Personal Names in Tamil Society - jstor

names would benefit the Tamils themselves and non-Tamil scholars and officials who ... pilgrimage to the shrine of the deity Murugan in Palani. A Given Name is ...

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Personal Names in Tamil Society - jstor

names would benefit the Tamils themselves and non-Tamil scholars and officials who ... pilgrimage to the shrine of the deity Murugan in Palani. A Given Name is ...

Animal and Personal Names in OE Place-Names - jstor

(ii) The existence of a weak form of the animal name in place- names when only a strong ... This name would seem never to have been in living use in the Old.

Personal Names of the Coorgs - jstor

those of South Indian Hindu names in general. Theophoric names are the central class. Here we have: names derived from Coorg gods, mythologi- cal entities ...

personal names in marathi - jstor

Male names in (c) were assigned around. 1900, Thus ... child stops crying only when it is promised that it would ... one's issue, the NSR often uses nick-names.

Personal Names and the Islamic Identity in Pakistan - jstor

about, there is a general desire to give Islamic names to children in Pakistan. ... extremist Sunni organization, the Sipah-i-Sahaba [Sipāh-i Sahābah], formed in.

Personal Names in Sogdian Texts. Iranisches ... - jstor

This letter has made Nanaivandak the most famous Sogdian trader known to modern historians. As one can ... In fact when B. Gharib compiled her diction- Bixi (Middle Chinese *piei sigk), cf. p. 3 ... Indian names (e.g. no. ... at the very beginning of page 292 and a Syriac spelling in black-and-white, namely, the "Young Girl".

Bedouin Personal Names in the Negev and Sinai - jstor

exceptions, among others, being GRANQVIST (1950) on Muslim names in the Pa- lestinian village ... Girls are mostly named after the wives or the favourite daughter of ... the bestowal of a name on a male child is no routine matter and alway.

Logbara Personal Names and Their Relation to Religion - jstor

considerations concerned the meaning of names, their origin in the naming ceremony ... has not given (us the child)' stands as a sarcastic and happy contradiction to ... their Christian name, Islamic tradition among the Logbara demands that all.

Place and Personal Names of the Gosiute Indians of Utah - jstor

similar force; but this word seems often now to be applied for Indian general as ... abounding in; and T ai'bo-hum is one name of a boy who is not especially and ...

Names as Pointers: Zulu Personal Naming Practices - jstor

ABSTRACT. Children in many African societies have meaningful names - unlike their ... [the child] is a boy or a girl, it is named by its father. The name does not ... have televisions, cars, and modern furnished houses. They have middle-class.

Ethnic Personal Names and Multiple Identities in Anglophone ... - jstor

As Afro-Panamanians of Anglophone West Indian descent, the ... Nicknames. A nickname is typically a name given to an individual in addition to his or her ... Ethnic names are typically given when the person is a child or adolescent. More.

Kannaḍa Kampa, Tamil Kampaṉ: Two Proper Names - jstor

KANNADA KAMPA, TAMIL KAMPAN: TWO PROPER NAMES. M. B. EMENEAU. UNIVERSITY ... most famous of the three was the elder son of king. Bukka, Kumara ... the literary world that even a post in Kampan's house will compose verses.

personal pronouns in tamil and dravidian - jstor

ment of the system of Tamil personal pronouns and to try to reconstru the PDr forms of the ... pronouns used promiscuously without any distinction in meaning. If.

Bombay place-names and street-names - Rare Book Society of India

way of history, and it is hoped that the following pages may be found of some service both by students of Bombay history ... dhoni, or feet washing place.


The Tamil speaking region or Tamilakam is referred to in early Sangam ... country and nilam referred to in Tolkappiyam was rendered in terms of nadu by the.

was there untouchability in the early tamil society - jstor

in the early Tamil society, as revealed from the Sangam classics which are regarded ... mean that in ancient Tamilakam they were the only four elementary tribes out of ... authors of the ethical works of this period are vehement in condemning.

Feedback from Tamil Experts on Tamil Character Names ... - Unicode

3 Nov 2013 ... I forwarded the document to Tamil Experts who serve in the Tamil Nadu Govt. specialists' ...

the written and the oral in early tamil society - jstor

in early Tamil society i.e. from the period 2nd century BCE to 3rd centu. CE by taking ... "literary" nature of the Cakam poems was uncritically accepted with going into ... Tamil Example', in Vinay Dharwadkar ed., The Collected Essays of A'. K.

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witness (in Kerala Agni, as a lamp flame, usually witnesses important occasions). - PP. ... name of a particula¡ Nampùtiri house/descent group (in Panjal/Killi-.

