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for silk – constraints in silk production like labour, land, environmental conditions, skill and production cost. ... Preparation of moulting – methods- manual, shelf and jebrai methods - advantages and ... E. Laboratory note book : ( Marks 10 ). M-4 ...

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sericulture - University of Kalyani

for silk – constraints in silk production like labour, land, environmental conditions, skill and production cost. ... Preparation of moulting – methods- manual, shelf and jebrai methods - advantages and ... E. Laboratory note book : ( Marks 10 ). M-4 ..., sericulture - Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Illustrated Textbook on Sericulture. Oxford & IBH publishing Co.. Pvt. Ltd. Calcutta. 4. Jolly. M.S. Chowdhuty. S.N and Sen. (1975). Non-Mulberry Sericulture in.

Sericulture - University of Calcutta

Unit 5: Silkworm Diseases: Protozoan disease, Bacterial disease, Fungal disease ... management (Major Pest) (Pest Definition, Pest Outbreak, Pest Forecasting).

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Illustrated Textbook on Sericulture. Oxford & IBH publishing Co, Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, ... for development. 9. FAO Agricultural Extension Manual (Second edition) ...

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Global Silk Scenario: Silk production in India, China and Japan – past and present. Tropical ... Silk lacing – skeining – objectives, process – book making - bundling and bale making. 2. ... 9) Sericulture Manual - I (Mulberry Cultivation) - 1972.

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Areas of Interest/ Specialization: Renaissance Literature, Shakespeare, Drama, ... Professor, English Department, Kalyani University. ii. Head, Department of English, for 2 tenures from 27.7.2000 to 26.7.2002 & from ... Sambalpur University, Odisha. ... “Anticipating the English Reformation in Popular Culture: Simon Fish's A ... - University of Kalyani

Sehgal & Sehgal, Advanced Accountancy, Taxman Publication. 7. ... (a) Basic Concepts and Definitions under Income Tax Act, 1961: Person, ... Sales Reports: Reports and documents; sales manual, Order Book, Cash Memo; Tour Diary,.

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Textbook of Environmental Chemistry. ... Fundamentals of Ecology and Environmental Biology, New Central Book. Agency. ... Energy audit of college/ industry.


REVISED SYLLABUS. FOR THREE YEARS B.Sc. DEGREE COURSE ... Feynman, Leighton and Sands : Feynman Lecture Notes on Physics, Vol.I -. Narosa.


Modern Indian Language : One half paper : 50 Marks. Environmental ... Indian History (Pre-historic times to Sixteenth Century A.D.. (Page-G-2) ... Eastern Question in the late 19 th. Century and the ... Responses to Pakistan Demand – national and regional c. ... One set of objective questions covering the whole syllabus. G-8 ...

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FINANCE OFFICER. Kalyani- 741 235, West Bengal ... Sub: Submission of Declaration Form dully filled-up for House Rent Allowance (HRA) ... that the employee whose spouse is servicing at an employment of the Central Govt./State. Govt.

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As per the University Academic calendar ... MLIS curricula consists of 72 credits distributed in 18 courses in 2 academic sessions and 4 ... New Delhi: Galgotia.

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1 Jul 2019 ... applications for admission to the following 2 year semester wise Post Graduate ... Admission Notice: 2019-20 ... 7 Kanchrapara College.

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23 Aug 2018 ... B. Semester-wise detail content of UG-CBCS syllabus. A. TOTAL Number of courses in UG-CBCS (B.A. English Honours.): Types of course.

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M.Sc. Botany Choice Based Credit System -Syllabus (effective from 2017-18 ... M.Sc. degree will be awarded to students who complete a total of 64 credits in a ...

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2) “Chapal Rani/ Chapal Bhaduri: On- and Off-Stage” in Naribhav: Androgyny and Female. Impersonation in India. Eds. Tutun Mukherjee and Niladri R. Chatterjee ...

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University of Kalyani. (Application Form for a Migration Certificate). UNIVERSITY. The Controller of Examinations. University of Kalyani. Kalyani,Nadia, W.B.. Sir,.

