The Ideology of "The Merchant of Venice" - jstor

No theme in The Merchant of Venice is more prominent than ship. Not only is the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio th of the main plot, but Venice seems full of ...

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The Ideology of "The Merchant of Venice" - jstor

No theme in The Merchant of Venice is more prominent than ship. Not only is the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio th of the main plot, but Venice seems full of ...

The Study Club: Conflicts in "The Merchant of Venice" - jstor

Act III, scene 2: (a) The trick by which in Bassanio's description of Portia language is made to transcend itself. (b) "I come by note." (c) "How much I was a braggart.".

"The Merchant of Venice": Act V as Ritual Reiteration - jstor

T _HE Merchant of Venice is the first of Shakespeare's comedies to attempt a ... ventional romantic comedies concentrate on the responses of the sympathetic ...

Antonio and Alienation in "The Merchant of Venice" - jstor

fulness of Antonio's character implies his ambiguity, an ambiguity which, I think, may ... Shylock or Bassanio or Portia which are alternately or exclusively hostile ... vivid, can only draw us psychologically closer to the dangerous wind and rocks ...

Racism and Homophobia in "The Merchant of Venice" - jstor

Recent historically inflected criticism on The Merchant of Venice has generally accepted ... with an accurate summary of the experience of European Jews in the.

Merciflxion in "The Merchant of Venice:" The Riches of ... - jstor

19 My paraphrases are interspersed in italics between the speeches. bassanio: 'Tis not unknown to you, Antonio,. How much I have disabled mine estate,.

"The Merchant of Venice" and the Common Flaw (For CTH) - jstor

as they appear in The Merchant of Venice, which was certainly not the first of ... is that Shakespeare's Shylock is a character of contradictions com pounded, both ...

"Soft Males," "Flying Boys," and "White Knights": New ... - jstor

hegemonic authority of the (white, heterosexual) male hero. ... downfall on the actions of an absent male, analogous to Bly's "absent father syndrome," the.

"Huayño," "Saya," and "Chuntunqui": Bolivian Identity in the ... - jstor

way in which the now famous (or infamous) Lambada was appropriated to ... Caribbean and Brazilian dance music, Kaoma sounds like the house band at.

"An Excellent Thing in Woman": Virgo and Viragos in "King Lear" - jstor

tions of Woman in general, owe much to both Chr intellectual traditions. Many of the prevalent charac to the female sex and feminine gender in sixteenth.

"Sinhalese Girl" Meets "Aunty Annie": Competing Expressions ... - jstor

Volume XXVII, number 1 ASIAN MUSIC Fall/Winter 1995/1996. "SINHALESE ... asked to whom she will leave a particular item of clothing (shawl, black skirt, coat ...

"Quoth the Raven": The Role of Grip in "Barnaby Rudge" - jstor

What's the matter here! Hal-loa!" The speaker - who made the locksmith start as if he had seen some supernatural agent - ...

"Homo Homini Lupus:" Milan Kundera's "The Joke" - jstor

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS: MILAN KUNDERA'S THE JOKE. Frances L. Restuccia. As opposed to Terry Eagleton who in Salmagundi politicizes the aesthetics of ...

"Ulysses" and "Tithonus": Tunnel-Vision and Idle Tears - jstor

"Tithonus," M. J. Donahue has briefly considered "Tithonus" as a pendent to. "Ulysses"; she believes that each poem expresses one of two impulses warring.

"rasa" and "dhvani" in indian and western poetics and poetry - jstor

As the dhvani theorists themselves openly acknowledged, their theory is rooted in Indian theories of how language works. Existing linguistic theories were used.

"Vanity Fair" and "Amelia": Thackeray in the Perspective of the ... - jstor

most charming character in English fiction. Fiction! ... lord forecasts the more famous "discover scene in ... ascribed to Rawdon Crawley with Becky as the bait.

"a mere poem": "daybreak in alabama," a resolution to ... - jstor

best renditions of music and art in different genres: poetry, fiction, and essay. The plot of "Daybreak" is simple. A persona longs to be a composer and to write ...

Concurrence ou solidarité entre "jeunes" et "vieux" - jstor

interet de s'interroger sur ce que savent les eleves des classes terminales des causes ... 12. Mediterranee medit. 9. Origine. Francaise franc. 74. Etrangere etrang. 26 ... entre «<jeunes» et «vieux» sur le marche du travail est manifestement un.

