A Judge as a Philosopher - Economic and Political Weekly

8 Jul 2017 ... Bhagwati was stung by criticism for his stance in ADM Jabalpur case as ... University some years ago, in the course of a brief interaction, when I.

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A Judge as a Philosopher - Economic and Political Weekly

8 Jul 2017 ... Bhagwati was stung by criticism for his stance in ADM Jabalpur case as ... University some years ago, in the course of a brief interaction, when I.

Ambedkar as a Political Philosopher - Economic and Political Weekly

15 Apr 2017 ... India—the major Upanishads and the six systems of philosophy,1 ... (Ambedkar 1987: “Philosophy of Hinduism,” BAWS, 1987, Vol 3, p 23).

Political Leadership in India - Economic and Political Weekly

The central leadership after Pandit Nehru represents a new trend towards collectivism and better co-ordination between the ... 'national' leader and still strive for his sectional interests. ... India was fortunate enough to have at the start, a ...

Social and Economic Reform - Economic and Political Weekly

Madhusudan Das, the founder of. Utkal Sammilani. It is true that spinning was taught at the Satya- badi School even before it became a. National school, but the ...

Caste or Economic Status - Economic and Political Weekly

“The B P Mandal Commission, set up in 1978, had submitted its report in 1982 to the then Indira Gandhi government. The commission listed 3,743 communities as ...

Nehru Era - Economic and Political Weekly

Monoranjan Guha. Political Legacy. The Meaning of Jawaharlal. Nehru ... (Contributed). Nehru's Conception of Socialism ... that Nehru's achievements and the.

M Karunanidhi - Economic and Political Weekly

7 Aug 2018 ... Born on 3 June 1924 into a poor family from an extremely marginalised backward caste, M. Karunanidhi was witness to key events of the last ...

More Darkness - Economic and Political Weekly

Miss Mayo was an American and. Beverley Nichols was a British hack- writer. Profitable Shock. "An Area of Darkness", however, is written by a gentleman of Indian ...

Reliance Jio - Economic and Political Weekly

24 Sep 2016 ... plans have daily and weekly validities (Reliance Jio 2016). ... Airtel and Aircel struck a 4G spectrum ... transfer information via data signals.

Sanskritisation - Economic and Political Weekly

cess of Sanskritization involves more than mere imitation. ... Srinivas him- self says, "Sanskritization results in ... Functions of Sanskritisation. A second factor that ...

Vishalandhra - Economic and Political Weekly

Sri Bagh Pact The demand for such a project was a hardy annual at almost every budget session of the old Madras Assembly, the Andhras from the Circars ...

After Nehru - Economic and Political Weekly

One thing Jawaharlal Nehru did at the end of his life which will stand in good stead for the Congress and its leadership ... persistently posed was "After Nehru, who? ... India and the part that the Congress ... tween Lord Curzon, the Viceroy, and.

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19 Jan 2019 ... “Sinhasan khaali karo, ke janata aati hai” [Abdicate the throne, for the people are coming] - Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar', Sinhasan Khaali Karo, ...

A Case of Economic and Political Weekly

research articles in the EPW, including contributions by social scientists, policy ... output –journal article-, for units of analysis such as region, area of ...

What Is Caste? - Economic and Political Weekly

The Karhada Brahmins. (who live in the same area as the Chitpavans) and the Deshastha. Rigvedi Brahmins allow cross- cousin marriage and also the mar- riage ...

of Ahmedabad - Economic and Political Weekly

It seems natural that they would want the mill in their own city where they could follow its progress without leaving their families or their other business interests.

Division of Powers - Economic and Political Weekly

the Indian Union unless erased. Out of evidence. One now hears too much about. India's vast size and its numer- ... rent than in the division of powers between ...

The Oriya Movement - Economic and Political Weekly

The speech was ... the coming of Independence, the ... Oriya language, which could give ... tears, on the days I spent in my ... as Singbhum, Oriya students tak-.

The Paper Industry - Economic and Political Weekly

*Upper India Couper Mills Ltd.. Lucknow, U.P. (1879). 2. Titaghur Paper Mills. Titaghur. Bengal, (1882). 3 ...

Devaluation Of The Rupee - Economic and Political Weekly

1st October 1949. ECONOMIC WEEKLY. Devaluation Of The Rupee. Effects on our Foreign Trade and on Internal Economy. T H E RUPEE has been devalued.

Tyranny of Languages - Economic and Political Weekly

The JVP Committee concurred with this conclusion. Both the Dar Commission and the JVP Committee furnished some arguments against the linguis- tic States ...

Evacuee Property - Economic and Political Weekly

blem of evacuee property than we were in December 1947, when the question was raised for the first time between the two Domi- nions. Although it is a complex.

Journal Rank of EPW - Economic and Political Weekly

Scopus has indexed research papers that have been published in EPW from 2008 onwards. The Scopus database journal ranks country-wise and journal-wise. It ...

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) - Nlist - Inflibnet

The focus of the EPW is economic issues, but it is truly a multidisciplinary ... Click on Download PDF version to download full text article in PDF format.

Abolition of Jagirdari - Economic and Political Weekly

Abolition of Jagirdari. —A Landmark in the History of Rajasthan. H. C. Saxena. THE. constitution of Rajput States have undergone profound changes during the ...

Premises for Planning - Economic and Political Weekly

that planning has no meaning, unless there is a major premise or an adopted policy ... the First Plan was nearing its com- ... planning premises as well as con-.

Reorganisation of States - Economic and Political Weekly

October 15. 1955. Reorganisation of States. The Approach and Arrangements. THE Historic Report of the States. Reorganisation Commission which.

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25 Jan 2020 ... EPW Research Foundation, established in 1993, conducts research on ... The subscription rates quoted are inclusive of the 18% GST rate.

Economic & Political Weekly - Socialist Register

june 18, 2011 vol xlvi no 25 EPW. Economic & Political Weekly. 42. 3 Sunil Khilnani, “Democracy and Its Indian Pasts” in Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur (ed.) ...

A Bengal Village - Economic and Political Weekly

has published a paper on the Bengali joint household. She did field ... each house. Fruit trees of all types native to ... few Kayastha families have been wealthier ...

Where Is All Our Health Data Going? - Economic and Political Weekly

4 Jan 2020 ... Inte grated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP), and Expan- ded Programme for ... despite the advancements in technology, and government policy statements that ... The primary objective of IHIP is to enable the creation of standards compliant EHRs of ... Welfare, https://www.nhp.gov.in/sites/default/.

Stanvac in India - Economic and Political Weekly

vested by Stanvac. Total capital investment in Stanvac enterprises in. India now aggregates Rs 39 crores. Its net income in 1959 represented. 3 per cent of its ...

Reclaiming Khagrabari - Economic and Political Weekly

NILIM DUTTA. Vol. 49, Issue No. 22, 31 May, 2014. Nilim Dutta is executive director of the Guwahati based Strategic Research and Analysis. Organisation.

Bongal Kheda Again - Economic and Political Weekly

Bongal Kheda Again. K C Chakravarti. THE recent unfortunate happen- ings in the Brahmaputra Valley. (known as Assam Valley) of the. State of Assam remind ...

Sanskritisation and Westernisation - Economic and Political Weekly

for analysis of mobility in Indian society ? In his comments on my article, " Sanskritisation and Westernisation : A Dynamic ... ter-relationship which I see in India.

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Akhtar, Aasim Sajjad: Peering into Pakistan ... Anand, Javed: Targeting the Lawbreakers (C) ... Poetry in Colonial Orissa (SA) ... Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,.