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Modern IUPAC periodic table and classification of elements in the table; ... energy distribution in one, two and three dimensions, calculations of average, ... Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, Viva Press.4. ... Undergraduate Chemistry Experiments, edited by Mukherjee, G. N., University ... Gilchrist, T. L. & Storr, R. C..

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The Categorical Imperative : A Study in. Kant's Moral Philosophy. : H.J.Paton. • Naitikatār Adhibidyār Mulsutrer. Ālochanā (A translation in Bengali of. Kant's ...

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23 Jun 2016 ... Prof. ... of Microbiology, University of Kalyani on 6 January, 2014. ... Efforts have been made for public examination like WBCS/etc. ... 5.13 Major grievances of students (if any) redressed: Nil ... The question papers are reviewed and moderated by the subject ...

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Classical Sanskrit Literature (Drama). 04. ... Evolution of Indian Scripts. 02. ... History of Sanskrit Drama and an Introduction to Principle Sanskrit Drama. Unit I.

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HS/ISC/CBSE (10 2) or Equivalent: School/College/Board. Exam. Passed. Year of ... Bengali. (Hons.) i) Bibhuti Bhusan. Bandyopadhyay Prize has been awarded for ... A. Research Papers (in referred Journals). 15. 2 ... Date: 04-09-2017.


Income, Previous Year, Assessment Year, Person Assessee & Total income. Income not included in the Total Income. Clubbing of Income. Tax Planning. Rate of ...

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Unit IV-Skill Tests. Specific Sports Skill Test: Badminton: Miller Wall Volley Test. Basketball: Johnson. Basketball Test, Harrison Basketball ability Test. Cricket: ...

(Hons.) Sanskrit - University of Kalyani

discipline/subject of study is referred to as Discipline Specific Elective. The ... Philosophy, Religion and Culture in Sanskrit Tradition. 02. ... Sanskrit, Semester V/VI ... Nītiśatakam (1-20 Verses, 1st two Paddhatis)-M. R. Kale Edition. Unit: I ... Origin of Caste-System from Inter-caste ... Writing Materials, Inscribers and Library.

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To verify the Superposition, and Maximum power transfer theorems. 9. To determine ... Harmonic Waves: Standing (Stationary) Waves in a String: Fixed and Free Ends. Analytical Treatment. ... Thermal Physics, S. Garg, R. Bansal and Ghosh, 2nd Edition, 1993, Tata McGraw-. Hill ... Saving it as an eps file and as a pdf file.

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Bachelors Degree with Honours (10 2 3 system) or its equivalent (B.E., B. Tech., MBA, ... Subject and disciplines: Concept and features, Types of subjects, Modes of formation of ... Vidyasagar University Journal of Library and Information Sci-.

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Two Year Post Graduate Course with Choice Based. Credit System. Semester-I. Session: 2018-2020. Directorate of Open and Distance Learning (DODL).

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Wastes utilization and applications in supercapacitors, Hydrogen Energy ... August. 2015. Kandaswamy. Kandar's. College,. Namakkal Dist,. Application of Soya.

UNIVERSITY OF KALYANI Compulsory Environmental Studies

Field studies are as essential as class work and form an irreplaceable synergistic tool in the entire learning process. Course material provided by UGC for class ...

solid state physics - University of Kalyani

A Laboratory Manual of Physics for undergraduate classes, D.P.Khandelwal, ... A Treatise on Heat, Meghnad Saha, and B.N.Srivastava, 1958, Indian Press.

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Semester Courses in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Names of the Courses : M.Sc. in Biochemistry & M.Sc. in Biophysics. Description of each papers. Paper.

University of Kalyani Revised Syllabus of Sociology

T.B. Bottomore, Sociology : A guide to Problems and Literature, George, Allen and Unwin (India), 1972. 4. M. Harlambos, Sociology : Themes and perspectives, ...

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Core T2- Biology of silkworm and silkworm crop protection ... out the Seri cultural countries on World maps/ sericultural zones on Indian map ,West ... Unit 1: Silkworm taxonomy & life-cycle. ... Unit 5: Life cycle of Tasar, Eri and Muga silkworm.

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First record of a Gregarine from an earthworm of Bangladesh. Proc. ... Bangla Prabade O Chharai Koutuk-Ros O Samaj-Bhabna, Grantha Bikash, Kolkata, 2013.