The World's Shortest Personal Names

Comparatively less attention has been paid to the world's shortest names. In ... According to his USCF biography, "the 'A' doesn't stand for anything" [I]. ... L. A. Law and soap opera star A Martinez was born Adolfo Larrue Martinez III, but from.

Assyrian Personal Names - Atour

A number of personal names from Old Babylonian texts have thus been intro- ... TA hl. Di-ma$-qa 197, 21,. "l. Ti-ma-ds-gi 53, es. Vice versa Assyrian and ... 3a-nu]La^3>Ka-&u-us-tu, ^r^^^^> Kam-mu-su-nadbi, ntis'a >Me-na-si-e, fcip >(2. > ... In order to facilitate the pronunciation of two consonants, especially in the beginning.

indian personal names - AnthroSource

There, will be six lists, in which the Indian names will precede their English ... and had passed over four peaks before the other sister, the Bear-girl, came in sight.

Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions

or adopted the vocation of a dhivara or fisherman (Majumdar, Cg. Vol. I, p. 591.) 43. Fz. p. 319 ... 40 on the basis of which probably Keith writes : "the Prakrit lyrics.

Personal Names and the Islamic Identity in Pakistan

relationship between the Islamic identity and personal names in Pakistan. ... voters' lists of 2013 elections which contain the names of men and women and.

4 Personal Names - Kashmiri Overseas Association

and malmasis and the nick-names of the families belonging to each gotra is at the end of ... In India the high caste Hindu believes that the more often the name of a deity passes ... a long, tedious and risky journey, over the peaks of Pir Panchal.

personal names and modes of address among the mbeere

Succesive neonatal deaths often cause parents to name the latest newborn after a thing of ... The girls are named under the same arrangement as that of boys.

Personal names are important pointers to ... - CSE, IIT Bombay

22 Dec 2005 ... G Venugopal Rao. Addl.Commissioner. Posidex Technologies P Ltd Posidex Technologies P Ltd Charles Schwab. Income Tax, Hyderabad ...

personal names among the sarcee indians - AnthroSource

Indian possesses a nickname or two nicknames over and above one or more ... types of Athabaskan names is the sobriquet, a name referring to some personal ...

Meithei Personal names Nongthombam Russell, Ph. D. Candidate

12 Dec 2007 ... In the story of Chinjing Naral Paganba, a boy who does not have a name ... century and beginning of 18th century the contact with Hindus ...

The Case of Lamnso' Personal Names -

This paper interprets Nso' personal names as lexical items. ... ki- (the class 7 noun class affix, ki- (the Lamnso' expletive) and ki- (the verb 'know), a- (the class 2 ...

the study of the tshivendºa personal names - Semantic Scholar

reflected in situations where a child's personal name is used instead of the parents' ... It is also traditionally one of the major life circle rituals for a Hindu. In. Southern ... deciding to cut ties with one's culture and to forget one's heritage. This is ...

PERSONAL NAMES OF THE TODAS<link href='#a1'> - AnthroSource

The prayer at each dairy is made up of a list of names of objects con- nected with the ... dairy at the mund ka:s. ko:ndiiuI: of the to:ro:ro:j (23, Kandu) is named after the pen ... siriraggam, the Tamil name ordinarily spelt in English Srirangam. The.

The Development of Personal Names in Kudus, Central Java ...

There are various meanings within Javanese personal names. Hence ... The majority of the people in Kudus adhere strictly to the Islamic religion. ... girls' names, are the most common name-related elements of the people in Kudus. Table 1.

lusitanian personal names with the equine motivation - de Gruyter

The first one contains studies in the language and religion of the ancient Lusitania, dealing with, though ... Lusitanian person- al names (PNs) derived from the Lusitanian names for animals. ... Old Irish bo 'id.',. Sanskrit gauḥ m. f. 'ox, cow', pl.

The Sociolinguistic of Akan Personal Names - Nordic Journal of ...

The paper addresses personal names among the Akan of Ghana and considers naming as an important aspect ... Personal names can best be analysed by a combination of both philosophical and ... human beings do not love each other. 19.

Systematic Features of Javanese Personal Names - Taylor & Francis ...

semantic nature of proper names and their position vis a vis common nouns, have attracted. and ... s L. Th. Mayer, "Een blik in het Javaansche Volksleven [A Look at Javanese Village ... words; they are mostly nouns and adjectives very often of Sanskrit origin. ... For instance, a boy with the name Subrata, may select as adult.