Why Can't We Go Home? - Human Rights Watch

4 Oct 2018 ... Construction of a Buddhist Temple on a Hindu Temple Site, Myliddy ................................. ... HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH | OCTOBER 2018 ... to systematically map and review military use of land as well as the status of release and.

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Why Can't We Go Home? - Human Rights Watch

4 Oct 2018 ... Construction of a Buddhist Temple on a Hindu Temple Site, Myliddy ................................. ... HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH | OCTOBER 2018 ... to systematically map and review military use of land as well as the status of release and.

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4 Jul 2019 ... “WE CAN'T HELP YOU HERE”. 4. The US should immediately cease returning asylum seekers to Mexico and instead ensure them access to ...

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5 Nov 2017 ... The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act of 2013 expanded the definition of sexual ... councils in Haryana, told Human Rights Watch that laws against rape were ... Andhra Pradesh State Legislative Assembly, Telugu Desam Party,.

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from impoverished rural areas in post-Communist Eastern Europe, including her ... Turkey and nightclubs in Dubai—where prostitution is an equation of supply ...

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3 Jun 2009 ... “Bring the Gun or You'll Die” ... forces went house to house looking for guns, demanding that the women and children at ... walk on your thighs.

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1 Jan 2016 ... Blaming Refugees or Muslims while Missing the Boat ... squalid cells without adequate food or opportunity to exercise or receive an edu- cation. ... ticle included a “blacklist” of 60 such people, with links to their social media ... Jokowi's outspoken support for the death penalty and his decision to make exe-.

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and expel the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo that was organized by the highest levels of the ... The September 26 massacre in Gornje Obrinje, in which twenty-one.

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4 Mar 2019 ... 9, https://tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=CCPR/C/IRQ/CO/5&Lang=En. (accessed February 14, 2019) ...

You Cry at Night but Don't Know Why - Human Rights Watch

4 Nov 2018 ... “You Cry at Night but Don't Know Why”. Sexual Violence ... Koreans, health workers and counsellors, activists, NGO workers, legal experts, and.

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C rotating a heavy wooden or metal roller over the victim's thighs. ... 68 The rift between Governor Verma and Deputy General of Police K.P.S. Gill became ... against the senior superintendent of police of Batala, Gobind Ram, who had been ... See also Shekhar Gupta and Prashant Panjiar, "The Rule of the Gun," India Today ...

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Abuses against Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Indonesia and Malaysia ... Appendix A: Example of a Biodata for an Indonesian Migrant Domestic Worker… ... laws that prevent Muslim women from having equal rights in contracting marriage or ... One domestic worker remembered, “The agency would use angry words,.

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21 Aug 2004 ... The government of the Indian state of Gujarat continues to obstruct justice and prevent accountability for the perpetrators of violence committed ...

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1 Jan 2017 ... Malian civilians endured a situation of “no war, no peace” in 2016, as implementation of the previous year's peace accord to end the military ...

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http://www.kantipuronline.com/archive/kpost/2003-4-20/kp_valnation.htm (retrieved September 27, 2004);. “Rebel leader on Nepal's 'last war”, CNN Interview, ...

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14 Sep 2017 ... Response from Contraf Nicotex Tobacco GmbH – January 12, 2018. Curverid Tobacco Limited. 22. Human Rights Watch Letter to Curverid ...

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Literally means “faggot son of a whore” and is used as an insult. ... ethnic Tamil, and 4 others were Muslim, Burgher, Sinhalese/Tamil, and Sinhalese/Indian.

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3 Jan 2018 ... nicknamed “the Dark Side” and which the evidence suggests is responsible for ... desires to remove limits on information-sharing between law ...

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5 Jul 2017 ... A Human Rights Watch defende o direito das pessoas em todo o mundo. Nós investigamos os abusos de forma meticulosa, expomos os fatos ...

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4 May 2018 ... FIFA's Labor Monitoring Ahead of the 2018 World Cup . ... safework/documents/normativeinstrument/wcms_107729.pdf (accessed February 19, ...

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2 Sep 2006 ... 39 Balraj Puri, Kashmir: Towards Insurgency (New Delhi: Orient Longman ... 247 Ritu Sarin, “Blame J-K Cops, Not Us For Pathribal: Brigadier to ...

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Society for Threatened Peoples, Kosovo: War, Expulsion, Massacres, August ... Ethnic Minorities in Kosovo (July 1999, November 1999, February 2000, June ...

They Can Arrest You at Any Time - Human Rights Watch

4 Jun 2016 ... Penal Code Section 505(b): Offenses Against Public Tranquility . ... the State or against the public tranquility” and carries a penalty of up to two ...

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became unable to care for all of her children, she told us.3. Shortly ... http://www.theglobalfund.org/search/docs/2IDAH_59_140_full.pdf (retrieved April 13,. 2004), p. 21. ... According to Dr. P. Manorama, who treats HIV-positive children,.

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24 Dec 2019 ... and recite the prayer Namaste Sada Vatsale Matrubhoome (My salutation to you, loving Motherland).40. Apart from the shakhas, the sangh ...

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4 Jul 2012 ... population in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh because of state intimidation. ... http://www.ipcs.org/pdf_file/issue/848082154RP15-Kujur-Naxal.pdf ... http://kopakunjam.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/hello-world/ (accessed ...

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4 juin 2009 ... Koukou-Angarana début mai 2009, entraînant l'évacuation forcée du personnel des agences humanitaires. Koukou-Angarana abrite environ ...

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22 Feb 2006 ... They burned the library,1 they broke the legs of DBS Jeyaraj. They tried to stop the CTBC radio from organizing. A journalist was killed in Paris.

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Hidden Apartheid. Caste Discrimination against India's “Untouchables” ... called untouchables, to a lifetime of segregation and abuse ... A 2005 government report states that a crime is committed against a Dalit ... It is a blot on humanity.” Singh.

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gave widespread publicity to abuses by Sikh militants, and many of the human ... about systematic human rights abuses by the Punjab police not by denying the.

Sabotaged Schooling - Human Rights Watch

4 Dec 2009 ... 1 No single definition of a “child” currently exists under Indian law. However, the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act of 2000 ...

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4 Feb 2011 ... Ramesh Upadhyay and Lt. Col. S.P. Purohit, implicated in the Malegaon blast of 2008.29 The. Abhinav Bharat ... Modi, an account that Tamang described as “false and concocted. ... Letter from K.P. Raghuvanshi, additional director general of police for law and order in Maharashtra, to Human Rights. Watch ...

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3 Nov 2009 ... no. As soon as I denied knowing him the Major started shouting and swearing. He said to me, 'Bhen Chod [sister fucker], you started lying to us.

living in fear - Human Rights Watch

2 Nov 2004 ... Child Soldiers and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka ... One boy who joined in 2002 at age fourteen explained that he felt “astrology said I ... http://www.slmm.lk/OperationsMatter/complaints/2004_AllDistricts.pdf (retrieved October ...

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3 May 2016 ... political dissent, harass journalists, restrict activities by ... divided the country remains over the meaning of tolerance and the imperative of legal ... In 1996, a campaign against Husain began with an article in a Hindi magazine ...

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culture. During that time, a committee known as the Shiromani Gurdwara. Prabandhak ... Two customers in the shop, Kimti Lal, 23, and Jivan Lal, 28, were killed.

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3 Aug 2009 ... After they finished tea they pulled off my shirt and trousers. The constable ... Singh's family, Dalits with little money, were unable to pay the police. Singh's ... Listing his daily tasks, a sub-inspector working ... http://world.rediff.com/news/article/www/news/2008/aug/25guest.htm (accessed June 19, 2009). 129.