Crystallization - Indian Academy of Sciences

and operation of crystallizers and crystallization processes that are needed to ... There are two essential steps in crystallization process: nucleation and crystal ...

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Crystallization - Indian Academy of Sciences

and operation of crystallizers and crystallization processes that are needed to ... There are two essential steps in crystallization process: nucleation and crystal ...

Spoken Indian language identification - Indian Academy of Sciences

12 Apr 2018 ... languages of India, namely Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Ben- gali, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The language selection was ...

Indian nuclear power programme - Indian Academy of Sciences

Three stage nuclear power programme; PHWRs; FBTR; AHWR; thorium. 1. Introduction. Energy availability is vital for human development and is the prime mover ...

Launching the First Indian Satellite - Indian Academy of Sciences

Satellite, designed and,built in India by ISRO is shortly to be placed in orbit around the. Earth by a ... the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station was established in 1963 to explore the upper ... made in recent years in India in electronics.

Ancient Indian history - Indian Academy of Sciences

spoke-wheeled vehicles (Skt chakra = Greek kyklos = Engl. cycle) ... The Rv also mentions Gomati. ... invisible partner of the new holy rivers to keep its memory.

BOQ - Indian Academy of Sciences

CANADAll plywood shall be of BWR plwood except for pantry/wet areas which ... Providing and fixing suspended false ceiling which includes providing and ...

The Indian Monsoon - Indian Academy of Sciences

Monsoon, land-sea breeze, tropical circulation, seasonality of wind and rain. Sulochana Gadgil is an honorary Professor at the. Centre for Atmospheric and.

Aryabhata - Indian Academy of Sciences

history are available to modern scholars. Often referred to as Aryabhata I (to distinguish him from a tenth century mathematician of the same name), he was born ...

CV Raman - Indian Academy of Sciences

Preface. Professor C.V. Raman was the most outstanding scientist that India gave the world. ... Rayleigh's scientific papers and his treatise on sound as well as with the works of ... Raman and Krishnan set up a better scattering set-up to exam-.

She was a star - Indian Academy of Sciences

Darshan Ranganathan. (by S Ranganathan). 8. Darshan Ranganathan was born on June 4, 1941 and passed away from metastasis of cancer on June 4, 2001, ...

Seaweeds - Indian Academy of Sciences

RESONANCE │ February 2014 ... 'tide-tables' – monthly time table of high and low tide times, ... the readers of Resonance, biological rhythms are not a new.

MGK Menon - Indian Academy of Sciences

If it is true, the long-defunct KGF experiment will be able to claim some posthumous glory as the first discoverer of dark matter. Sec θ Effect. During. Menon and his ...

Biology - Indian Academy of Sciences

redacted Agniveœa tantra which had been popular for ... is a redaction of the original tantra by Nagarjuna ... fruits (vanaspati), producing fruits and flowers.

Inside... - Indian Academy of Sciences

12 Dec 2016 ... Summer Research Fellowship Programmes for Students ... Academy website at: To receive ... Summer Fellows in 2016.

Damselflies - Indian Academy of Sciences

species like the Common Marsh Dart ... Darts among vegetation and flies very close to the ground. ... Legs: Pale azure blue and the outer surface of femora.

Mangroves - Indian Academy of Sciences

Mangrove, ecosystem, salinity, halophytic adaptation, endan- gered species. Mangroves, an exclusive group of plants with remarkable ecological importance, ...

Aryans - Indian Academy of Sciences

western Central Asian origin of the Indo-Aryan speakers, in the steppe belt near the Urals, from ... data from architecture, art, texts, and religion, some of which.

Synthesis - Indian Academy of Sciences

CHANDRASEKARAN PRAVEENa, P DHEENKUMARb and P T PERUMALa,∗. aOrganic Chemistry ... used in various protonation reactions.3 This novel col- lection of ... Hindustan Lever Ltd (Mumbai, India) with free access to water (ad ...

Fulltext PDF - Indian Academy of Sciences

19 Aug 2011 ... past traditional occupation, geographical origin and known in situ ... Chettiar, Sengundar Mudaliar, Agamudaiya Vellalar, Thuluva. Vellalar ...

Sanjeevani - Indian Academy of Sciences

Selaginella bryopteris is a pteridophytic plant which is known for its remarkable resurrection capabilities. The dry plants have been used as a working remedy for ...

Uttarakhand - Indian Academy of Sciences

The heavy rainfall event during 14–17 June 2013 in Uttarakhand and more ... around the Kedarnath region on 16 June 2013 with devastating floods and ...

The Brachistochrone - Indian Academy of Sciences

ational problem. We overview the Euler–Lagrange formal- ism of the variational principle and obtain the solution to the brachistochrone problem.

The First Digit 1 - Indian Academy of Sciences

Tanya Kaushal Srivastava is a BS-MS student at the. Department of Mathemat- ics, IISER Mohali and is a. KVPY fellow. Page 2. 1074. RESONANCE | December ...

DNA Vaccines - Indian Academy of Sciences

Antigen Presentation: The process by which certain cells in the body (antigen-presenting ... context that the use of plasmid DNA as a vaccine assumes great.

Atoms - Indian Academy of Sciences

atom, the so-called Bohr radius a0 is found to be a0 = 0.529 × ... along with a simple formula to generate ... n, orbital angular momentum quantum number l and.

GGBS - Indian Academy of Sciences

be partially replaced with ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS). In this research ... concrete in fresh and hardened form, the use of SCM has also reduced the ... requirements within 14 days, with the full strength being achieved at 56 ...

Yelavarthy Nayudamma - Indian Academy of Sciences

Yelavarthy Nayudamma – who made the Central Leather. Research Institute (CLRI) rise to glory. His is a life that raises the hopes and aspirations of youth from ...

Power electronics - Indian Academy of Sciences

among the papers presented in NPEC-2017, selected papers were peer-reviewed for possible publication, and 18 papers were chosen for inclusion in this issue ...

Arrows in Chemistry - Indian Academy of Sciences

The equilibrium arrows were introduced by J H van't Hoff in his book Étude de Dynamique ... Sir Robinson was awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work ... The reaction involves nucleophilic attack of hydroxide ion on carbonyl ...

Catalytic Antibodies - Indian Academy of Sciences

Catalytic antibodies, abzymes, hybridome technology, Diels–. Alder reaction, Michaelis–. Menten kinetics, Factor VIII. Page 2. 7. RESONANCE. November 2007.

Condensation Polymerization - Indian Academy of Sciences

Majority of commercial polymers are in fact prepared by chain-growth polymerizations. – a few important examples are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl ...

Horizons of Physics - Indian Academy of Sciences

readers familiar with Jayant Narlikar's other books on cosmology the author explains in the preface, "since the unfamiliarity with the general theory of relativity ...

Mannich reaction - Indian Academy of Sciences

16 The Mannich bases are obtained by the condensation reaction of C–H acidic substrates. (ketones, phenols, etc.,), amine (cyclic or acyclic) and aldehyde. The ...

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... in “Plant Taxonomy-. Orthodox and modern aspects” (October 18 - 31, 2016) ... The selection committee has selected 35 participants from all over India from.

IISER Pune - Indian Academy of Sciences

Today's admission process into the integrated BS-MS programme includes the 1% of ... (NIRF) under MHRD and second among the IISERs for the year 2016.

Metabolic Engineering - Indian Academy of Sciences

Metabolic engineering is a process for modulating the me- tabolism of the organisms so as to produce the required amounts of the desired metabolite through ...