The Norms of Epic - jstor

and more essential than the superficial conventions, norms which single poem fully embodies. ... The epic simile cannot, by defi candle of an impression; it is ...

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The Norms of Epic - jstor

and more essential than the superficial conventions, norms which single poem fully embodies. ... The epic simile cannot, by defi candle of an impression; it is ...

Epic and Counter-Epic in Medieval India - jstor

poetry of Medieval India as I have done. Also, the ... apostate Khusrau Khan; but though the poem is ... quotes without contradiction Gora and Badal's ver-.

What matter where? Epic Geography and the Defense of Hell in Epic ...

In Paradise Lost, the depiction of Hell appears to be part of a theological apology. More than just attempting to emulate the epic tradition, Milton employs that ...

The Epic in Africa - jstor

1 See A. T. Hatto in his foreword to H. Morris, The Heroic Recitations of the ... 30 Leo Frobenius, ;'Spielnzannsgeschichten der Sahel," loc. cit. 31 Ibil., p. 35.

Vyasa's Epic - jstor

names of all the snake-sons of Kadru, in the Astika Parva. There ... The next two slokas, 108 and 109, are crucial because they ... Both apsaras will be found.

Silappathikaram: the Epic - jstor

the most popular of all Tamil epics. Bharathi, the great Tamil poet goes to the extent of considering it a diamond necklace around the neck of the Tamil Nad.

epic rajasthani - jstor

matical outline of the Rajasthani language as attested in works o fifteenth and ... short sentences of the end-stopped metrical narrative contain relatively little.

Prophecy in the Ancient Epic - jstor

HdlrpoKXOS 9 I'TWOLTL Kal AbVAroLgOVTL KKEXEb6Ca. Tpa Ka al AIvovr ... therein; 2 when she turns to Chiron, she receives an answer which increases her ...

'Not Less but More Heroic': The Epic Task and the ... - jstor

'The Arming of an Archetype: Heroic Virtue and the Conventions of Literary Epic', in Conce in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, edited by N. T. Burns and ...

Bengali Epic Poetry - jstor

His Kach-O-Devajani, Karna-Kunti Sambad,. Gandharir Abedan and Chilrangada are truly speaking very successful models of classical poetical compositions, ...

Wind and Time in Homeric Epic - jstor

summary: This paper examines the relationship between wind, narrative, an time in Homer. ... of the leaves on the trees blowing in the wind behind the family.

Ramacharitramanasa: the Rewriting of a Sanskrit Epic - jstor

Kalidasa's Kumarsambhava and the Puranas he almost invari ably favoured the latter.9. The poetic possibilities in RCM may be further seen in the way in which ...

The Vedic Mitra and the Epic Dharma - jstor

In his important book Mythe et ipopee Dumezil1 recently asserted that the god Dharma as he appears in the Mahabharata is a continuation of the Vedic Mitra.

Phrases of Time and Age in the Sanskrit Epic - jstor

1 So iddnim is " at once." The morrow-phrases are very numerous. The noun is Vvahkdla (the scholiast, xiii. 76. 5, cf. i. 195. 32, says that one.

The Mock-Epic Structure of the Dunciad - jstor

The Aeneid and English Mock-Heroic," Arion, 8 (1969): 359-79, where it is asserted that Roman politics would have led Pope to see Aeneas/Augustus and the ...

The Significance of Madhusudan Dutt and his Epic - jstor

Rabindranath free to use, say, the story of Kama and Kunti in his own, highly ... His dramatic poem Karna-Kunti-Sambad (1900) was analysed most perceptively.

John Milton's Epic Invocations - jstor

the invocations in Paradise Lost reveal the Narrator as a round character who becomes progressively humbler and more dependent upon the muse from the.

Yoga-Technique in the Great Epic - jstor

Thie great epic speaks of Yoga-9)dstras and Yoga-teachers, that is, it recognizes ... tongue, throat, heart, navel, penis, middle of body (fire-place), anus, thighs ...