Glimpsing a "Lesbian" Poetics in "Twelfth Night" - jstor

Nature's own sweet and cunning hand laid on. Lady, you are the cruell'st she alive. If you will lead these graces to the grave,. And leave the world no copy. Olivia ...

The Federalist "Saints" versus "The Devil of Sedition": The ... - jstor

When copies of the Alien and Sedition Laws of 1798 were burned at the foot of a ... had informed the residents of Dedham of "my speculating connection with you ... heart" (and, it might be added, to the pocketbook), the position had "created a ...

"List of Illustrations": and "Glossary of Names and Terms" - jstor

LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ... Bhima slaughters Kaurava warriors at will. ... Dhritarashtra, father of the slain Kauravas, to bless their ascension to the throne.

India's "Tīrthas": "Crossings" in Sacred Geography - jstor

Eric Partridge, A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English (New York: Macmillan Publishing ... gods."14 "'Who here hath proclaimed the Apnana tirtha?'

CRITIQUE AND FORM: Adorno on "Godot" and "Endgame" - jstor

Early defenders of Godot and Endgame were themselves criti cised as formalists for ... black jokes carry the same sting, just as the subtitle glosses both plays.

"Mont Blanc" and "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty" - jstor

IN "Mont Blanc" and "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty," as Judith. Ghernaik says, Shelley "formulates for the first time in his own voice the themes that are to dominate ...

"Orient oder Rom?" Qajar "Aryan" Architecture and ... - jstor

Orient oder Rom} Qajar "Aryan" Architecture and. Strzygowski's Art History. Talinn Grigor. Based on evidence gathered in his archaeological digs, the. German ...

Shifting Boundaries of "Nativity" and "Modernity" in South ... - jstor

"progressive" than sari and other regional Indian dresses. Besides this ... below the navel in such a manner that the pyjama hems could not be soiled by touching the ground ... "European" styles dress was indicated in a debate that arose in the.

"Old Pictures in Florence" through "Casa Guidi Windows" - jstor

In the Introduction to my recent edition of Elizabeth Barrett. Browning's Casa ... summary of Mrs. Browning's major theme in her poem, that "Pure. Art's birth" is ...

from "kangaroo" to "salaam namaste": australia as an exotic ... - jstor

Kitne Door Kitne Paas (2002; Mehul Kumar), where Brisbane is presented as San Francisco. The primary audience for Bollywood is an. Indian domestic ...

"The Rape of the Lock" and the Economy of "Trivial Things" - jstor

In this analysis of Pope's The Rape of the Lock I shall effect a num- ... translated (that is, "carried across" from one place to another); it is reprocessed, just.

Stevenson's "Markheim": A Fictional "Christmas Sermon" - jstor

of its countenance into a "tender triumph."1 Some, on the other hand, are uncertain as to the nature of the visitant,2 while others refrain from pinning a qualitative ...

Locke's "Essay" and the Tentativeness of "Tristram Shandy" - jstor

Locke's Essay and the Tentativeness of Tristram Shandy by Peter M. Briggs. Truth may perhaps come to the price of a pearl, that showeth best by day; but it will ...

"Going All to Pieces": "A Farewell to Arms" as Trauma Narrative - jstor

In the final chapter ofA Farewell to Arms, the narrator and main character,. Frederic ... nisms of grammar, plot, and genre, and this is never more the case than ...

"Good" and "Bad" Girls in Modern Greek Movies - jstor

In the modern Greek movies analyzed, the "bad" girls, that is, the more emancipated and inde- pendent ones, were consistently portrayed as rich girls; while the ...

"Was Anyone Hurt?": The Ends of Satire in "A Handful of Dust" - jstor

aesthetic judgments, in other words, indicates not only Tony's parental neglect ... The novel's concern is less with who is hurt, or how badly, as with how ... Babe and Jock ... a woman in America has had twins by two different husbands. ... canny anxiety: "Even a 'real' ghost, as in Oscar Wilde's Canterville Ghost, loses all.


generative powers as superior to women's physical capacities. Unlike women's bodies ... variety of ways throughout the history of the Man of Reason. Women.

Ideology and Audience Response to Death in Keats's" To Autumn"

Geoffrey Hartman, "Poem and Ideology: A Study of Keats's 'To Autumn,' " in The ... in a survey of previously published critical response such as the summary.