Diseases of Marigold - IJASRM

Some of the important fungal diseases of marigold are flower blight (Alternaria zinniae), wilt and stem rot (Phytophthora cryptogea),. Collar Rot (Phytophthora sp.; ...

A study on the effectiveness of grievance handling ... - IJASRM

grievance handling procedure in place in organisations ... grievance handling process and mechanism at. Arunachal ... past reports and articles in magazines as.

Issues of Slums in Bathinda City - IJASRM

limited (NFL). Bathinda is well connected with the cities like Chandigarh, Patiala, Ludhiana, Sirsa,. Mansa, Hanumangarh, Abohar, Faridkot, Firozpur etc. by the ...

Impact of demonetization in the use of plastic money with ... - IJASRM

Declaration of 86 percent of currency notes as illegal ... will more depend on plastic money, net banking, e- ... of the important aim of demonetization is to make.

Development of Physical Education in India - IJASRM

136. Development of Physical Education in India: A. Life Long Perspective Future Directions toward its Standardization. Rahul Kumar. 1 and Kalpana Sharma. 2.

Promoting Brands Through Mascot Endorsers - IJASRM

tries to identify mascots endorser associated with companies for ... mascots are utilized by companies for promoting ... 5.3 Brand Asian Paints, Mascot - Gattu,.

Anthropometric Facial Evaluation for Medico- Legal ... - IJASRM

Source: www.googleimage.com. The identification through anthropometry has been used by anthropologists or other researchers to establish the identity of a ...

Wireless Data Transfer Of USB Devices Using Wifi ... - IJASRM

connecting it to the PC or laptop. ... wireless between the two systems not having proper channel ... transfer the data between the storage device and computer.

Fabrication and analysis of instantaneous water cooler by ... - IJASRM

This paper studies the instantaneous cooling effect ... making just a water cooler or chillier that will give ... Using the same principle, refrigeration works by.

Rural Development through Film and Literature: Impact of ... - IJASRM

Feluda the sleuth, and Professor Shonku the scientist. He wrote several short novels and stories in addition to those based on these two characters. His fiction ...

Role of CRM Initiatives of Life Insurance Corporation of ... - IJASRM

5 May 2019 ... LIC policy bond is the main evidence for policy ... The information about the status is ... selected cities, online touch screen kiosks are also.

Vedanta-- The Science Of Consciousness: Sree Narayana ... - IJASRM

Sree Narayana Guru re-presents Vedanta as a. Science of ... relevance of a separate section for it in Vedanta. ... [1] Dharmaraja, Vedanta Paribhasha, Trans.

role of human resource accounting in india - IJASRM

asset (as human resources) should be capitalized as it yields benefits measurable in monetary terms. Human. Resource Accounting means accounting for ...

Perceptive Clarification Betwixt Culpable Homicide And ... - IJASRM

Definition of “Culpable Homicide” under the. I.P.C: Section 299 of Indian Penal Code defines the term. “Culpable Homicide” in the following terms: “Whoever ...

Sree Narayana Guru's Epistemological Perspective - IJASRM

Sree Narayana Guru re-presents Vedanta as a. Science of Consciousness or Pure Epistemology in his work Arivu, conceiving Consciousness as the one.

An Approach to Design of Cotter Joint Using Genetic ... - IJASRM

An Approach to Design of Cotter Joint Using. Genetic Algorithm Optimization Technique. Arvind Gothwal. Department of Mechanical Engineering, SPIT Piludara,.

A descriptive study of time management models and ... - IJASRM

The Covey Time Management grid is an effective method of organising priorities. It consists of four quadrants (Covey, 2013). Particulars. Urgent. Not urgent.

Automatic Solar Submersible Pump Control for Irrigation - IJASRM

This paper discusses about solar panels, battery, charge controller, voltage regulator, inverter, submersible pump, water level controller, microcontroller, moisture ...

Impact of Satyajit Ray's Films, Pather Panchali and Sonar ... - IJASRM

have been published in Bengali in the literary journal Ekshan ... Satyajit Ray's epic masterpiece Pather Panchali has been included by BBC's 100 best foreign language films but it is the only film from India to ... Feluda series was born. In 1974 ...

Consumer Attitude towards Online Shopping – A Case Study - IJASRM

Online shopping is a global emergent trend. The purpose of the research paper was to identify the prominent factors that influence online shopping behaviour.