q,c - ccla

18 Apr 2018 ... APBOCW. WB. GO Ms. 24, LET&F. (Lab.I),. Dept, dt.7 .72.17. Rs.20,000/-. Rs. 50.000/-, if ST or lvlinority;. Rs. 40,000/-, if SC;. Rs. 35,000/-, if BC;.

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q,c - ccla

18 Apr 2018 ... APBOCW. WB. GO Ms. 24, LET&F. (Lab.I),. Dept, dt.7 .72.17. Rs.20,000/-. Rs. 50.000/-, if ST or lvlinority;. Rs. 40,000/-, if SC;. Rs. 35,000/-, if BC;.

GO Ms No. 45, Law(F) - CCLA

1 Jun 2016 ... force of law in the whole of the State of Andhra Pradesh;. (b) appointed ... The Telangana (Prevention of ... Protection of Depositors of (Legal).

INAMS - ccla

1 Dec 2019 ... 1908, with the object of enlarging the definition of 'Estate' under that Act so as to cover ... period of limitation, petition for condonation of delay in ...


8 Aug 2014 ... FORM OF APPLICATION FOR ISSUE OF COMMUNITY AND DATE OF BIRTH. CERTIFICATE RELATING TO SCHEDULED CASTES / BACKWARD ... I am in need of a Scheduled Caste /backward classes Community and ...

view - CCLA

Land Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad. CCLA's Circular No. ... Sadabainama regularisation by Hon'ble Chief Minister on ... Assignment Lands. C. Urban ...

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3 డిసెం 2017 ... Pattadar Father Name in Webland - TLRMS - Instructions issued – Reg. Ref:- Review Meeting by the Principal Secretary to Hon'ble Chief ...

The AP Land Revenue Act - ccla

25 Nov 2013 ... such information shall mean that he is willing to have the Gulmohwa ... Sec.87 — Even though there is an infirmity in the impugned order of the.

Replies to objections from CCLA, AP

13 Feb 2017 ... It is further submitted that in the provislonal seniority list of the DCs working in the state, her ... Proceeding NoSer-l(1)/1956/2015 dated 13.02.2017. Therefore ... cadre of Soecral Grade Deo-ly Colleclor and lhey were cors,dered In .l^e ... Godavari. 11. D. Pushpa Mani, DePutY. Collector, East Godavari. 12.


The lands used for other than agricultural purposes are liable for payment of NALA tax. The schedule of tax rates depends upon the two factors 1.Nature of utility ...

Land Grabbing Act - CCLA

29 Jun 1982 ... The A.P. Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Act, 1982 was enacted and has come into force w.e.f. 29.6.1982. It was subsequently amended by Act ...

The AP District Formation Rules - CCLA

25 Nov 2013 ... or more mandals under the charge of a Revenue Divisional ... Published in A.P. Gazette R.S. to Part-I (Extra.), dt. 16-4-1984. - - -. THE ANDHRA ...

Declaration I, , hereby declare that the following is true and ... - CCLA

I,. , hereby declare that the following is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief: 1. My name is . 2. I am a national of . 3. I hold a. [visa ...

The Survey and Boundaries Act of 1923. - CCLA

5. The file is sent for final scrutiny to the Inspector of Survey after incorporating changes in the village accounts. 6. D-Sketch is ...

non-agricultural PURPOSES) ACT, 2006 - CCLA

[Act No. 3 of 2006]. An Act to Regulate the Co. Purposes and For Matters Connerfla °V^Sricultural Land to Non-Agricultural. Repeal the Andhra Pradesh Nnn a.

The AP TA Land revenue Rules - CCLA

'Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Land Revenue Rules, 1951. (2) They shall ... the bed of a Government source irrigation shall be granted on patta. F—Tank Bed. 28. ... the crop and make a panchanama of the crop in Form 'D' and submit.

Issue of No Objection Certificate - CCLA

Sub: - Issue of No Objection Certificate - Request - Reg.,. ***. I Sri / Smt. S/o D/O W/o. ,. Construction Premises House No. Street. ,. Locality. ,. Village,. Mandal. I am the absolute owner and possessor of the e said property to an extent of ______ ...

