Final report - ESMA - Europa EU

1 Oct 2013 ... SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India. USE: United Stock Exchange of ... the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

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Final report - ESMA - Europa EU

1 Oct 2013 ... SEBI: Securities and Exchange Board of India. USE: United Stock Exchange of ... the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

STOR Peer Review Report - ESMA - Europa EU

12 Dec 2019 ... The peer review found that most STORs are from investment firms and relate to equities. ... NCAs with a view to sharing more guidance.

ESMA Economic Report - HFT activity in EU equity ... - Europa EU

(2011) use the number of messages per $100 of trading volumes along with message- to-trade ratios. The German HFT Act, which came into force on 15 May 2013 ...

Report on Undue short-term pressure on ... - ESMA - Europa EU

18 Dec 2019 ... Commission (Commission) invited the three European Supervisory Authorities ... 1 ESMA31-65-682 Public statement Information on shareholder ... investment companies, Alternative Investment Funds Managers and the trade.

Final Report CSDR TS on CSD Requirements and ... - ESMA

28 Sep 2015 ... 2015. ESMA received more than 100 responses from trade associations, market ... authorisation should include the prices and fees for each core ... (iii) of the draft RTS presented in the CP that the list of ancillary services is not.

Zinc - ESMA - Europa EU

23 Oct 2017 ... its the FCA intends to set for the Zinc commodity futures and options ... equivalent lots, or approximately 25% the size of the LME market. 8.

Guidelines - ESMA - Europa EU

10 Oct 2016 ... 5.16 Block 9: Waiver, OTC post-trade and commodity derivative indicators ...................54 ... ... holidays within the member state of the national competent authority to ...

Japan - ESMA - Europa EU

Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan (Act No. 25 of 1948) and which has applied for recognition to ESMA pursuant to Article 25 of EMIR. e). "Emergency ...

Practical Guidance - ESMA - Europa EU

17 Mar 2016 ... A TC-CCP's application for recognition shall be submitted to ESMA by post. Applications should not be sent by email. 10. An applicant TC-CCP is ...

Consultation Paper - ESMA - Europa EU

22 May 2014 ... MiFID II/MIFIR Consultation Paper' also published on the ESMA website (here). ... In its Questions & Answers on “Understanding the definition of advice under MiFID”9, CESR ad- ... ceed, the expected tax benefit for investors.

CSDR TS on CSD Requirements and ... - ESMA - Europa EU

23 Jul 2014 ... 28 September 2015 | ESMA/2015/1457/Annex II ... a list of services that the applicant CSD outsources or intends to outsource to a third party in ...

Questions and Answers - ESMA - Europa EU

25 Jul 2016 ... firms use an online business model to distribute CFDs and other ... Question 1: [last update 8 April 2016]: An applicant firm seeking ... pass the appropriateness test, either because the client failed to demonstrate the.

public statement - ESMA - Europa EU

31 Jan 2020 ... This means for instance that: • rights and obligations for UK entities under EU law will also continue to apply – such as reporting and notification ...

Questions and Answers - ESMA - Europa

5 Dec 2019 ... Concerning non-equity instruments that are not subject to the trading obligation for derivatives, pre-arranged transactions are possible under the ...

Prospectus Liability Questionnaire - ESMA - Europa EU

30 May 2013 | ESMA/2013/619 Ann III ... There are specific prospectus liability provisions in the Capital Market Act (CMA). ... Wiener Börse AG (the Vienna Stock Exchange Company) for prospectuses of securities admitted ... misleading prospectus, the plaintiff relied on the misleading prospectus for the investment decision,.

Waivers from Pre-trade Transparency - ESMA - Europa EU

21 Aug 2015 ... ated by another system and the reference price is widely published and ... Negotiated trade systems: Systems that formalise negotiated ...

Strategic Orientation 2020-22 - ESMA - Europa EU

9 Jan 2020 ... assessments and to act on the risks identified. ESMA's position differs from that of other authorities in the sense that we have a distinct EU and ...

EU Alternative Investment Funds - ESMA - Europa EU

7 Mar 2019 ... Directive 2011/61/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011 on Alternative Investment Fund. Managers (AIFMD), Article ...

Market impacts of circuit breakers - ESMA - Europa EU

5 Jan 2020 ... prices approach the CB trigger. They find that the existence of CBs causes informed traders to react strategically before the price of the security ...

