Lessons from the Indian Spectrum Auctions Prof ... - SSRN Papers

'presumptive loss' to the Indian exchequer in allocating 2G spectrum using FCFS and raising these issues in the ... 10 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G_scam?

Lessons from the Indian Spectrum Auctions Prof ... - SSRN Papers - Related Documents

Lessons from the Indian Spectrum Auctions Prof ... - SSRN Papers

'presumptive loss' to the Indian exchequer in allocating 2G spectrum using FCFS and raising these issues in the ... 10 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2G_scam?

The Structure of Derivatives Exchanges: Lessons ... - SSRN Papers

In a well-designed derivatives market resources are efficiently allocated ... Mobility of capital and glabalization of securities trading requires an exchange to ... Appropriate disclosures reduce the difference between investors' expectation and.

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate ... - SSRN Papers

As organized, the essays constitute an elegant and instructive manual on management, investment, finance, and accounting. Buffett's basic principles form the ...

Spectrum Access and Auctions - ITU

23 Nov 2016 ... context of modern SM. 1. Auction as a ... A little History of Spectrum Auctions. ➢ Practical ... Early release may speed up innovation. • depending on ... current spectrum award) and, crucially, upon how intensively they compete.

Managing Spectrum Auctions - ICRIER

Kolkata. 5.0 7.0. 8.0 7.0. 5. 12. Maha. 9. 5. 13. MP. 5.8. 7. 6.4. 14. Mumbai. 6.0 5.0. 8.2 11 ... Snapshot: 2010 - 3G/BWA auctions bidding. S.No. Circle. Airtel. Vodafone. Idea. Aircel. RCOM. Tata. 1 ... Increase Existing Revenue (Raise Tariffs).

Evaluating Spectrum Auctions in India - ICRIER

These modern spectrum auctions allocate multiple units where bidders ... Source: https://www.trai.gov.in/sites/default/files/BIF_07112017.pdf. In August 2018 ...

of Indian Ethos and Indian Management - SSRN Papers

World as one family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is another popular phrase ... "God is One and One is God" captures the essence of the idea of oneness. Swami.

The Indian environment for entrepreneurship and ... - SSRN Papers

and many unsuccessful attempts to promote entrepreneurship and small business development in India. There are also some well-founded rationales as well as ...

Indian Premier League - papers in the SSRN

Description: The Indian Premier League (IPL) conceived by the Board of control ... lights with play beginning at 5 p.m. Two matches would be scheduled each ... From 2007 to 2015 the Twenty20 World Championship would be held every two.


first part of the study describes the meaning of dissolution of a firm and second part focuses on the various important modes under which partnership firm can be.

A New Look at the Efficiency & Volatility of Indian ... - SSRN Papers

mentha oil and cardamom producers, using MCX data and find strong evidence that futures market contracts benefits improvements in marketing alternatives, ...

Plea Bargaining: The Indian Experience - SSRN Papers

1. ABSTRACT. This article tries to explore the genesis and notion of plea bargaining and present state of remedy in India post the Criminal Law Amendment Act, ...

secularism as an ideology: a global and indian ... - SSRN Papers

manage religious institutions as provided in Articles 25 and 26.1. II. SECULARISM AS A PART OF BASIC STRUCTURE OF INDIAN. CONSTITUTION:-.

federal structure of indian constitution - SSRN Papers

design of Indian Constitution, I would like to explain the difference Federal and ... A Federal State derives its existence and every power- executive, legislation or ... satisfied with this provision and it makes a body i.e. Planning Commission to ...

The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution 1 ... - SSRN Papers

Draft – The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution. 1. CONSTITUTIONAL INTERPRETATION. Chintan Chandrachud. *. Introduction. How do you interpret ...

Separation of Powers – An Indian Perspective - SSRN Papers

2.1 Debate of constituent assembly on adoption of separation of powers. 2.2 Independence of judiciary and separation of power in India. 2.3 Theory of checks and ...

judicial review and the indian courts - SSRN Papers

Judicial review in this case means that Courts of law have the power of testing the ... The constitution of India, in this respect, is more a kin to the U.S. Constitution than the British. In Britain ... The historic case of Golak Nath vs. ... the other hand, the Supreme Court's new role of judicial activism also has been criticized, and.

