the electronic circuit when you talk about electronic circuits, how the oscillators are designed and what kind of oscillators are available and if I know a theory ...

Course on Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics By Professor ... - Nptel

So therefore by using the 2 Tds equations the first Tds equation I could actually express u as a function of CvdT in this particular equation, okay. Now from here let ...

Phase Equilibria in Material and Metallurgical - Nptel

Phase Diagrams of Pb-Sn and Fe-C. So welcome again to ... phase diagram with considerable solid solubility at eutectic temperature. So, lead is fcc tin is has a ...

NPTEL Phase-II Video course on Design Verification and Test of ...

NPTEL Phase-II. Video course on. Design Verification and Test of. Digital VLSI Designs. Dr. Santosh Biswas. Dr. Jatindra Kumar Deka. IIT Guwahati ...

18/03/2019 NPTEL Phase II :: Chemical Engineering - NOC:Atomic ...

18 Mar 2019 ... NPTEL Phase II :: Chemical Engineering - NOC:Atomic and Molecular Absorption Spectrometry for ... Course Co-ordinated by IISc Bangalore.

Operation and Analysis of the Three Phase Fully Controlled ... - Nptel

Analyze the operation of higher pulse number converters and dual converter. ... The thyristors in the converter circuit are commutated with the help of the supply ... if α is made larger than 90° the direction of power flow through the converter will.

Phase Diagram for different Solid State Reaction - Nptel

So, therefore, any peritectoid reaction is you know is presided by either a peritectic reaction or eutectic reaction or eutectoid reaction, all the things are possible that ...

Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Transformers - Nptel

Voltage Regulation of Single Phase Transformers. (Refer Slide Time: 00:59). A single phase transformer like this is supplied from a constant voltage constant.

Concurrency Control: Two-phase Locking Protocol - Nptel

Schedules: Concurrency Control: Two-phase Locking Protocol. (Refer Slide Time: 00:12). We are going to study locking protocols and the first locking protocol, ...

Unit 6 - Week 4: Gibb's Phase Rule - Nptel

7 Nov 2018 ... Total variables include temperature, pressure, number of phases and number of components. Chemical potential of each component is same in ...

Multiple Choice Questions-Phase Diagrams - Nptel

Material Science/ Phase Diagrams. Multiple Choice Questions. Multiple Choice Questions: 1. Gibbs phase rule for general system: (a) P F=C-1. (b) P F=C 1.

Operation and Analysis of Three Phase Half Controlled ... - Nptel

The resulting converter is called a three phase half controlled converter. ... the continuous conduction mode only one thyristor from top group and only one diode.

Iron Carbon Phase diagram Questions - Nptel

Lecture 23-24 : Iron Carbon Phase diagram. Questions: 1. FCC is a more close packed structure yet solubility of carbon in austenite which is FCC is higher.

Three-phase Delta-Connected Balanced Load - Nptel

Keywords: line and phase currents, star- and delta-connections, balanced load. After going through this lesson, the students will be able to answer the following.