Discussion Paper MiFID II/MiFIR - ESMA - Europa EU

22 May 2014 ... Consolidated tape providers ... MiFID II and MiFIR require ESMA to prepare draft RTS and ITS on a large number of provisions. ... centage of shares within the AVT class is between 0 and 5%, yellow between 5% and 10%, and red ... 7,753 which represents Bn € of the total turnover of the period for all bonds.

2020 Annual Work Programme - ESMA - Europa EU

26 Sep 2019 ... The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) was founded in 2011. In its initial set- up period up to 2015, its emphasis was on ...

Discussion paper on proxy advisors - ESMA - Europa EU

22 Mar 2012 ... IV. Key issues: investor use of proxy advice and voting behaviour ... as the majority of investors work to meet proxy deadlines rather than gen-.

Questions and Answers on MiFID II and MiFIR ... - ESMA - Europa EU

4 Apr 2017 ... 'Look-through' approach ... An example of ex-ante monitoring would be to ensure that the design ... best possible results for its clients on every single occasion. ... and transmission of orders, they will need to provide two separate ... However, if firms comply with the above in any other way, a timestamp may.

FIRDS reference data reporting instructions - ESMA - Europa EU

4 Nov 2019 ... The Board of Supervisors decided on 17 December 2014 to delegate ... applicable NCA cut-off time for that day (21:30 CET to 23:59 CET).

final technical report - Europa EU

25 Jan 2017 ... var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ui.bootstrap', 'ngRoute', ... <div ng-app="myApp"> ... Standards available (including enough active TCs). 2.

final narrative report - Europa EU

6 May 2019 ... Learning and Reporting: Completing 'Annex VI Interim Narrative Report' for 2016 CfP DEAR Projects. The following pages report on the ...

VHM – Final report 0.39 - EASA - Europa EU

Health Monitoring System technology is insufficiently reliable to provide flight deck ... However, it is arguable that the situation with respect to vibration monitoring and ... defect (c) gross size defect conditions ! ! 1E#2. 0E 0. 2E#3. 4E#3. 6E#3 ... 598. 299. 299. 20 min. 1300. 265. 543. 272. 272. 20 min. 1760. 265. 736. 368.

project final report - Cordis - Europa

2 Feb 2014 ... surveillance, the majority of existing fire detection systems does not ... algorithms and network topology for maximizing the lifetime of the WSN.

i-Treasures Final Report - Cordis - Europa EU

30 Apr 2017 ... Deliverable title i-Treasures Final Report. Deliverable number. D1.3 ... S&T results and achievements of the i-Treasures project. In ... ICH through game-like applications; iv) the Text-to-Song synthesis module, which ... Figure 15: Intangible musical instrument (IMI) set-up comprised of sensors for body.

TVs final report - European Commission - Europa EU

9 Apr 2008 ... passive standby mode for CRT and flat panel TVs to 1W by 2007. ... Reviewing life cycle issues, the JRC TV eco-design project undertook a ... solution have been discussed with manufacturers; could a TV display a message,.

final report - European Commission - Europa EU

recommended that “ECHO should, on a sample basis, evaluate the efficiency ... 1 The terms Local NGO or LNGO are used throughout the report, although ... access to ECHO e-tools) and takes away project funds from the final beneficiaries.

project final report - Cordis - Europa EU

FINAL PUBLISHABLE REPORT ... FINAL PUBLISHABLE SUMMARY REPORT ... around 30-40°C. In the Safeprotex project textile fibers were developed containing a ... . Protection against. UV. EN 13758-1 (Varian. Cary 50) not required.

project final report - TRIMIS - Europa EU

The main duty of an advanced catalyst technology for CNG vehicles would be the development of dedicated methane catalyst, i.e. catalysts which for formulation ...

INQUIRE Final report Month 1-36 - Cordis - Europa EU

Period covered: from to Month 1 (December 2010) to month 36 (November 2013). Scientific ... project and course participants' recruitment, comment on implementation and ... Panacea or passing fad - how good is IBSE? Roots, 9 (2), 5–9.

Final Interim Report - European Commission - Europa EU

purchases of diesel-powered cars (Alpha Invesco, 2018). Production of Sugar and Ethanol in EU and Mercosur. Table 49 shows EU's sugar production and use ...

project phylaws final report - Cordis - Europa EU

3 Jul 2017 ... security of wireless communications in an affordable, flexible and efficient manner. The project outputs will thus benefit to a variety of existing ...