A Study of Indian Rupee Fluctuation against US ... - SSRN Papers

exchange rate mechanism, rupee journey against dollar since independence, factors influencing the fluctuation of Indian rupee and finally modeling the ...

One of the unquestioned premises of Indian contract ... - SSRN Papers

observes, “This section (section 27 of the Indian Contract Act) does not say that only unreasonable restraint of trade is void and reasonable restraint of trade is ...

Indian Streams Research Journal - SSRN Papers

7 Aug 2014 ... Arts, Science & Commerce College,. Indapur, Pune. Awadhesh Kumar Shirotriya. Secretary,Play India Play,Meerut(U.P.). Iresh Swami. Ex - VC.

FDI in Indian Retail Sector: The Implications and ... - SSRN Papers

in early 2013 allowed 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail. ... attempt to understand pros and cons vis-à-vis opportunity and challenges of FDI in Indian retail.

A study on Indian Telecommunication Industry with ... - SSRN Papers

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. BSNL, a state-owned service provider in India, is ... SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is.

1 Entrepreneurship and Indian Economy: role of ... - SSRN Papers

Entrepreneurship and Indian Economy: role of government policies in entrepreneurship ... Indian Economics œ R. Dutt & K.P.M. Sundaram (1996). 6.

As one of the organizing principles of Indian society ... - SSRN Papers

was finally challenged, in M.R. Balaji v State of Mysore.15 In M.R. Balaji, the Court was faced with a difficult situation: Articles 16(1) and (2) of the Constitution.

Adultery and the Indian Penal Code - SSRN Papers

Adultery in India is a criminal offence as per the Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. (IPC). Adultery generally means a consensual sexual relationship ...

indian judicial activism on the 'right to environment ... - SSRN Papers

The Supreme Court while exercising its epistolary jurisdiction has often treated letters written to it as writ petitions, granting remedies to that aggrieved strata of ...

one such pattern in the indian legal academy - SSRN Papers

89 NALSAR introduced a reservation policy for students from Andhra Pradesh in ... It was characterized by a turn to a socialist and pro-government agenda.

Dr.Kalpana Gopalan, IAS, PGPPM, Ph.D. Indian ... - SSRN Papers

Dr.Kalpana Gopalan, IAS, PGPPM, Ph.D. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Chief Guest Address: National Conference on “Empowering Men to ...

The evolution of the Indian software industry - SSRN Papers

e-mail: [email protected] January 2005. Abstract: This paper examines the growth of dynamic capabilities among firms in the Indian software industry by ...

The Indian Press and Public Opinion on the ... - SSRN Papers

Swadesamitran in 1882, as a Tamil Weekly newspaper at Madras.5 The ... Bodhini, the Swarajya, the Al-Ameen, were also published the Gandhian programmes.

The Indian insurance industry: challenges and ... - SSRN Papers

This report begins with an overview of the Indian insurance market in Section II, which highlights the phenomenal growth experienced recently, in line with the ...

An Assessment of FII Investment in Indian Capital ... - SSRN Papers

Ever since the opening of the Indian equity markets to foreigners, net FII investments ... FIIs issuing ODIs of outstanding notional value (excluding derivatives) ... The estimated ADF statistics of returns on BSE, NSE and FII investments are -35.4, ...

present status of indian agriculture - SSRN Papers

the sector and more importantly improving the economic status of poor farmers. The action plan to strengthen agriculture in India needs to be on domestic ...

new democratic dynasty - a challenge to indian ... - SSRN Papers

Minister has been held by a single political dynasty – the Nehru-Gandhi family – for most of. India's history as a democracy. Though Indian politics cannot be ...

Value Crisis in Indian Emerging Society - SSRN Papers

values. Moral, Religious and spiritual education is being deliberately neglected in our educational system. India is passing through a period of value crisis.

indian constitution and human rights - SSRN Papers

In other words, the Indian Constitution guarantees the basic human rights to every citizen of India. ... However, the most important article of human freedom is ...