Many Languages, One Nation: Quest for an All-India Language - jstor

Hindi as the national language and symbol of Indian national ... national integration, is easier to do so ... I have made earlier in this essay for the use of the ...

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Many Languages, One Nation: Quest for an All-India Language - jstor

Hindi as the national language and symbol of Indian national ... national integration, is easier to do so ... I have made earlier in this essay for the use of the ...

kabīr's language and languages, hinduī as the language of ... - jstor

Eastern dialect of Hindi, spoken from the Easternmost part of p. Uttar Pradesh to the ... mysterious land. Actually, in the Bijak itself, another mention of that.

Dialect, Language, Nation - jstor

Dialect, Language, Nation'. EINAR HAUGEN. Harvard University. The impossibility of stating precisely how many "languages" or "dialects" are spoken in t.

English as a Global Language and the Question of Nation ... - jstor

Dhaka University, Bangladesh. The national language Bangla (Bengali), which is spoken by 98% of the people, is foundational to the nation of Bangladesh as a ...

Disparate Markets: Language, Nation, and Education in North ... - jstor

I do so to show that such notions as "Hindi," "English," and. "India" are transformed as the situated knowledges through which they attain meaning shift. I outline ...

Quest for Identity in Jamaica Kincaid's The ... - Language in India

3 Mar 2018 ... M. Premalatha, Ph.D. Research Scholar and Dr. T. Deivasigamani ... her novel The Autobiography of My Mother and how she describes female ...

Quest for Spirituality in Gitanjali and Psalms A ... - Language in India

5 May 2013 ... David's Psalm is one of the important books in the Bible and most of the ... poem number 89 and sings of its might till poem number 100. The last three ... He doesn't exist in words but the poet feels Him in the core of ... Before one plunges into Nagamandala for analysis, it may be worthwhile to remark that.

Women as Nation in Khaled Hosseini's A ... - Language in India

10 Oct 2018 ... Alienation Caused by Selfish Society in The Strange Case of Billy Biswas ... The ill-timed and unwarranted Taliban decision to demolish the giant Buddha statues ... The Indianization of English: The English language in India.


KABÎR'S LANGUAGE AND LANGUAGES,. HINDU! AS THE LANGUAGE OF NON-CONFORMITY ... Actually, in the Bijak itself, another mention of that. "region" ...

Colour Terms in Languages - Language in India

2 Feb 2016 ... connotative meanings of colour terms apparently correlate with the culture ... This paper attempts to briefly compare English and Tamil in terms of their colour ... go so far back in time that it is impossible to ascertain where they.

Parsing in Indian Languages - Language in India

5 May 2011 ... Anitha Nalluri and Vijayanand Kommaluri. 1-6. Layered Parts of ... Named Entity Recognition and Transliteration for Telugu Language … Kommaluri Vijayanand and ... translation,” is the name for computerized methods that ...

Tribal Languages of Kerala - Language in India

7 Jul 2013 ... The infinitive suffixes –l, -laye and ø express purposive meaning while the suffix -ka is used ... Like Tamil, adjectives from appellative verbs are common. nalla ... at.uppŭ et.uppŭ. 'stove' aniyan eniyan. 'younger brother'

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World of Relentless Surveillance Julia Angwin. From reader reviews: Raymond Smith: The book Dragnet Nation: A Quest for Privacy, Security, and Freedom in a ...

Daughters of Mother India in Search of a Nation: Women's ... - jstor

29 Apr 2006 ... In a total of about 63 stories in Stories About the Partition ... different kind is evident in Sunderlal in Bedi's story 'Lajwanti', but for the rest, the ...

Propagation of Caste Prejudices Through Languages - Quest Journals

30 Dec 2017 ... Keywords: Caste, Subjugation, Language, Malayalam, Violence ... Table 1 Words meaning the same but with different origins (Tamil or Sanskrit) ... untouchables had no right to use the names with Sanskrit origins. ... scoundrel (or a Pulayan's house) the ending ‗tta' has to be a voiceless alveolar plosive.

A Language Guide To Georgian language - FSI Languages/Yojik

rrr in the throat. French r. No English equivalent. Vibrate the vocal chords y guttural sound deep in the throat k'. No English equivalent. S shuh sh shut. C chuh ch.