Norms of Revenge - jstor

This will require a discussion of the relation of norms of revenge to. (allegedly) rational revenge behavior and to revenge spurred by presocial emotions. I shall ...

Social norms, gender norms and adolescent girls - Overseas ... ... psychology, economics, anthropology and sociology have ... sociology and anthropology, and emphasises how people.

Rostam's Seven Trials and the Logic of Epic Narrative in the ... - jstor

us that the story of Rostam's seven trials is about fathers and sons, and con- cerns the ... for help (e.g., Jang-e Hamavaran, 193; Rostam and Sohrab, 293; Siyava.

Alternatives to the Epic Tradition: Homer's Challenges in the ... - jstor

the possibility of a "homecoming beyond fate" (6irCpgopa vO6ao;) is averted. Rather than ... traditional story or the plot of the Iliad is nearly upset; only sudden.


fined against the lyric forms of verse: lyric poetry, at least in theory and with ... sia," Tsvetaeva illustrates the opposition stated in her title by contrasting ... of a stadium, the burning Europe to a lit chandelier, and cannon-balls to the sparkling ...

epic, episteme and ethnicity: re-reading of the ramayana in ... - jstor

their genealogy to Rama or the Ik. Maravan a war-like community, numerically preponderant in. Southern Tamil held that their names had been conferred on ...

the trilogy: faulkner's comic epic in prose - jstor

"Now, a comic romance is a comic epic poem in prose . . . " Joseph Andrews. In recent years critics have viewed Fielding's definition of the novel with attitudes ...

Understanding Basel Norms - jstor

1988, the Basel Committee on Banking. Supervision (BCBS) introduced risk-based capital adequacy norms through the Basel I accord [BCBS 1988]. Capital ...


many psychological variables stabilize by early adulthood. Developmental norms should be based on longitudinal data. - all individuals in the normative sample ...

The Epic Hero in Wilson Harris's Palace of the Peacock - jstor

Keywords: Wilson Harris / ecology / Guyana / epic hero. So you have all these ... Midwife, yes, doctor, yes, gaoler, yes, judge, hangman, every blasted thing to the labouring people” ... the very earth strange to the men as they begin their journey through it. ... In fact, once Donne abandons his singular quest in this moment, he ...

causas memora: epic etiology and vergil's aeneid - jstor

Most importantly—for the plot and for this paper—why does. Juno harass Aeneas? What, in other words, is the motivating impetus for the poem's plot? As readers ...

The View from the Ghats: Traditional Exegesis of a Hindu Epic - jstor

regarded not only as a great masterpiece of literature but also as a religious work of ... carit (Brief biography of the Master) attributed to Beni Madhavdas (d. ... with both outer and inner worlds the artist seeks to present his work as a reservoir of.

Mythological Aspects of Trees and Mountains in the Great Epic - jstor

so the kalpa-tree grants wishes. This is so well known (though rarely referred to) as to introduce a simile in 3. 281. 5: "though adorned with care he seemed less ...

A Practical Example of How to Establish Local Norms - jstor

norms for any type of criterion-referenced, standardized, or locally developed test given in a school or system. ... Psychological Testing, 5th ed. New. York, N.Y.: ...

Resistance versus Rebellion in a South Indian Oral Epic - jstor

Keywords: resistance—rebellion—oral epic—Ponnivala—artisans—hunters ... over their own local territory, Ponnivala- nadu. But matters are never so simple.

Announced refusal to answer: a study of norms and ... - jstor

knowledge) and then also an account for this ('she ha:sn't sai:d'). The secon speaker departs from the expected action of answering a question, but at th.

Rationale of Norms on an Adult Personality Test, the 16 PF - jstor

PERSONALITY TEST, THE 16 P.F.. -- FOR AMERICAN WOMEN. RAYMOND B. CATTELL. University of Illinois. RONALD R. GREENE. Ohio Wesleyan University.

How Social Norms Shape Islamic Law in Contemporary ... - jstor

A recent Indonesian Islamic law compilation presents an apparent anomaly in restricting the right to give away wealth as hiba to one-third of an estate-whereas.