A New Look at Scientific Explanation - jstor

A NEW LOOK AT SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION. MARY HESSE. JL he two latest volumes associated with the Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science x ...

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A New Look at Scientific Explanation - jstor

A NEW LOOK AT SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION. MARY HESSE. JL he two latest volumes associated with the Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science x ...


bearing in mind that most scientific names are simple or composite Latin or Greek words with a perfectly ratonal meaning, we begin to realise that they give no ...

Scientific Explanation of God, Existence and Enlightenment - IJIR

Nitnem Singh Sodhi. An enlightened being and India's Youngest ... path of knowledge as well, and this path has been famously known in the Vedic religion as “ ...

A Scientific Explanation of 'Somras' in the Immortals of Meluha

'Somras' is a mythological concept, which provides immortal life to human beings. In his novel The Immortals of Meluha, Amish express the science behind the ...

Causal Explanation, Qualitative Research, and Scientific Inquiry in ...

11 Mar 2004 ... An alternative, realist ap- proach to causality is presented that supports the scientific legiti- macy of using qualitative research for causal ...

The Explanation of Productivity Change - jstor

output and input of the economic theory of production. After correcting ... rate of growth of total factor productivity is defined as the difference between the rate of.

Two Types of Motive Explanation - jstor

tions, but they have no forms which are used to ascribe dispositions. These two types of psychological expressions yield motive explanations of two logically ...

a possible explanation of a marathi proverb - jstor

In Marathi, there is a proverb, gādhavahi gele āņi ... further to a verse of a well-known Marathi. Saint - Poet ... The study of the proverbs, idioms and phrases, thus ...

The Aristotelian Explanation of the Rainbow - jstor

progressed .far towards a scientific explanation of the rainbow ... in the Aristotelian form until THEODORICUS OF FREIBERG (beginning ... 375b the text gives.

Organization Theory and the Explanation of Important ... - jstor

organization and explication remain. I. CHARACTERISTICS. OF CONGRESS. Although it is difficult to abstract the most important characteristics of Congress ...

The Limits of Behavioural Explanation in Politics - jstor

undoubtedly the development of behaviouralism. As 'a successful protest"' against the limits of traditional political science, the behavioural approach has.

An Explanation of Word Order Change SVO→SOV - jstor

and its supplanting of existing SVO sentences remains as a vital process of the word order change in Modern Mandarin Chinese. Prior to the Tang dynasty, bd ...

DEEP JOKES: Reflections on Ultimate Explanation in ... - jstor

launching and flying of good jokes together with the firm orien- tation and detailed, applicable insight of good explanations. To become enlightened, we need to ...

Tests of a Statistical Explanation of the Rank-Frequency ... - jstor

counts made on very diSerent English texts without destroying the shape ... words will follow the rank-frequency rule which is so commonly observed.

Is the Instinct Theory Reliable as an Explanation of Human ... - jstor

As the instincts have been used for this purpose, the sociologist is at once confronted with the instinct theory and it becomes necessary for him to know something ...

Explanation in Everyday Life, in Science, and in History - jstor

history only because it presents some sort of prima facie exception to his general logical theories. He wants to say, for example, that enquiry always issues in ...

A Market Microstructure Explanation for Predictable Variations ... - jstor

College of Business and Economics, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, ... price returns: MRET) and those computed with closing transaction prices.

hemingway's private explanation of "the torrents of spring" - jstor

7 Billy Budd, p. 124. HEMINGWAY S PRIVATE EXPLANATION OF. THE TORRENTS OF SPRING. Ernest Hemingway's first two novels were published in 1926.

On Scientific Observation - jstor

The ability directly to perceive meaning, form, and ... the jizz. The passing curlew may have a long curved bill, a pale lower back, a strong distinctive flight; we ...

Value as a Scientific Concept - jstor

or equational meaning, value, culture, and social structure have their locus ... hohn's classification of values and value-orientations should reveal the extent to ...

What Makes a Subject Scientific? - jstor

characteristics, which applies to all scientific subjects and to no others. To be sure, this ... cannot be claimed to be necessary to any particular branch of science.

the scientific american digest - jstor

Ramb les in Old L o n d o n . By G. B. Gordon. Historical London ; church ... Trai ls Throug h the Golden West. By Robert. Frothingham. The playgrounds of our.

The Detective Novel and Scientific Method - jstor

There is the romantic detective, spy, and suspense novel, and there is its ... of data and the systematic elimination of false possibilities, especially when a list of these is given. ... Mission Impossible, where, in each episode, timing with a very narrow ... Huxley, in his essay on Zadig, says so, and Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle makes.

On the Nature of Scientific Research - jstor

ON THE NATURE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. DAVID MEREDITH SEARES WATSON. Professor, Harvard College and University College London.

The Truth about Scientific Management - jstor

Frederick W. Taylor and the Rise of Scientific Management. Madison: ... contribution to management practice was so very different from what he advocated in his ...

Scientific Method and Knowledge - jstor

might ask "what is a science". If we should go to the derivation of the word, we should say that a science is a body of knowledge. Such a definition is not satis-.

Hypnotism in Scientific Perspective - jstor

this plhase of the history of hypnosis has left no tangible contribution to science. It is sufficient to observe that hypnotism ... began writing a book on hypnotism.

The Nature of Scientific Enquiry - jstor

in national defense, its importance in the strategic deployment of ... quirer does not wait for the usual train of his habitual actions to be interrupted by the ...

how scientific is social science? - jstor

How this scientific question is is to social determine science? what It we seems mean to ... What is the unifying factor which leads us to classify certain bodies of ... framework can be true or useful; he does claim that only knowledge gained in.

Scientific Management in Practice - jstor

These methods are characteristic of what may be called the original form of scientific management as early developed by Mr. Taylor and his immediate disciples.

Two Types of Scientific Research - jstor

Two Types of Scientific Research. STEFAN ZIEMSKI. Summary. On the basis of an analysis of different types of research, two main kinds may be distinguished:.

Public Administration: The Application of Scientific ... - jstor

edge on which to draw, growing out of the experience of public and in- ... Staffing is perhaps the most important element of administrative management, and one ...

Uses of Scientific Argument: The Case of 'Development' in ... - jstor

In so doing, the essay also looks at ways in which 'science' became part of a ... essay, an external or universal definition ... Sir M Visvesvaraya wrote to Gandhi, "I.

Economic Theorizing and Scientific Progress - jstor

nothing towards developing the theory lof political economy."' The reflex of the animated ... errors of method which the author's profound erudition and critical acumen have detected iso ... So long ias he does he must be prepared to face the ...


'Pnemonic' or Mnemonic'? 'Aberrant' or 'Aberanť? 'Seperate' or 'Separate'?" Opinion, December 9) or with his suggestions for solving it. If the ability to spell.

The Scientific Names of Plants and Animals - jstor

Lloyd Praeger, D.Sc, M.R.I.A.. The Editor invites seme remarks on the question o? scientific names in botany and zoology. The subject is a wide ...