Abstand Languages and Ausbau Languages - jstor

To get a clear notion of what ausbau language means wherein it differs ... Pashtu, or Tamil and Telugu. It may be ... tendency to bring about a rapprochement.

THEORIZING THE NATION: Constructions of "India" and ... - jstor

editors Susie Tharu and K. Lalita provide an overview of our post-colonial political history ... of a book, Doosri Parampara ki Khoj (1982; In Search of the. Other Tradition). ... Mishra (1963) and Bharat Bhushan Agrawal (1971). Indian creative ...

The Quest for Self-Identity - International Journal of Language ...

The paper showcases the theme of quest for self in Sudha Murty's The Mother I Never Knew. It defines the term. Identity and Existentialism in the Indian context.

A Concise Dictionary of the Sauk Language - Sac and Fox Nation

language. Although I have made an attempt to include as many basic words as ... the time; for good, once and for all ... late in the night; it's after midnight.


magazine when there was an ideological clash between Hindi and. Maithili in the beginning of ... Braja Nandan Sahav : Maithil Kokil Vidyapati. Arrah. 1903. 30.

Ambedkar's paradox of differentiation: Language, nation ... - CiteSeerX Downloaded from ... Andhra historians K.V. Narayana Rao and P. Raghunadha Rao have meticulously ... 21 Raghunadha Rao, History of Modern Andhra Pradesh, p. 88. ... cal majority are free for all to make and unmake.

Language, the Nation, and Symbolic Capital: The ... - Alyssa Ayres

By contrast, in India, Punjabi is an official language as well as the first language of the state of Punjab (with secondary status in Delhi and widespread.

Language, the Nation, and Symbolic Capital: The Case of Punjab

Punjabi and Punjabiyat” is, in Pakistan, as much a project of cultural rehabilita- tion with ... The verbal brawl called barrak, in Punjabi slang, is the hallmark of the.

Link Language for India - jstor

The link language is always in any country a language of convenienoe, i e, the language that is most convenient and suitable to enable the different States in a ...

linguistic diversity, official language choice and nation building

and highlight two factors affecting this choice - linguistic diversity and availability of a ... tional Congress was keen to institute Hindi as the official language of India, with as early as ... Indonesian language and literature: two essays. Number 11.

Science, Nation and Religion in Hindi-Language Print Media of ...

classical Indian knowledge with concerns that overlapped with those of Western science, but ... made a careful distinction between phalit jyotish (astrology) and ganit jyotish ... the transfer of this power to the native elite was already taking shape in ... determination free of colonial dominance were palpable in many of the.

The Politics of Language in India and Ceylon - jstor

A MEMBER of Parliament, representing Orissa State, once said in the course of a ... during the colonial era English was in each country the language of the higher ... According to the Linguistic Survey of India, there are 179 languages and 544 ...

Prakrit in the Language Order of India - jstor

Prakrit is not just a curio in the cabinet of India's languages. It is the key to understanding how literary languages worked in premodern India as a whole, and it ...

Urdu Language and Education in India - jstor

I began to learn Urdu in the mid-1960's out of purely linguistic ... my speech or words of Arabic and Persian origin as the occasion ... history of Urdu literature.

The Language of Illness in South Kanara (India) - jstor

curse of the serpent god, Naga. 3) naga dosha literally, curse or trouble of cobra. The common usage of this term is to denote childlessness. Although other dis-.

Language Policy and Political Strategy in India - jstor

The third language that many Indians must learn is the language of the state in which they are ... service would have threatened their 'cultural capital.' And so ...

Language in Education: Minorities and Multilingualism in India - jstor

linguistic reorganization of states following Indian Independence in 1947; and (iv) ... fied 179 languages and 544 dialects in his Linguistic Survey of India, carried.

Evolution of Society, Language and Literature in India - jstor

political and cultural background against which the Indian people. "lost their old ... which could destory the stagnant and decaying old society, the external force ...

Hindi, the National Language of India, and its Modernization ... - jstor

by rendering into Hindi the most comprehensive dictionary of. English, for instance ... It is still a moot question whether it will be suitable to have in Bio- logical or ...

1 Languages and Idiolects: Their Language and ... - USC Dornsife

example take this article as written in an idiolect of English, reflecting its author's particular style and background. Diversity in speech, as in much else, has its ...