Sub: - Issue of No Objection Certificate - Request - Reg., - CCLA

I am in need of No Objection Certificate of the above said property, which is required for taking permission from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal. Corporation for ...

Income Feereimbursement Application Form - CCLA

He / she required income certificate for getting scholarship / Fee reimbursement, hence I am giving this affidavit along with income declaration. INCOME ...

Sub:- CMRO - O/o CCLA, T.S., Hyderabad - Issuance of manual ...

with online generated Passbook unique number - Certain modification ... secured e-Pattadar Passbook services are ready for service through MeeSeva.

The Telangana Agricultural Land Conversion for Non ... - CCLA

... Act may be callpH i-u. (Conversion for Non-Aerimif^ Andhra Pradesh Agricultural Land ... Subs, for the words fee/fees" substituted by A.P. Act 16 of 2012. S. 6].

The Telangana Land Encroachment Act 1905 - CCLA

For unobjectionable encroachments the collector will do regularization after due enquiry from MRO/RDO. In case of poor persons encroached land will be.

Survey Settlements and Land Records - ccla

... vide G.O.Ms.No. 59 Revenue (D) ... Commissioner of AP and Telangana State on the functioning of the Academy. Now the ... Government, in G.O.Ms.No.1308 Revenue (SS1) Department, dated 12-12-2003 issued notification introducing the ...


½ gunta. 0.0050. 1 acre 35 guntas and ¾ part or. 1 acre 35 ¾ guntas. 1.3575 ... Note: Take village extent units from webland village list (either guntas / cents,.

office manual of the board of revenue - CCLA

(b) The office consists of the Land Revenue and Settlement Branch and other branches as detailed in para i above. Each branch is further divided into sections ...

E-Pass Book Application Form - CCLA

Document List: - (NOTE: All Upload Documents are in PDF format only and All Documents Size must not exceed 3MB). For New Pattadhar Pass Book:.


Application Form for Family Members Certificate. 2. Notarized Affidavit (Rs.10/-). 3. Statement of Applicant with one Photograph. ( to be filled in by applicant). 4.

Late Registration of Death Application Form - CCLA

Telangana. The information regarding death of my. not informed to the local Births and Deaths Registration Authority of. Mandal/Municipality. Hence the name ...

Revenue Recovery Act DESCRIPTION: Distraint and sale of ... - ccla

Revenue Recovery Act 1864 enables the Government to recover [i] arrears of Public Revenues and certain other amounts due to the Government [ii] dues to banks ...

Estates (Abolition and conversion into Ryotwari) Act 1948 - CCLA

and Settlement Officer for obtaining ryotwari pattas. Grant of Ryotwari Pattas. Sec.11 Lands in which ryot is entitled to ryotwari patta : Every ryot in an estate shall, ...

The Telangana Record of Rights in Land and Pattadar Pass ... - CCLA

issued thereon and executive instructions were also issued by the Government, and Commissioner of Survey,. Settlements and Land Records, Hyderabad.

Certified Copies Issued by Dy.Tahsidhar Application Form - CCLA

Aadhar Number/Enrollment Id: ____. Document Holder Name*: ______. Father / Husband Name*: _____. Door No: ______ Locality. District*: ______ Mandal.

Revenue Department - Inam Abolitions An Inam is a gift of ... - ccla

of a ryotwari holder. Quitrent payable on such enfranchised inam lands is usually 1/4th or. 1/8th or sum such fraction of the full assessment payable on the land.

no property certif o property certificate application form - CCLA

Application Form*. □ Ration Card/Aadhar No/Electoral Card*. □ Death Certificate*. □ Copy of Family Member Certificate*. (* - Indicates Mandatory).

noc for construction construction of cinema hall application ... - CCLA

Status and Previous experience of Applicant. Cinema Hall Type*: □ Permanent Cinema Building. Application Type*: □New Construction □ Re. Mandal*: ...